Widowhood lowest among Muslims : Census Report 2011

, 10:45 AM IST

New Delhi : Widowhood  is the lowest among the women of Muslim community in comparison to other community of India, this was revealed in freshly released data based on  Census Report 2011.

Quite against the popular perception prevalent among Indian masses the report has revealed that  ‘ Divorce and separation rates are higher among Christians and Buddhists.

Although separation rates are higher among Hindus than Muslims, divorce is more prevalent among the latter.

It was also found that widowhood rates are much higher among Hindus and Sikhs than Muslims.

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The widowhood among Hindus are 88.3%,  in Christian its 97%, in Sikh 88.2%,in Buddhist 100.3% and in Jain its 79.6 % while in Muslims its 72.2% , the lowest of all communities.-with inputs from TOI

Courtesy: MM