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Bollywood actresses during a protest

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Bollywood actresses Jaya Bachchan (L),Hema Malini (C) and Shabana Azmi (R) speak during a protest in Mumbai on December 29, 2012, after the death of a gang rape victim from the Indian capital New Delhi. Indian leaders appealed for calm and security forces headed off fresh unrest by turning New Delhi into a fortress after a student who was savagely gang-raped died in a Singapore hospital. Police threw a ring of steel around the centre of the Indian capital after news of the 23-year-old medical student's death was broken in the early hours by the Singapore hospital that had been treating her for the last two days. AFP PHOTO/ STR

Yeh buddi's were do rape scence in movies

Now they are old and time pass for jumping around and show sympathy to rape victim. Because it's a capital city and victim was a Delhi residence.
Where are they when Rape happen in Gujarat by Hindu terrorist..and these BJP..bicxxx already shown lot same RAPE STUFF in movies.and on TV you can't sit watch with your kids even in the news...look at hema and bachan they already eaten lots of directors hot dogs.
And it's going to be worst because death penalty doesn't stop this crime.
if they want to stop this type of crime then "STOP THE CULTURE OF RAPE" which included Bollywood,justice system,way of life style,ECT..MORE MORE..and it will effect the economy...Because you have to give some thing if you want to gain some thing.
those are my do paisa comments.

Shariah Law

Ony way to stop this is Shariah Law. Muslims should take over the countryto protectthe woman and help them. Muslim rulers lived like Hindus and did not implement islam and now look at the country at the mercy of rapists

Delhi girl gang raped

The dogs on street, a Male dog will not allow other dogs to mate with female dog............Look at this case,these 6 males together raped one female ........ just imagine how far worst are these people then the dogs on the street......the government should not discus about rapist any more & no more investigation.only one thing to do for rapist, "JUST HANG TILL DEATH"

What About ? ? ?

What About Gujrat and Kashmir Rapes That rape is not Big As Delhi Rape ? ? ?
Selfish People Be Honest No Rape will Happen

gang rape

when muslim girl was rape and murderd where jaya Bschan and Hema Malani and Shabana,Dilip Kumar Bollywood personZs and big leader. Shame on them wait until their own daughter rape by some one.

Rape Cases in India

This is the point to think and analyze the situation in India, It is very sad to know that the Delhi Gang Rape Victim didn't survive and die, and it is good to see that the whole Nation has stand for her including Bollywood, celebrities and the solution for this sort of incident is to accept the Islamic way of implementing laws and the women should adopt Islamic culture (Tahzeeb) where the culprit didn't get tempted to do such a heinous crime, and more over the whole Nation which has stand for the Rape Victim, where was this these people who protested and the Bollywood and celebrities when these sort of rape incidents committed by rioters mercilessly in Gujarat 2002 Riots, to be honest and keep your hand on your heart and tell that is that protest and justice is only meant for only community of our country and the rest of the communities didn't right or privilege for that and the culprits of Gujarat didn't brought to the justice till now even after completion of 10 years, ofcourse we condemn the incident which took place in Delhi is not acceptable at any cost, at the same time, we have to come forward for every section and community of our country to teach a lesson to the culprits who plays with the modesty of the women. Dear ALL this is the time to stop for a while, analyze, think and stand up for a noble cause.

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