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The way of main stream Islam is peace-motivated, not terror-inflicting: Sheikh Aboobakr Ahmed

The way of main stream Islam is peace-motivated, not terror-inflicting: Sheikh Aboobakr Ahmed

Kozhikode (Kerala): ‘Among several religions currently prevalent in the world, it is Islam which genuinely promotes utmost peace not only among its adherents, but all living and non-living creatures on the globe’, says the eminent Indian scholar, Sheikh Abubaker Ahmed, who is the president of All Indian Association of Muslim scholars.

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He was delivering the keynote address at the Khatmul Bukhari and Spiritual conference conducted at Jamia Markazu Saquafathi Sunniyya, near here on Thursday. He added that ‘What different outfits, representing pseudo radical Islam in South East and Africa, are trying to do is utterly disappointing as far the present condition of Muslim Umma living in different parts of the world is concerned. Things that we witness today in Muslim majority countries are the realization of what Prophet Muhammad (s) predicted of his community’. Therefore, he demanded that Muslim political leaders and scholars should integrate to combat this crisis of terror-inflicting activities with no fear in heart, seriously considering far-reaching impacts of it such as of migration, unease in refugee camps and growing waves of Islamophobia in some western countries.The original teachings and discourses of Islam are of peace, love and tolerance, and not that of crime, terror or hatred.

The Khatmul Bukhari annual spiritual conference marks the concluding session of the Sahihul Bukhari, a collection of valid Hadiths, well-known as the greatest authentic Islamic text after the holy Quran, written by Muhammad Ismael Bukhari, a ninth century Islamic scholar. Since 52 years Sheikh Abubaker has been teaching this grand text of Hadith compilation every day to his hundreds of disciples with a wide explanation from reliable sources and interrelated contemporary issues.Apart from students,several commoners interestingly take part this every day lecture held in Markaz, early in the morning. His disciples, completing two years of finishing course in Islamic Sharia studies, are conferred the bachelor degree namely Saquafi (one who strictly adheres to Islamic teachings and culture in all walks of life), and the number of them are more than 8000 so far.  The Khatmul Bukhari ceremony is also the alumni meet of the Saquafis, who lead various Islamic, social and cultural activities throughout the country.

E. Suleiman Musliyar, the President of Samastha Kerala Jem’iyyathul Ulema, chaired and Dr Mazin al Mas’udi, the Ambassador and Head of the League of Arab States Mission inaugurated the conference, which was attended by approximately ten thousand men including scholars and graduates. Sheikh Nasser Muhammed Rashid Al Ma’mari, from UAE Awqaf and Sheikh Muhammmed Ibrahim Jassim Al Ali, Director, Awqaf Umm al Quwain,were guests of honour in the conference.

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror