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VIDEO: Women undergarments found on road confirms Jat rapes, horror

VIDEO: Women undergarments found on road confirms Jat  rapes, horror

Hisar: The Haryana government and state police have denied the reports that no gangrapes incident took place in Murthal near famous Sukhdev Dhaba but a man has claimed that his sister, wife and daughter were gang-raped near Murthal in Sonepat district.

To prove that the man is speaking the truth we provide you the inputs from not only ABP News but also India Today’s team reached the place where the incident of gang-raped took place during Jat agitation.

It is shocking to know that they found evidence that such a horrific crime indeed have taken place. When ABP News reached Murthal, they found women under garments spotted on the road and across the fields near the famous Sukhdev dhaba.

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The Tribune had reported “vehicles with women passengers were reportedly stopped on the national highway near Murthal in the wee hours of Monday morning; they were dragged out into the nearby fields and raped. Though the police dismissed the incident as rumour, eyewitnesses said at least 10 women were sexually assaulted. Even worse, the victims and their families were reportedly advised by the district officials not to report the matter to anyone “for the sake of their honour”.

Rubbing salt into their wounds, the police deny report of horrific incident despite finding women’s undergarments in fields.

Rs 34,000 crore set on fire for reservation. Non-Jats were targeted, most of the shops set on fire. Despite the facts that they were raped, lay bare before the world, the Khattar government not only chose to reward the rapists and the killers but are also shielding them from law.