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Mr. Zahid Ali Khan conferred with MM Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Javed Jamil Man of the Year

New Delhi: In a rarest event of its own kind Muslim journalists from across the country were awarded for their services to community in the field of journalism here on Tuesday.

With a view to promote community journalism, the portal and its associates organized Muslim Mirror Awards 2016 in recognition of distinguished contributions of media persons and media establishments of India in certain identified areas

In a gala event which was at held IICC , New Delhi, Tuesday, Zahid Ali Khan ,the veteran journalist and philanthropist who is the chief editor of Urdu Daily Siasat has been conferred MM Life Time Achievement Award and renowned Islamic thinker Dr. Javed Jamil was awarded ‘MM Man of the Year’ by renowned American of Indian origin Mr Frank F Islam, Mr Islam is a US based entrepreneur, philanthropist, civic leader and thought leader as well as the winner of prestigious Martin Luther King Jr Award, of USA.

Dr. Javed Jamil is internationally renowned thinker and writer with more than 15 books and hundreds of articles to his credit, and is now widely recognized as an ideologue of Muslim community. He has been on the forefront during last several years highlighting the Muslim issues, analysing and planning the Empowerment of Muslims, confronting the global and national forces of destabilisation and presenting Islam in a highly effective way, with unity of the mankind and unity of all the communities in the country remaining the ultimate aim of all his activities. His monumental work, “Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Roadmap” has analysed almost every single aspect of Muslim Community in India and presented a detailed plan and roadmap for the empowerment of Muslims. This was the first work by a Muslim of its kind done in the Independent India, which gave a comprehensive Muslim Vision. His “Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough” has also attracted the global attention.

Abdurrahman ,the group editor of Madhyamam Daily was given MM Veteran Journalist of the Year Award. Madhyamam Daily is one of the most widely circulated newspapers in Malyalam. OAbdurrahman is also head of Mediaone Channel
Muzamil Jaleel was awarded MM Journalist of the Year.(Male).He is renowned investigative who is in the field of journalism for more than 20 years. He was The Indian Express newspaper’s Chief of Bureau for 15 years in Kashmir before moving to Delhi where he is now Deputy Editor. He was awarded Times of India fellowship in 1994. He has won several international and national awards including Kurt Shrok award for excellence in reporting, three RNG awards, Sanskriti award and International Federation for Journalists award.

Rana Ayyub , one of the most prominent investigative journalist of India was given MM Journalist of the Year Award (Female ).

The editor of prestigious fortnightly Milli Gazette Dr Zafrul Islam Khan was chosen for MM Excellence in English Journalism Award.

He is founder and editor of esteemed English weekly The Milli Gazette. He is considered as one of the top experts on West Asia and Middle-East. Despite all odds and hardships, which have become the fate of all community media outlets, Dr. Khan has managed to successfully run The Milli Gazette for the last 16 years.

Shakeel Shamsi the senior journalist and editor of Urdu Daily Inqilab was awarded MM Excellence in Urdu Journalism 2016

Shahabuddin Yaqub, the producer, anchor and journalist of TV world was given MM Excellence in TV Journalism Award 2016.

Iqbal Ahmad , the journalist associated with BBC (Hindi) was given MM Excellence in Radio Journalism Award. He has been working as a Senior Broadcast Journalist (SBJ) in BBC Hindi Service for the last nine years. Before joining BBC, he was working with Sahara TV.

Mumtaz Alam has been given MM Excellence in Community Journalism (Online)Award 2016 He has been doing community journalism for the last 10 years. He began his career as a trainee reporter-cum-sub editor at Radiance Weekly in 2005, then worked as News Editor of In 2012, Syed Zubair Ahmed and he jointly founded Then he went ahead to become founding Editor of which he is still associated with. Due to some of his path-breaking ground stories, Mumtaz is a renowned face in the online Muslim community journalism in India.

Akhbare Mashriq , the most popular Urdu Daily of Kolkata has been awarded MM Best Community Newspaper Award.

The prominent news portal was chosen for MM Best Community News Portal Award2016 .Known as TCN It was launched almost 10 years ago by an Indian-American scientist Kashiful Huda., popularly known as TCN, has become almost a household name for some brilliant, exposing and path-breaking stories. It became an unofficial mouthpiece of the Indian Muslim community. Its biggest achievement, considered by several people, is its success in changing the approach of mainstream media while reporting terror-related cases.

Kolam , the Kolkata based most popular daily of Bangla speaking Muslims has been given MM Excellence in Regional/Languages Media Award.Its editor Imran Husain , is also an MP (Upper House.

Mumbai based Trade Fair Times, the business magazine has given MM Excellence in Business Media Award:
Yusuf Munna the genius cartoonist , popularly known as Cartoonist Yusuf Munna, has been conferred MM Cartoonist of the Year Award He has been sketching cartoons for several media outlets – both in print and online. His brush generally highlights oppression and violation of human rights. Some of his cartoons were so brilliant that they captured the attention of the global media also. But sketching is not his full-time job. He is basically a Hindi writer and associated with Hindi Weekly Kanti as senior copy editor.

The documentary film makers Shubhradeep Chakravorty has been chosen for MM Special Jury Award: (Posthumously)
A post-graduate in Political Science and International Relations, Chakravorty’s first documentary was on the horrific incident of the 2002 train carnage in Godhra, titled ‘Godhra Tak: The Terror Trail’.. The film was taken as evidence by the investigative commission formed by then railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav.

His second film Out of Court Settlement Out of Court Settlement that came out in 2012, was on the attack, intimidation and murders of lawyers defending terror accused, including Shahid Azmi.

Later same year, his fourth film, After the Storm came that narrated the ordeals of seven youth who were acquitted from terror charges but were still finding it difficult to have a fresh start of their lives, as their past continued to haunt them.

His last film was on the Muzaffarnagar violence, titled En Dino Muzaffarnagar, which was not cleared by censor board for public screening.

Shubhradeep died last year .He was facing depression for the intimidation and due to the banning of his latest documentary on Muzaffarnagar riots.

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror