Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Video: Sanskrit Board chairman bats for award to Gau Raksha lynchers


RAIPUR: Invoking the Vedas to justify “punishments” to those who harm cows, Chhattisgarh Sanskrit Vidyamandalam (Sanskrit board) chairman Swami Parmatmanand has reportedly said “the vigilantes who lynched the gau hathyara (cow killer) in Rajasthan should be honoured.”

Swami Parmatamanand made the remark while addressing a ‘Hindu Sammelan’ at Pokhsari village in Surguja district on Sunday, a video of which has gone viral on social media.

Referring to the lynching of Pehlu Khan, 55, in Rajasthan in April this year allegedly by vigilantes on suspicion of smuggling cows, he said,

“I am looking for those who killed that person in Rajasthan for slaughtering a cow as they should be felicitated. It is written in the Vedas that those who kill cows should be killed and not forgiven. Those who lynched that killer of the cow in Rajasthan should be welcomed to Chhattisgarh and honoured.”

“Mere Ved mein likha hai ki gau hatyare ko sheeshe ki goli se maaro… kshama na karo. Aur Rajasthan mein jisne uss gau hatyare ko mara, uska swagat karo Chhattisgarh mein bula ke (It is written in Vedas that those who kill cows should be killed. Those who killed the cow killer in Rajasthan should be invited to Chhattisgarh and honoured),” Parmatamanand said in the video.

In the video, Parmatmanand is seen purportedly questioning PM Modi’s statement that anti-social elements were masquerading as ‘gau rakshaks.’

“Cows are killed … And the people who beat up cow killers … I would like to say if any CID or IB official is around, they must convey it to Prime Minister Narendra Modi …”

“Convey it to him that we praise him, we respect him, he is the protector of Hindu religion, but how can he say that the gau rakhshaks are criminals?”

“Kuch gau rakshak goonde ho sakte hain… par mere Bajrang Dal mein jitne gau rakshaks hain woh gau raksha karte hain (It is possible that a few are goons… but all those gau rakshaks in my Bajrang Dal actually protect the cows).”