Watch: Pakistani girl questions role of military in terrorism, shuts many mouths

, 4:40 PM IST

Islamabad: A video featuring a young Pakistani girl asking some tough questions on the role of military in growing terrorism has now become viral.

The girl in Pakistan daringly raise a crucial point at a discussion about terrorism. The girl seeks an explanation as to why the role of the military has not even been mentioned in this discussion. She even goes on to say that just like there exists a political elite and a judicial elite, there also exists a military elite, which needs to be brought to light.

The girl, while voicing her concern, also quotes several corrupt politicians and dictators like Zia-ul-Haq who have supported terrorism for short term gains.

Saying something like this, being a woman in a country proven to harbour terrorists takes an unprecedented amount of guts. Hats off to her!

This video, uploaded by Viral in India,