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Will use nuclear weapons only if sovereignty threatened: Kim Jong Un

Will use nuclear weapons only if sovereignty threatened: Kim Jong Un

Washington: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has stated that his government would not use nuclear weapons unless its sovereignty was trespassed by ‘invasive hostile forces with nuclear weapons.’

According to CNN, he made the remarks at the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea’s Seventh Congress in Pyongyang, which began the day before.

Kim also reportedly said that North Korea will faithfully fulfill its nuclear non-proliferation obligations and make an effort to realize global denuclearization.

Touting the country’s weapons development, Kim said they had “elevated our respect to the world and enemies.”

In January, Pyongyang announced that it had successfully tested a thermonuclear device, which, if true, would mark a significant advance in its nuclear capabilities.

Since then, several public demonstrations of its nuclear program’s advancement, including rocket and submarine-based missile tests have been made.

Kim called on the country to push forward “the building of nuclear force and boost self-defensive nuclear force both in quality and quantity,” according to KCNA.

Meanwhile, the US State Department has called on North Korea to “suspend all activities related to its nuclear and ballistic missile programs and to abandon them in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner.” (ANI)