Youth had a high old time using employer’s debit card, arrested

, 1:30 PM IST

CCS team of Cyber Crime police arrested a youth who stole details of debit card and made online shopping of around Rs. 3 lakh. He was arrested by the Cyber Crime police of Hyderabad on Thursday.

Khaja Salman Wasif, owner of Sniper Electronics located at Shantinagar Colony, Hyderabad lodged a complaint with Cyber Crime police stating that a series of online transactions were made from his debit card which he never made, though his debit card is very much in his possession. Based on the complaint, police registered the case and took up the investigation.

The Cyber Crime sleuths traced the fraudster as Srikanth Reddy who was an ex-employee of Sniper Electronics and nabbed him. When he was working there, Srikanth Reddy noted down the debit card details of Wasif and resigned his job in December last year.

The accused bought items worth 2.99 lakh from the debit card. Police seized electronic goods, clothes and other articles and two mobile from the accused.

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