Watch: Maid caught mixing urine in Boss’s orange juice

, 2:30 PM IST

Kuwait: A bizarre video is going viral over social media in which a maid could be seen mixing urine in orange juice meant to be for her boss.

The video is from a Kuwait household, in which a young maid was caught on camera adding her urine into the family’s orange juice just before serving it for their breakfast. The incident is said to be of Gulf city of Kuwait in Middle East.

The matter came to fore after the house owner tasted the juice and got suspicious of what his maid was up to while preparing breakfast.

In the video, she can be seen peeing in the mug in the kitchen and then pours it in the glass of orange juice kept aside for the boss. It is not known who has captured the incident on the camera.

The people on social media are claiming that the maid is upset over something probably the money she has not been paid.