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Pakistani protesters streamed towards Islamabad

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Supporters of Pakistani religious leader Tahir-ul Qadri take part in the protest march at Domeli, about 100 kms from Islamabad on January 14, 2013. Tens of thousands of Pakistani protesters streamed towards Islamabad on Monday, led by a cleric calling for revolution but accused of trying to sow political chaos ahead of elections. AFP PHOTO/Farooq NAEEM

Join in for Christmas

Dear brother please help... Sheik ul Islam and join celebration of christmas, organised by Minhaj ul Quraan


I hope to see the same in Hyderabad and I am waiting for my muslim brothers to invite me during next cristmas

Your Reply is here:

Your Reply is here:

Imaan ka takaaza sirf Niyyat pe hai, aur Niyyat ki baat sirf ALLAH SubhanWa'Tala Behtar jaanta hai.

Real Hadidth

My Brother read this HADITH which Tahir ul Qadri Quoted in the Video....... he change FASTING to celebrating......... now tell me how can any one change the HADITH....... Brother deny my words but Please don't deny HADITH

" Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 31, Number 222:

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:

The Prophet came to Medina and saw the Jews fasting on the day of Ashura. He asked them about that. They replied, "This is a good day, the day on which Allah rescued Bani Israel from their enemy. So, Moses fasted this day." The Prophet said, "We have more claim over Moses than you." So, the Prophet fasted on that day and ordered (the Muslims) to fast (on that day)"

Can you please explain what

Can you please explain what is the fasting has to be done for. he never changed any hadith You again misunderstood him.see this video for details.

No muslim will be a Muslim if he changed hadith of beloved Prophet Mohammad Sallahu Alayhi Wasallam.
but for Every hadith there will be brief explanation like wise i can show you many hadith explain about Mercy to mankind is Prophet Mohammad Sallahu Alayhi Wasallam in hadith. do you mean he changed mercy to Mohammad Sallahu Alayhi Wasallam so he is changing the hadith.

OK then

Brother can you please tell me "who is to decide EID or Celebrations" did ALLAH gives us or we make it?, EID (ANY) part of ISLAM or not, and if we add or substract then "WHO WE ARE"???? In ISLAM fasting on EID is HARAM.... hopefully you know that, how in the HADITH mentioned by Tahir-ul Q, he changed the context where is set "CELIBRATIONS" wheras the actual hadith mentions "FASTING". See brother I am not connected to any jamat or person but strongly belive that HADITH can not be chaged and CELEBRATION and FASTING can not be same in any way or any language. ALLAH has fulfilled the DEEN-E_ISLAM and provided us the EID days, please don't add or substract, just research for yourself and research for the betterment of ISLAM, do you belive 50% of Ibadaat in Islam are celebrations???? as he is mentioning in the videos??? brother if HAJJ, NAMAZ, qurbani are celebrations then can you tell me where is IBADAT, Please brother open your heart and mind and look around, a HADITH says the SHAITAAN sit into the path of DEEN and distract everyone who try the path.... her GUNNAH ALLAH maaf karsakta hai lekin SHIRK nahi....you know what because when we do bad thing we can relalise it sometime leater but SHIRK is something we do proudly as if we are the true one and we dont realise it until death.... please Pary for me and all ummah that ALLAH guide us and help us dont try to find logic in QURAAN and SUNNAH.... take it as ALLLAH and his Messenger (SWM) gave it to us

What is Shirk?

only 2 Eid ko roza nahi rehsakte ? Eid ur Fitr aur Eid uz zoha. Kya aap Jumma ko Roza nahi rehte??? Juma ka din bhi to Eid hai.
Abu Hurairah reports that one Friday the Prophet (saws) said: "O gathering of Muslims, Allah has made this day (of Friday) an Eid for you, so make ghusl and use the miswak (on this day)."

Related by at-Tabarani

and What is Shirk? Allah Azzawajal Dene wala hai aur Mohammad Rasool Allah Sallahu Alayhi Wasallam Baantne wale hai? AND WASEELAH Is allowed in Islam? Even Sahaba said Ya RasoolAllah Help us , tabayeen Ask waseelah of Prophets, Imam Maliki took Waseelah of imaam Bukhari. these all Sahaba, Tabayeen, Tab-E-Tabayeen.. has been recorded and is fully authentic hadiths availabe. so do u think they all did Shirk , Nauzubillah!

Bahot khoob

Kya jawab diya.......agali bar sirf NIYYAT karna....AMAL mat karna..... so when are you celebrating christmas with your family??? why don't bring Milaad un nabi (for ISSA (SWAS)..... please for allah sake brother READ QURAAN...please

Brother dont get angry You

Brother dont get angry You can ask any Scholars in Islam, Imaan aur Niyyat ka takaza.
Even If you are sinking in ocean do Niyyat for Salah - Imaam Hazrat Ali RaziAllah Tala Anhuma.
And for Celebrating Birthday of Issa Alayhi Salaam. He is our Prophet ofcourse we have right to celebrate Birthday of any Prophets fro Adam Alayhi Salaam till Prophet Mohammad Sallahu Alayhi Wasallam. you can choose any day and celebrate by true heart. even Quran says to celebrate the birth of Issa Alayhi Salaam:
Say: In the bounty of Allah and in his mercy, in that rejoice: that is better than the wealth they hoard (10:58)

Here Allah commands us to rejoice in the bounty and mercy He has bestowed. What greater bounty can one rejoice about than the bounty of the sending of the Holy Prophet (sallalahu alayhi wa salaam) whom Allah has called in the Holy Quran the Mercy for all the Worlds (21:107)


Janaab Mushtaq Ali saheb!!!

Janaab Mushtaq Ali saheb!!! Aap Zardari hukumat ko support karker yeh saboot to dechuke ke aap kis corrupt govt. ki tayeed karlye aap jaise log bina sonchey bas choghli , gheebat phailaana bila wajah .
Allama Qadri yahan koi election ladne nahi aye, woh gareeb log ki awaaz ban kar aye hain, aap news to dekhte nahi kabhi, agar dekh sakte to wahan jo gareeb awaam ayee hain unki khud-zubaan jaansakte : http://c92.tv/
Salute to his effort he single handedly did it. I really admire him from now onwards. kaash aise sachey, na-dar log hamare India mai paida hotey.
what a personality mashallah.


Reply 4 You


*10 Pakistani Hockey players had to goback (without playing)
* Name any 2 Pakistani Madarsa's who have permission to open a branch in India?
* Jawid Miadad even after getting the visa, had been forced to call off this India visit
* RSS & Shiv Sena including BJP has always protest against Pakistan and Pakistani's in India (Films, Singers, Business or Play) But

* Never ever oppose Minhaj Ul Quraan
* Tahir Ul Qadri can visit India (Any time and to any city)
* He get full support of RSS, BJP & Shiv Sena because what he is doing is good for India and Indian Hindu parties, Tahir-Ul-Qadri is the ace men for Western countries, they build him with Media support, money and now is the time to use him to "DIS-ARAM" the only Muslim Nuclear Power.

I might be wrong, I might be right,

Its our duty to check the facts before supporting anything, anyone ALLAH has given us a good example in "Muslima Kazzab" who declared phrophithood in the life of Hazrat Mustafal (SAW) and even many sahaba's gone to Kazzab Camp. But ALLAH help those who help themselves, Please check the facts, Inshallah we will not be standing with the people who given away (Libya, Egypt, Tunis, Iraq) to Western coontries - ALLAH will guide us and we will not support the so called western forces. Inshallah

During Minhaj Ul Quraan

During Minhaj Ul Quraan visit peace was prevailing . There was no violation of cease fire and killing of Inidan soldiers. Minhaj Ul Quraan talked about peace. He did not speak like Rehman Malik.

You and your like are enemies of Humanity.

Western Support

Look back at Libya, Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Bahrain before supporting this propoganda, we are becoming a Western Soilder (with-out pay) and helping outsiders to elemenate our own govt - without knowing how danger it will be after that...... Brothers See Libya (Italy & Frace Control every oil reserve today), Tunis (Current ruler is paving a way to tab in Turky, Syria & Inran) Egypt (current leaders are working as Whitehouse employees).... this is what happen after the so called PROTEST (the only Muslim Nuclear Power will be dead) and guess who is doing all these,....We the muslims are doing for FREE, we are cutting the brance on which, we a re sitting.......WAKEUP for ALLAH sake.... The media will support Tahir Ul Qadri until the day they want (Muqtada Sadar one of the claric who oppose Saddam Hussain, (Ahmed Chalibi to whom West promise to make him the President and he help them to Attack Iraq) do you know where are these 2 great gentelmen are.... they are living like an open jail, because WEST will always DITCH you once they are done with you......I feel crying after watching all these and we muslims are following like blind Sheeps, remember we have to answer to ALLAH and if we are alive for another 20 years and see our own kids are working like SLAVES.....then no one else but we are responsiable for it

Shaik ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

He has become the voice for poor. he is fighting for Human rights for all pak nation. If fighting for fundamantal rights is against Sharia of Islam, then you r the biggest fool living round in India.
He is not joining any election..he want to demolish the corrupt electrol system which has been taking place during election since ages...
You come out from ur Ego...maron.


this is how the so called Shaik ul Islam lies for his own benifit
Open your eyes brother, a person who lie can not be the blessed one


Tell me if i follow the truth or I am in an egoistic moron as you named me

You are spreading false

Bro. never judge any short clips, Many peoples listen his speaches live and recorded also , we never ever find anything which he said against Islam, what ever he speaks he first tell hadith or Quran Verses only then he proceed to explain his topic accordingly to that authenticity.
When u listn to his speech u will know how mischefmonger did editing. he was explaining Sharia of Blasphemy accordingly to all 4 Imams.
You are just spreading all baseless on net about him. Hope it might clear you.

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