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At Makkah Towers

Friday, 8 February 2013

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan editor Siasat is seen at Makkah Towers after performing Umrah . Mr. Jaleel Azher and others can also be seen.



if you point one finger to

if you point one finger to others so the remaining 4 finger point you only so just behave like a gentle man and dont pass the ugly comments get dua for all the muslims

Mazar per gaye tho biddat ,

Mazar per gaye tho biddat , towers pe ja to kuch bhi nahi..

Kiya Baat hai

Ek daam solid jawab hai pakoda ke liya

Kya baat hai

Arey ghandon
Tower pe jake ino kisi ke paaon pe girey kya
Ghade hai tum log

Nahin sudarte tum logan ...

Nahin sudarte tum logan ...


Now a days, it has become fashion to visit Makkah towers and take photos than visit Holy places and ask for repent. Slowly worship the towers also.

towers is towers like this

towers is towers
like this somany towers build and distroy by saudi governemant towers is not having any value infront of haram.

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