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WhatsApp introduces ‘Night Mode’ feature – Know how it works

WhatsApp introduces ‘Night Mode’ feature – Know how it works

New Delhi: Popular mobile messaging service, WhatsApp introduced another new feature, ‘Night Mode’, which will allow users to click pictures in the low-light conditions.

According to the report published in Indian Express, WhatsApp has added ‘Night Mode’ feature to its in-app camera. When a user opens app’s camera in low-light, a crescent moon icon will appear automatically. Users need to click on it to activate the ‘Night Mode’ feature. Once the mode is turned on, Icon will changes colour to yellow.

According to DC, ‘Night Mode’ feature is only available for photos. It is not available in video mode, neither during recording nor during a video conversation.

However, this feature is available for iPhone users only as of now.

Earlier, WhatApp added a feature to allow users to pin specific chats on the top of the other chats in the chatting list. In order to pin a specific chat to the top, users need to long press that particular chat and then tab on ‘pin’ icon on the top bar. When the user wants to unpin a specific chat, long press the pinned chat and then tap on the ‘unpin’ button.