Watch: Women are equal to footwear in Islam, says Sakshi Maharaj

, 3:15 PM IST

BJP leader Sakshi Maharaj who has repeatedly been in controversies has stoked another by saying women in Islam are “no better than footwear”.

The Unnao MP also demanded judicial intervention to allow women to enter mosques to offer Namaz.

“Women in Islam are no better than footwear… The country should be run by the constitution and not Fatwas,” India Today quoted the BJP MP from Unnao as saying.

Without particularly mentioning any community, Sakshi Maharaj in 2015 had issued a statement calling Hindus to produce at least 4 kids to protect Hinduism.

He said: “The concept of four wives and forty children just won’t work in India but it is high time that every Hindu woman must produce at least four children to protect the Hindu religion”.