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Self-defence training

Friday, 4 January 2013

An Indian participant (C) practises a self-defence technique with an instructor during a self-defence class at a school in Mumbai on January 4, 2013. After nearly three weeks of lurid reporting on a horrifying gang-rape in New Delhi, women in the Indian capital say they are more anxious than ever, leading to a surge in interest in self-defence classes. AFP PHOTO/ PUNIT PARANJPE

Rape jo hai tanatan jawaan

Rape jo hai tanatan jawaan pottoyon ke hore - aur yeh aunty karate sikhre - inke paas aata hi kaun aur inku kis se bachna hai




check where is the trainer hand. lol ha ha ha

I appreciate the comments

I appreciate the comments given in English and it is really true.

I appreciate the comments

I appreciate the comments writtten above in English.

gandi badboo ari hungi aunty

gandi badboo ari hungi aunty ke baghal se

Again going after West

These techniques dont work. Men are generally stronger and once evil takes them over they go to any extend to commit the mischef. The only way to avoid is to avoid the confrontation with men and that is by wearing BURQA.

right word

you are totalllllllllllllly correct but who will explain these foooooooooooooools

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