Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Work hard to keep my fitness at-par with youngsters: Harbhajan

Senior off-spinner today said that he has put special emphasis on his fitness so that he can compete with the youngsters in the Indian cricket team.

“It’s lot up to you how do you manage. I’ve worked hard on my fitness which gets me going. If I compete with a 25-year-old, I’ve to be on the same level. I’ve the skill, will also should be there,” Harbhajan said in an open session ahead of India’s World Twenty20 here.

Not many of his contemporaries are playing the game actively but the ‘Turbanator’s’ passion for the game is such that he has not thought about any alternative.

“Friends (former teammates) are into other things like commentary but it’s an individual choice. Playing gives me that pleasure. Till the time I can play, I must play — be it 40 or 50. I just love playing. I don’t know other than that. Biggest gain is satisfaction. I’ve played with full passion. I’ve been very satisfied.”

“It’s important to share your knowledge or else you have not done anything. Not just on the field but off the field as well.”

Like in 2011 World Cup win, the home advantage will help win big in their World Twenty20 campaign, he said.

“2011 also held here the biggest advantage is we know our conditions, all our grounds and what’s the score. The pressure also lifts your game, need to use all this tool in your advantage and play well.”

He is not an automatic choice in the playing XI but

“The faith is on God and your ability and everything you do. I think nothing moves without his permission. I’ve that faith. Everything is happening because he wants it that way. It’s a religious connection.