Friday , July 28 2017
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World’s most authentic and expensive ‘Kebab’

A restaurant in London named as Havez Restaurant offers a kebab called ‘Royal One’, which is priced at £925 (approximately Rs 87120). Head Chef of the restaurant Onder Sahan claims that this is ‘ not only the most expensive kebab but also the most authentic kebab ‘. This jaw dropping kebab is made of the finest ‘grade nine’ Japanese Wagyu beef, fresh morel mushrooms and a 25-year-old Italian vinegar that costs a whooping £1.84 for just one milliliter.

Onder says “We try to change the kebab image, and then we show people if you have good taste and then you can make it whatever way you like it”. As the kebab is many a drunken man’s best friend, the chef does not agree with the status of the kebab as a midnight snack, and created the meal to dispel its reputation as a food to be eaten only by drunk people.

The dish was also made to mark the fourth British Kebab Awards earlier this month. Onder claimed first prize as the country’s best kebab chef. Other ingredients used in his dish include milk-fed lamb and goat minced into a traditional kofta.