Wednesday , August 16 2017
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Whoa! ‘Shaktiman’ Superhero series will be back soon!

If you are a 80s and 90s then you will surely remember ‘Shaktiman,’ Super hero. Do you rememeber Pandit Gangadhar Mayadhar Vidyadhar Onkarnath Shastri? Shaitan Scientist Dr Jackal? Kilvish?

According to Yahoo News, Mukesh Khanna, 58-year-old actor Shaktiman is still a contemporary interest “Last week I attended two school functions where I got immense love and kids were hooting loudly for me as ‘Shaktiman’. Therefore, I feel the superhero series should be back again and I am trying to bring back the series on small screen. Doordarshan is allowing it but I want satellite channels should come to air the series,” said the actor to the media.

Get ready to go back to the old memories as Mukesh Khanna had begin a website and disclosed the statue of Shaktiman in Mumbai.