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“We will not talk of Hindus but you continue to cry Muslims Muslims” – BJP exploits Muslim representatives to divide Muslim votes in UP

“We will not talk of Hindus but you continue to cry Muslims Muslims” – BJP exploits Muslim representatives to divide Muslim votes in UP

Uttar Pradesh is a very important state of the country from the political point of view. There was a time when Congress used to dominate this State but after the emergence of local parties, Congress met with defeat. Another reason for the defeat of Congress is that it failed to crush the communal elements. In addition to it, it also failed to take depressed classes like dalits and Muslims. Congress made lofty claims for the development of the Muslims but it always exploited them. It did not take adequate steps to protect minorities. After its defeat in UP, it has now become a minority party.


It may be noted that UP is going to polls and in this context BJP has become alert to gain power at any cost in this state.


Authenticated sources indicated that the strategic team of BJP has planned to get power in the State by dividing the voters on the basis of their religion. It has planned but the so-called Muslim leaders should contest the election in order to divide Muslim votes. It will have two benefits: one Muslim votes would be distributed in SP, BSP and Congress and the other, the united votes of the Hindus would be polled in favour of BJP. With the contest of Muslim parties, only BJP is going to gain.


Reliable sources indicated that the Muslim representatives have entered into a secret pact with the saffron party. The Muslim representatives have been told to float their candidates not for winning the elections but to divide the Muslim votes.  To consolidate the Hindu votes is not the responsibility of BJP but it is for the Muslim representatives.


A Muslim leader asked the saffron party as to how the Muslim could consolidate Hindu votes?


The members of the Saffron party made them speechless by saying that “Our leaders will not talk of Hindus but you continue to shout only Muslims Muslims. This will fulfill our purpose. Muslim votes would get divided and the Hindu votes would be consolidated. You have to do exactly the same thing as you did in Maharashtra. It was not possible to uproot Congress and NCP from power in Maharashtra but you did it successfully. Sangh Parivar and BJP leadership remembers your gratitude but remember that don’t repeat what you did in Bihar. You failed to divide Muslim votes in Bihar. The Muslims of Bihar did not fall into your trap. They voted in favour of RJD, JD and Congress. Due to the status of King makers of the Muslims, BJP met with defeat in Bihar, otherwise it would have succeeded.”


The sources also indicated that BJP and its patron organization RSS wants that the 20% votes of the Muslims should be divided among the secular parties. If the Muslims vote in favour of BSP or SP, the dream of BJP to get power in UP would be shattered. In the last election, Muslims had voted in favour of SP, as a result of which it got thumping majority. Out of 403 members of UP Assembly, SP got 224 seats whereas it had polled only 29.15% votes. BSP got the second position by polling 29.91% votes getting 80 seats. With the loss of only 3% votes, it lost 126 seats. If the Muslim had voted in favour of BSP, the situation would have been different, since Muslims constitute 20% of the total population of UP. The Muslims have therefore to follow the track of the Muslims of Bihar only then, BJP and its allies would face defeat and their evil design would be tarnished. If the Muslims follow the trend which they did in Delhi elections wherein Mr. Arvind Kejriwal had foiled all the evil designs of Amit Shah and Sangh Parivar, BJP cannot think winning elections in UP if the Muslims are united. This unity of the Muslims will not revolutionize the UP but also would be the harbinger of the revolution of the country. It is therefore very essential that we should identity our real sympathizers and be careful about the fake leaders.



–Siasat News