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Zafar Khan’s widow rejected exgratia from Govt., philanthropists are requested to help the family financially

Hyderabad: Rajasthan Govt. offered financial help to the family of 53-year-old Zafar Khan who was brutally thrashed by municipality employees when he tried to stop them from scaring women defecating in the open and taking their photographs.

When civic officials tried to take photographs of women defecating in open, he questioned them, would they allow anyone to take photographs of their mother, sister, daughter or wife in the same position? Soon, after he asked this question, municipality employees kicked, punched and beat Khan with a stick, which led to his death.

He is one of the several victims who were killed by communal elements in BJP ruled Rajasthan State. However, in case of Zafar Khan, he was killed by Govt. officials.

Some communal elements are trying to give this incident a communal colour despite the fact that Municipal employees were trying to take photographs of Hindu women also.

After the attack, elder brother of Zafar Khan lodged FIR against Commissioner of Pratapgarh Municipal Council, Mr. Ashok Jain and four other officials. Surprisingly, police not only booked case against Municipality officials but also against Zafar Khan under serious sections. However, no arrests have been made so far.

Zafar Khan, district President of PIML was a resident of Bagwasa Kachi Basti. The habitation of the area consists of both Hindus and Muslims.

When Ms. Kavitha Srivastava was contacted, she told that Mr. Ajay Saxena and other activists of People’s Union of Civil Liberty (PUCL) are making an attempt to exert their pressure to arrest the accused.

Meanwhile, BJP Govt. led by Ms. Vasundhara Raje Scindia offered ex-gratia of Rs. 2 lakh but the widow of Zafar Khan refused to accept it saying that if she gives Rs. 20 lakh can she get permission to assassinate the murderer of her husband.

Zafar Khan was a very poor labourer. He was running a small Kirana shop. He has two daughters, out of which one is married and another girl is studying in class X who wants to continue her studies further. His wife is worried about the future of her children. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily appeals to philanthropist to help the family of Zakar Khan financially as much as possible. Account details of the Zafar Khan’s family are as follow:

Miss Shahbaj B
D/o Mr. Jafar Khan,
A/C: 666610510000412
IFSCode: BKID0006666
Bank of India, Branch: Pratapgarh.