16th Ramzanul Mubarak 1436 | Saturday, Jul 04, 2015

Tablighi Ijtema in Pakistan

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Pakistani Muslims arrive to attend one of the world's largest Islamic religious meeting, the Tablighi Ijtema, in Raiwind, near Lahore. The Tablighi Ijtema is an annual feature, founded by religious scholars more than five decades ago. AFP PHOTO / ARIF ALI

Changed my life

By the grace of Allah(SWT), my life here in Qatar has changed after joining them and taking part in their efforts to spread Islam. I see more and more people joining this cause and getting Hidayah

do not critisize any one

There are different ways of doing good as long as it is good and they are spreading the message of Allah and His prophet then respect them. Appreciate their sacrifice for a cause OF spreading Islam and remember no one is perfect. Unity of muslims no matter what the difference are should be the priority of the Ummah of Mohammed saley Ala Alihi Wasallam. When claiming we claim as 3.5 billion muslims but we label half of them as kafir! Leave Judgement to Allah. Do good deeds in this world as long as you are alive on this earth. Jazakallahu kairun to All the Muslims who are in dawah work.

Tableegis are sufi crackpots

These Jahils think going for 4 day chilla is nauzubillah Jihad. Dis Sahaba RA go for 4 days? There whole life was dedicated to Islam. Pakistani Tablig Jammat is actively supporting the corrupt Pakistani Governemnt and Amereican government in the war of terror. These munafiqs are disgrace to Islam. There are several Jihads going on in several places in the world todayand these clowns aree no where to be seen

tera jswab

Brother think befor u write who is munafiq ? And 40days 4 month all tjis is a tarteem you can go for the rest if your life but u can not leave your wife or family for 3day for Allah what kind of Muslims are you ? Sit in alone and think

baba tum kitna waqt, jihad

baba tum kitna waqt, jihad may lagai zara bolo...ghar may baeth kar k message karna kisko bhi ata....u as well as me.....kabhi 40 days allah k liye kahi gaye....wo jando ramdhan may etekaf 10 din baethay kabhi....

story tellers

40 din key liyey jao ya 40 minute key liyey.....you should carry Quran and Sunnah and not the Fuzool E Stories of your shaiks.



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