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Muslims would be 22% in T: Zaheeruddin Ali Khan

Hyderabad, December 18: Separate T-State would ensure the progress of the Muslims. The false propaganda of the opponents of Telangana is an attempt to set aside the Muslims from the T-movement. Apprehensions are being made that the fundamentalist forces would get strengthened in T-State whereas the fact is that the Muslim population would go up to 22 percent. Muslim voters would become the deciding factors. These thoughts were expressed by the Vice President of Telangana Praja Front Mr. Zaheerudin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat at a meeting held at Azam Function Hall, Azampura.

The Shadows of Modernity

New Delhi, December 18: WHAT IS the big deal about modernity in India? In everyday conceptions, modernity is considered as the condition of being modern that originated in the West and then transferred to the ‘ rest’. We become modern in simple terms as the West remains a nagging, essential presence in our post- colonial predicaments.

Spurned lover slits girls throat

Hyderabad, December 17: In yet another case of attack by a spurned lover, a 23-year-old young man slit the throat of his lover in front of her mother at MD Lines in Golconda.

He took the help of three friends, one of them a woman, to inflict injuries on the girl with a knife in the absence of the male members of the family who went out to offer prayers.The accused, Rehman Pasha, is a private car driver and also tourist guide at the Golconda Fort.

Old historical names of localities, tempered

Hyderabad, December 17: Athapur means an area donated by someone. Some miscreants of our city are writing it as Attapur. It is a densely populated area where colonies and flats are being constructed very rapidly but not a single house or flat is being given to the Muslims.

History of Medicine in the Islamic Civilization

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) words, “Your body has rights over you” paved their way to amazing advancement in the medical, pharmaceutical, and health fields.

For early Muslims, knowledge was a treasure they would eagerly seek. Medical science and pharmacy were no exceptions.

Money-lender 'confiscates' man's wife after default

Nizamabad, December 16: A tribal money-lender 'confiscated' the wife of the borrower after the latter failed to repay a loan he had taken.

The money-lender also threatened the borrower, another tribal belonging to the banjara (nomadic) community, that he would sell the woman for Rs 50,000 if he did not cough up the principal amount along with interest immediately.

Attacks on Muslim youths put cops on alert‎

Hyderabad, December 16: The city police are back on alert following attacks on three youths of a particular community by unidentified persons in the last two days.

Intelligence agencies are suspecting mischief behind these attacks, as the modus operandi is similar to that of November incidents in which, activists of Hindu Vahini had reportedly targeted 12 Muslim youths in Hyderabad and Cyberabad.

Iran hides nukes under mosques: Newt’s iffy claim

New Hampshire, December 15: Gingrich made the blind claim at a debate with Jon Huntsman in New Hampshire on Monday.  Here, via Michael Crowley, is the key moment:  “They have huge underground facilities.

Some of the underground facilities are under mosques,” Gingrich said. “Some of them are in cities. The idea that you’re going to wage a bombing campaign that accurately takes out all the Iranian nuclear program I think is a fantasy.”

Raja Singh to Lanch “Shree Ram T.V. Channel” today

Hyderabad, December 15: TDP Corporator of Mangalhat T.Raja Singh is going to launch “Shree Ram Channel” today.

Reliable sources revealed that he has submitted a petition to Shah Inayath Ganj Police seeking permission to conduct inaugural ceremony of the launching of the new T.V. Channel today.

He got some advertisements published in Hindi newspapers in which the slogan “we will remember Gao Maatha and March along with Shree Ram T.V. Channel”.

Look out mortals, God particle is here

Geneva, December 13: Scientists have predicted that sighting of the first strong signs of a particle vital to support Einstein's ideas on the working of the universe will be reported on Tuesday by the CERN physics research centre.

While warning there would be no announcement of a full scientific discovery, they said even confirmation that something like the long-sought Higgs boson had been spotted would point the way to major advances in knowledge of the cosmos.

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