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Watch: Umar Khalid’s sister says ‘My brother falsely labelled as anti-national’

Watch: Umar Khalid’s sister says ‘My brother falsely labelled as anti-national’

While the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) held a protest march demanding the release of those charged with sedition, Umar Khalid’s youngest sister, 11-year-old Sarah Fatima was also spotted among the crowd.

When asked why she has joined the azaadi march, Sarah says, “I am here because I want sedition charges to be dropped from people who have been falsely labelled as anti-national… I want their release. The charges should be dropped. It is clearly visible that they are not anti-nationals. All the videos are doctored and the videos in which ‘anti-India’ slogans have been raised, Umar Khalid is not visible in any of them. This proves they are not anti-nationals.”

Sara said, “In not a single video, Umar Khalid can be seen chanting anti-India slogans. I want my brother to continue his fight. He should stand for truth. I want the JNU to remain as strong as it’s been.”

“I am proud of my brother,” said Sarah to dna while grabbing on to the hand of her father who couldn’t help but see her daughter with pride.

“I strongly feel my brother will come back home and smile at me. I will hug him for a long time,” she said.

“I miss him a lot and keep thinking about how he spends his time in jail. I am not afraid for him anymore because there are so many people supporting him but I do feel a little afraid afraid what all was said about us in television and on internet. I had some nightmares too but I am happy today seeing all these people supporting us.”

Umar’s father Syed Qasim Illyas Rasool said, “Sara has been talking to reporters and students whenever approached. This is not the first time she spoke.