Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Women Cops caught protesting in Dharna Chowk

Lake Police Station Circle Inspector K Sreedevi taking part in the protest. A little later, the cop change into her unifrom.

Hyderabad: In the recent Dharna Chowk Protest what created controversy all over the media was few woman cops in civil dress, holding placards sitting along with the counter-protestors.

As soon as the pictures of these women cops taking part in protest surfaced in media, it has forced the higher officials to launch an inquiry against the deployed women police personnel.

Lake Police Inspector Sridevi along with other 20 woman cops were caught on camera’s of media, protesting in civil clothes, holding placards.

The woman cops joined the protestors sitting in the chairs, holding placards, chanting slogans against the opposition. They joined the protest after the agitation began.

Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy said departmental inquiry has already been initiated against the women police personnel.

The women police personnel were appointed for surveillance and intelligence gathering in the protest said senior officials, as reported in DC.