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Another visit

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Chairman Anti-terrorist Front Mahinder Singh Bitta called on MBT leader Amjadullah Khan Khalid.Photo:Laeeq

joker sardar

ye sala joker lagta hai..!


hamare bhaioun me ettehad nai hai issiliye sardar ki mehfil jam rahi hai

Sardar Mat kaho in Haramiyon

Sardar Mat kaho in Haramiyon kou. MURDAAR bolaa Badar zaatou kou.HAHAHAHA.............


As Corporater he is very hard working i like his spirit and the way he works hard, but as humanity these brothers don't respect anyone even to elders beating using bad words etc, if they change their attitude then they are the best.

kab tak ye bekar free ke

kab tak ye bekar free ke leadero ke upar paise bekar kartey tum bhai.

Are ye pagal Khalid ki photo

Are ye pagal Khalid ki photo kaiku dalrain baar baar?

Jaan nai so hajjam

K am nai so hajjam billi ka sar moonda. Ab khan Saab ku bhi jam nai hai to sardarji ke ghalat jagai ke Baal mundrain.

Ye Khalid and Sadarji ke

Ye Khalid and Sadarji ke bich me eik bhot bada aadmi hai dekho, hahahahaha.

Bitta ke bataan sun ke chotu

Bitta ke bataan sun ke chotu ki phatri...

zahid sahab

what do you mean 'another visit'?

Better sign of good nation

When one is trying others to out from trouble, no differences among caste and community, all people under one roof. No critics on religion when all religions are respected

Tough people

Tough time does not last but tough people do. This is very true but in this case these two tough guys surviving but not getting any return either from the govt. or public. Bittaji is known for his anti terrorist stand and the same is with Amanullah Khan and his sons but no one is getting their due, due to ignorance of the facts what they actually doing for the Indian community and India.

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