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Watch:Chicken served at pure veg restaurant in Bengaluru, case booked

Watch:Chicken served at pure veg restaurant in Bengaluru, case booked

A group of about 25 members from a Jain family were in shock on Sunday when a pure vegetarian restaurant in Bengaluru allegedly served his family and friends chicken biryani.

In this connection, one of the family members lodged a complaint with the Upparpet police for being cheated at a vegetarian restaurant and served food that hurt their religious sentiments.

The Upparpet police have treated it as a crime without any criminal intent and registered a ‘non-cognisable’ report.

The angry members lashed at the hotel management and sought explanation as to how non-veg food was cooked in a veg restaurant. The family demanded bill with the details of food served to them. But the hotel management apologised, waived of the charges and did not provide any bill.

Hemant said that, “When we spoke to some people outside the restaurant, we were told it regularly prepares non-vegetarian fare for hotel customers. We found chicken pieces even in the kitchen.”

“When we enquired with the waiter, he convinced us that it was basically ‘paneer’ and mushroom. This made some of us start eating,” said Khinwasara .

“Our religious sentiments have been hurt by the breach of trust. This should be treated as a wilful attempt to hurt religious sentiments of a community,” said a member of the family.

When contacted, the hotel management said the hotel had been opened recently and the family was blaming them to malign the hotel’s reputation.