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Battle of the Khans

Mumbai, January 18: Both SRK and Salman are being considered for Kamal Hassan's much-touted role in the remake of Gautham Menon's 'Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu'

Bollywood's growing fixation with the South has not just helped superstars like Salman Khan reclaim their stardom, but it has also become a ticket for many southern directors to make their mark here.

Probably why even before the release of his film Ek Deewana Tha, buzz about Gautham Vasudev Menon planning his next remake is already doing the rounds.

Smart pill with 'edible microchip' that tells you and your doctor when the next dose is due

London, January 17: Smart pills that tell patients and their doctors if medication is being taken properly are to go on sale in Britain. Patients take their drugs along with an extra tablet embedded with a tiny edible sensor which sends back information to a receiver in the form of a patch worn on the shoulder or arm.

This tracks when the drugs were taken and the dose, as well as monitoring heart rate and body temperature. It also alerts a patient to when the next dose is due and records whether the patient is sleeping well or taking enough exercise.

Saudi sells clothes to feed family

Riyadh, January 16: A Saudi man began selling his clothes after the sale of his car, television set and fridge to buy food for his wife and seven children, saying “poverty is banging my door and I have no other choice.”

Although he is a citizen of the world’s largest oil exporter, the man from the central town of Onaiza said he had to sell his clothes to buy food and medicine for his wife and himself as both are suffering from diabetes.

UK Barrister Urges Shari`ah Tribunals

London, January 16: A leading British barrister at Harvard Law School called for UK to become more Shari`ah-literate, confirming that the Islamic laws are compatible with the human rights legislations that can serve the whole community.

“It's very important that they be acknowledged and allowed to exist,” Sadakat Kadri, a barrister and contemporary of Barack Obama at Harvard Law School, told The Guardian on Monday, January 16.

“So long as they're voluntary, which is crucial, it's in everyone's interests these things be transparent and publicly accessible.

Qatar Bans Alcohol, Signals Gulf Clampdown

Doha, January 16: Qatar has banned the sale of alcohol, a move expected to be followed by other Muslim countries in the Arab Gulf.

“Qatar is hardly the first Gulf state in which the local population has expressed its concerns over the sale of alcohol,” Guy Wilkinson, managing partner at Dubai hospitality consultancy, Viability, told Arabian Business.

“Following the Arab Spring, I expect Muslim parties to have more and more influence over the control of alcohol throughout the region.”

Why Is Alcohol Forbidden?
Alcohol: Dangerous, But Why?

Shameless and prostitution are the worst evils of this period

Hyderabad, January 14: According to the prophesies made by our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) this age is the period of evils. Many evil acts are taking place during this period.

These thoughts were expressed by Maulana Obaidur Rahman, Imam of Masjid-e-Teen Posh, Lal Tekri (Red Hills) while addressing a gathering at Akbari Masjid at Akbar Bagh, Malakpet area.

Vote against Wahabis, BJP, appeal Sufis

New Delhi, January 14: The All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB), a leading body of Sunni sufis, on Friday asked people to vote against Wahabi and BJP candidates in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand polls. If their plan succeeds, the sufis could play a spoiler for several Muslim candidates in UP.

"Irrespective of parties, people should vote only those candidates who are secular, have a clean image and will work for development, including education and employment," said AIUMB general secretary Maulana Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi.

Facebook, Google, others summoned

New Delhi, January 14: US-based companies Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Yahoo Inc., Microsoft Corp. and others were issued summons by a Delhi court on Friday in connection with criminal charges for “objectionable” material hosted online. Simultaneously, the Union government sanctioned the prosecution of the companies on its behalf.

Metropolitan magistrate Sudesh Kumar directed representatives of the global companies to be present in his court on 13 March. The summons will be served at their registered addresses in the US through the ministry of external affairs (MEA).

Dutch Queen slamed Wilder's Headscarf Row, visit UAE mosque

The Hague, January 13: The popular Dutch Queen Beatrix has dismissed criticism from far-right Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders after her decision to wear a headscarf during a recent visit to a mosque in United Arab Emirates.

“It is really nonsense,” the 72-year-old monarch was quoted by reporters with her on a state visit to Oman, Agence France Presse (AFP) reported on Thursday, January 12.

The row sparked when Queen Beatrix donned a headscarf over her traditional black hat during her visit to the Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

US SHAMED by Armed forces

Washington, January 13: FOOTAGE showing US soldiers urinating on dead Afghans has sparked global outrage — with Afghanistan’s leaders labelling it as a “ recruitment tool for the Taliban”. The “ disgusting” and “ highly reprehensible” 40- second clip shows four men in combat gear standing over the three corpses with their genitals exposed as they relieve themselves.

The men can be heard joking “ have a great day, buddy’, “ golden like a shower” and “ Yeahhhh!” as they groan with relief while urinating.

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