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Worst train disasters of the past two decades

Worst train disasters of the past two decades

An express train derailed in northern India early Sunday, killing over 142 people. Here is a list of the five deadliest rail disasters worldwide in the past two decades:


– Aug 20: In India, 305 are killed and 344 injured in a collision between two trains at Ferozabad, near Agra in the north.


– Feb 20: In Egypt, 361 people are killed in a train fire near the town of Al Ayatt south of Cairo.

– June 24: In Tanzania, 288 die in a train accident near Dodoma.


– Feb 18: In Iran, 328 people are killed by an explosion on a train carrying sulphur, petrol and fertiliser in the northeast.

– Dec 26: In Sri Lanka, 1,300 are killed out of 1,500 passengers on a train between Colombo and Galle. It is struck by a giant tsunami which ravaged 11 countries on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Agence France-Presse