Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Women Safety – A big question!!!

by Bilquis Fatima our facebook readers from Madinah :In Islam a girls birth is considered as a blessing to the parents, when a girl is born she opens the doors of Paradise for her parents.

In Hinduism women is celebrated as the most powerful and empowering force, an essence of the Universe.

In Christianity most of the women serves as abbesses. When women is considered so divine in all these religions then, What about the reality?


Today women safety became a big question? From the birth of a girl child till her death she has to struggle for her safety, respect, dignity, and right. I remember my parents used to say about the jobs in mines as ” working in mines is equal to going into a lions mouth and coming out; you have no guarantee that you will come out safely”. Likewise this whole world seems to be a lions mouth for a girl. I think the wild animals have disguised themselves into men with no morals, no pain, no value and no feelings about someone’s life. They see no difference between a 2 month old infant and a 80 year old woman.

How can a mother sleep peacefully when her daughter has a night shift? Or if she has to return home late night? A very big question with no answer. At every minute there is a girl being assaulted. Today we talk more about the gender equality and women empowerment. In order to achieve gender equality, it is necessary to build a society in which women and men share equally the distribution of power and have equal access to education, health, decent work and livelihoods.

But, as the women come forward for the betterment of the society and ownself they are being abused, tortured and murdered. How can a country progress and stand strong when it’s foundation is trembled? The government and the judicial system of our country has to “Untie the Blindfold of the Lady Justice and give the “Right Judgement In Right Time”. The Crimes against women can only decline if the government takes an immediate and strict action against the accuse.