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In Yogi’s regime, Lucknow goes vegetarian

In Yogi’s regime, Lucknow goes vegetarian

New Delhi: It seems that Uttar Pradesh is heading towards vegetarian food system consequent on the virtual imposition of ban on non-vegetarian food. The crisis is so grave that goat meat, poultry markets and sale of eggs etc are started shutting down.

It is reported that more than 80% non-vegetarian markets have already been closed down the business on Friday. Various associations of these traders have gone on strike from Saturday as a result of which the prices of vegetables have gone up.

According to the news published in The Free Press Journal, Roshan Qureshi said, “Expect no chicken, no mutton, no eggs. I have heard that even fish markets have been asked to close down”.

It may be noted that after Yogi Adityanath assumed power as CM of UP, he has issued orders for closing down illegal slaughter houses in UP. It was also reported that in many areas, shops selling meat and fish have been set ablaze.