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Woman slapped Shah Rukh Khan for his misbehavior

Woman slapped Shah Rukh Khan for his misbehavior

Mumbai: It will be a great surprise that to find out one the superstars of Bollywood got slapped by a woman. It was no other than Shah Rukh Khan who received the slap from a woman.


It was reported in the recently released trailer launch event of SRK’s upcoming film, ‘Fan’, Shah Rukh Khan made a few actual candid confessions.


Answering to a question put by one of his fans, whether he came to Mumbai by flight or by train for the first time, he told that he travelled to Mumbai by train and was even slapped by a woman on that journey.


According to the news published in TOI, SRK told, “I came by train for the first time when I came to Mumbai. The train would turn into a local after entering Mumbai which I was not aware of. So I did not let a few people sit on my berth saying that it is mine, ‘I paid for it.’ I did offer it to a lady, though, saying, ‘you can sit but I won’t let the men with you sit on my berth. And that lady slapped me real hard saying that ‘it isn’t yours, it is everybody’s.’