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Zookeeper killed by tiger at Spain’s Terra Natura park

Zookeeper killed by tiger at Spain’s Terra Natura park

London : In a fatal incident, a tiger attacked and killed a zookeeper in its cage at Spain’s Terra Natura park.

The Red Cross spokesman said that the female keeper’s body was discovered at around 5 p.m. local time at the Terra Natura park in the south-eastern coastal resort town of Benidorm.

“The tiger was still in the cage with the 37-year-old keeper,” the Guardian quoted the spokesman as saying.

The zoo staff had to euthanised the tiger with sedative darts so that emergency workers could enter the enclosure.

Meanwhile, the police is investigating the case.

The Terra Natura in Benidorm promotes itself on its website as “a new generation” animal park with a habitat area created for each of 200 species of animals.

The website also describes the park as an “immersion zoo”, with more than 1,500 animals.

The zookeeper’s death comes months after Stacey Konwiser, another zookeeper, was fatally mauled at Florida’s Palm Beach zoo. (ANI)