Whatsapp gets an Android Update with new emojis

, 12:00 AM IST

Whatsapp Android users finally have a reason to rejoice as a new bunch of emojis have been introduced via an update on Google Play.

This new update will now bring eight tabs of emojis to WhatsApp instead of five which includes a tab with sports emojis, one with flags, bulbs and beverages.

Google Play India has not yet listed the WhatsApp update yet but it is still expected that Android version 2.12.441 to launch in India soon.

The new emojis include an upside down face, popcorn box, robot faces, a nerd face, an urn, turkey and even a middle finger emoji.

Earlier these emojis were available only for iOS and web users.
The company has also announced that WhatsApp now has 1 billion monthly users and that 42 billion messages are sent on it each day. A new update allows for 256 members, which was limited to 100 prior to the update.