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Watch: Pakistani ‘blue-eyed chaiwala’ gets TV makeover

Watch: Pakistani ‘blue-eyed chaiwala’ gets TV makeover

New Delhi: Arshad Khan, the handsome blue-eyed chaiwalla whose picture had gone viral on social media appeared as a guest at a Popular Pakistani show called ‘Good Morning Pakistan’ and was given a head to toe makeover.

An 18-year-old Khan looked stellar and absolutely dapper after he was groomed and dressed by the network stylists.

He first donned a stylish blue suit, and later changed into a traditional sherwani.

Arshad, one of 17 siblings from Pakistan’s town of Mardan in the north-west. His father having married twice. Since the age of 14, Arshad is working because of poor family background.

He has no formal and basic education because his family couldn’t afford to pay but wants to educate others.

“I am not an educated person and cannot claim that I will become a doctor or a judge,” he says.

“All I want to say is that I will help those children who are deprived of education. If I get enough money, I will set up schools for children.”

He had wanted to get an education, “but poverty did not allow me,”reports AP.

Arshad became the internet sensation after he was snapped by photographer Jiah Ali at the Itwar Bazaar.

Source: Good Morning Pakistan/ Facebook