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“Yaar how you justify beef?” questioned to Brahmin, eating beef!

“Yaar how you justify beef?” questioned to Brahmin, eating beef!

Delhi University student Arunima Bhattacharya received a message on WhatsApp from her classmate asking question about eating beef, “Yaar how you justify beef”.

According to Indian Express, the guy was observing the conversation on some group by Bhattacharya and thought to text her about her faith as she was Brahmin.

She took facebook to post the conversation between them to make people know of such things even happens among the educated too.

“Some were aghast, some were disgusted, many had a good laugh… Although I did receive a few ‘unpleasant’ messages. One person from Jaipur said ‘your post is very offensive to me because cow is my mother’ and then tagged ABVP and some ABVP members with a hashtag, she told

She says, “I just had a full-fledged conversation with a guy in my class (whom I have never seen btw) about how I, being a Hindu, am okay with beef and can ‘justify beef’, since I was born into a ‘Hindu Brahmin’ family.”

The conversation which Arunima posted online went viral and in a chat with The Quint talks about the sex is been using as a weapon in debates with women, watch in the video.

Arunima received positive response for her post, “I am quite overwhelmed as well, so many people said good things like they are proud of me, lauded my patience and the best part was that I received a message from someone in Karachi who said ‘we need more people like you in India and Pakistan. Then maybe we can finally have peace’,” she said.