Watch: Syrian rescuer shed tears of joy after pulling baby girl alive from rubble

, 5:00 PM IST
A White Helmets volunteer breaks down in tears after rescuing the 'miracle' baby (Anadolu Agency)

Beirut: A rescue worker in Syria broke into tears as he pulled a month-old baby girl alive from the building destroyed by airstrikes.

Bloodied and covered in dust, the baby girl rescued out of the rubble of her home in the rebel-held city of Idlib by Abu Kifah, a Syrian Civil Defense volunteer on Thursday.

The emotional Video footage uploaded on social media shows White helmet volunteer Abu Kifah breaking down in tears after he rescued the infant.

“We found her in the fourth floor of the destroyed building; she was alive,” civil defense official Abu Khalifa told Anadolu Agency.

Although, the 22-year-old is childless but said that he felt like he was her father and she was his real daughter.

“Thank God, she doesn’t have one wound, no wounds at all. Thank God. When I carried her I felt like she was my daughter. The guys and I, the team that worked with me, we were three or four who took her out and then I carried her on my own and brought her to the hospital. I felt like she was my daughter. I hugged her tight. She moved me deeply.”

More than 9,300 people have been killed in the Russian raids since September 30, 2015, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

UN aid chief Stephen O’Brien told the Security Council in New York that Aleppo is descending into a “merciless abyss of a humanitarian catastrophe unlike any we have witnessed so far in Syria.”

More than 100,000 children remain trapped in east Aleppo, he said.

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