Watch: Sikhs protesting against Shiv Sainik attack on Muslims in Phagwara

, 9:20 AM IST

New Delhi: In a rare gesture to support Muslims against the attack of Shiv Sainik  a large number of Sikh community came with sharp edged weapons to shield  them. The Muslims were performing  Friday prayer when Shiv Saniks tried to enter the mosque. Hearing the news members of Sikh community came with open swords to protect Muslims from the attack of Sainiks. Seeing the Sikhs with swords the Shiv Sainiks preferred to run away.Although .some of them were caught and beaten.

Later the Sikhs started protesting against Shiv Siniks and shouted slogans like ‘Shiv Sena Murdabad’ Bandar Sena Murdabad’ Gaai K Bachde Murdabad’ etc.

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror