Thursday , August 24 2017
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Website ‘Book My Chotu’ lets you “hire” people to stand at Bank, ATM queues

New Delhi: The demonetisation of Narendra Modi has brought common man to stand in bank queues. With the terrible rush for the amount to deposit heir Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes in their accounts, exchange cash or simply withdraw money for the basic needs of life.

According to, hours and hours waitng in a queue for one’s turn ends just when there is no cash in the bank or the bank is closing for the day.

There is no other way than rushing to the banks and waitng in queues for long hours but those who are working they are struggling between the work and standing in a queues or managing with the little cash they have with them.

People standing in queues from early 7 in the morning yet they are unable to make for the office before 12 noon. Standing in queues for long hours, without food or water is not easy. With the fear of someone will take your place you cannot even take a move.

Some are sending their helpers and employees to stand in queses and when the turns come they go inside but doing this will effect your work. An easy solution to this problem to hire someone to do it for you.Book My Chotu, a new website! is doing something similar.

This will alow you to hier people to stand in Bank and ATM queues by just paying Rs 90 per hour and maximum duration you can hire someone for is 8 hours – which you can do for Rs 550 if you want them to go to multiple banks or ATMs.

With the Modi’s demonetisation, the best idea for Book My Chotu is letting people on rent for standing in bank queues.

Usually the website, which generally offeres hired help only for household chores or for odd jobs like shifting, moving furniture, etc.