Yunus, the hero of Chennai flood, gets Anna medal, wants to develop mobile app

, 4:09 PM IST

Mohammad Yunus who was awarded with Anna Medal for Gallantry award 2016 for rescuing people during the December 2015 floods in TamilNadu, plans to develop a mobile application to tap the talents of youngsters which they could use to serve people.

Yunus was given the award by Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa at the 67th Republic Day celebrations here today.

An elated Yunus says that the award was a motivation for him and that he would develop a mobile application for youngsters.

“I feel great after receiving the award. The floods taught me a great lesson and it was an eye-opener for me as previously I was never a social person and would work only for money”, said yunus.

“This award motivates me more and as a first step, I plan to launch a mobile application for youngsters. The app will be to tap the talent in youngsters and would be aimed at serving people”, Yunus said.

It is to be noted that, 32-year-old Yunus was instrumental in the rescue of nearly 2,100 people in the December 2015 floods here.

On the first day of heavy rain on December 1 last year here, Yunus and his team in a boat had rescued a pregnant lady and her husband from the flooded Urapakkam area on the outskirts of the city.

Later, she delivered a baby girl in a private hospital and the grateful couple named her after “Yunus”.