Watch: When student attends professor’s wedding only to get his record signed!

, 4:00 PM IST

New Delhi: The notion of ‘Atithi-Devo-Bhava’ is so ingrained in the minds of Indians that we often find it difficult to react to situations were an uninvited guest shows up at our doorstep.

BTech students are known to be loaded with assignments, exams, record books and what not. Often, the deadlines are extended and then extended again, but then comes a day when it’s do or die.

A casually dressed Sreenath, a Semester 8 student of Musaliar College of Engineering in Kerala, who couldn’t wait but barge into the professor’s wedding just to get his record book signed.

The professor did look surprised though but obliged and signed without analyzing Sreenath’s work.

After posing for the lensmen along with the bride and bridegroom, Sreenath walked down the stage after having a short conversation with the newlyweds.

In the video, you can clearly see how the bride is trying hard to control her laughter and the students even get photographed with the newlyweds.

Well, good move! Doesn’t it look like the professor had much of an option but to sign?