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Chiropratic camp

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Chiropractic doctors from US conducted a camp at Abid Ali Khan eye Hospital Darushshifa.Photo:Laeeq

Chiropractic doctors

Do they have the cure for our corrupt politicians and communal and anti muslim police and armed forces

Please get real doctors from

Please get real doctors from USA and not fool people with physical therapists who like to call themselves doctors. Please stop fooling poor hyderabadies. Please google exposé of chiropractors by ABC news few years ago.

please know that this people

please know that this people have an agenda which they dont show till the right time comes.

Neem Hakeem Khatra e Jaan

Sirf shakal per mat jao chehre se koi shifa nahi pahunca sakta hain, shifa dena ya na dena uske haath mein hain, magar ache doctor ya hakeem ki pahechan apke haath mein hain, sahi doctor ke pas ilaj karaiye aur sahi marz ki janch karwaiye

Chiropractic is junk science

Please stop fooling gullible Hyderabadis by getting these 'Gora' people to the city. Chiropractic is junk science and they are not considered real 'doctors' in USA.

The above comment is very

The above comment is very irresponsible and misguided. Chiropractic profession is prevalent in the Western Countries and thousands of doctors are practicing with a great success. In Hyderabad these camps are very successful and many patients are responding to the treatment very well. Please open up your mind and educate yourself before making the comment. Thanks.

One world and one community

The relation among nations and citizen. I love all human and all human love me. Resources for everyone, rich for poor and poors for rich, son the world change into heaven

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