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Golden Sella Rice-1/2 kg
Soaked in water for-(1/2 an hour)
Sugar-600 gm
Cashew nuts-20
Vegetable ghee-1/2 cup
Green cardamom- 3
Cloves- 6
Red cherries-1/4 tsp
Peel of an orange-few
Orange food colour-1/4 tsp
Silver vark-for decoration
Orange essence- few drops


1) Soak rice for atleast 30 min.

2) Take 2 lit.of water in a pan boil it,add red and orange food colour in boiling water add peel of and orange and finally add rice,boil the rice on high flame till it become solt.

3) Drian the water and separate the orange peels.

4) Add the sugar in hot rice.

5) Take another pan,add vegetable ghee,green cardamom,cloves,cashew nuts,almondas.Just fry them for onr min.add raisins.Now add the mixture of rice and sugar add small pieces of orange peels.cookit for high flame for 2-3 min.Now slow down the flame mix all the ingredients till all the
syrup disappears.

6 )Add orange essence.

7) Decorate with silver vark and red cherries and your zarda is ready.

——-By Chef Shaheen

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