Watch: Modiji busy in selfies, wax statue says Kanhaiya Kumar in Mumbai

, 12:44 PM IST

Mumbai: Kanhaiya Kumar, president of the JNU students union made his first public speech in Mumbai.

The 29-year-old orator was speaking at Adarsh Sansthan at Chembur, at an event organised by several leftist student organizations strongly opposes the ruling party at the Centre.

“A girl died in Maharashtra’s drought-hit Marathwada and the Prime Minister of this country is busy with his selfies and wax statue. The current generation cannot to be fooled. If the government fails to bring about the change it had promised, the people will change them,” he warned.

Training guns on PM Modi, Kanhaiya said, “The Modi government is coining only jumlas (idiomatic expressions) such as Make in India, which should actually be Fake in India; Stand Up India, Start Up India, Selfie with Daughter etc. It has become a government of selfies and ‘jumlas’.

“Look at the plight of the common man in this nation. Start talking about them, start making policies about them. Stop distracting them,” said Kanhaiya