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Zahid Ali Khan addressing to public

Sunday, 9 December 2012

TDP Polit Buro Janab Zahid Ali Khan addressing party's meeting at Nizam College Ground.(Photo:Laeeq)

qabr ke kareeb hai - duniya

qabr ke kareeb hai - duniya ko chodo Aakhirat ka soncho Tauba Karo Allah Allah Karo. yehi aap ke haq mein behtar hai.

Zahed ali saab please get to

Zahed ali saab please get to gether with MIM we all believe in Allah and follow prophet muhammad(PBUH)or dont go against MIM by supporting TDP and inshallah everyone will get benefitted.

Dusra Zardari

Yeh nikala Dusra Zardari bannne

fake publicity

the public came there for TDP meeting .not been invited by zahid ali khan,most of the people in audiance don't know who is zahid ali khan.siasat is just making publicity of zahid ali khan and MBT

Fake Publicity

You are looser and did not see the realities of so many peoples, make be you are the followers of Darbari Mullha, Shahi Imams, they too denied any thing against the "Holy King", try to eat riske e Halal than you will see the right things.

you should be ashamed of

you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting tdp. just for yoy personal enemity and jealousy with mim you are supporting a party that helped bjp to stay in power and a party that has enemies of muslims like raja singh

Zahid saap har jaate aap ki

Zahid saap har jaate aap ki khwaish khuwaish hi rehti MP bane ghar mr baito na kyu show off kare aap


Zahid ali khan sahab zindabad aaj hum sub ko zahid ali khan ki zarorat hay. inshallah next Election me ZAHID ALI KHAN SAHAB HYDERABAD KE MP hogay AMEEN SUMA AMEEN.TDP ZINDABAD

still time is there to return to right path

He is friend of Hindus Holy Quran says No non beliver can be your true friend dont share the secrets and dont make him buddy you go with him to hell.

Chodo in Kafeer Hukmuraan ko

Respected Zahid sahab!

As salam alaikum ;Zahid sahab mai aup ki bahut respect karta hoon ismay koe shak nahi kay aup millat kay liya bahut kaam kiya aur karbi rahay hai.Mai regulary aup ka news paper bahut shouk say padta hoon magar aur millat a islamiya miya ki ziddo jahed kar rahay hai to please in Kafeer Hukmoraanoy ko chodo.Thoda takleef hoke aupnay bahe say hath milatay howay magar please aup owasi say hath millato aup mai sub muslim leader say ya apeel aur dard madana guzarish karra hoon kay plz remove differences let work for Muslim ummah show these kafeer politician what we are in Election2014.please please for sake of allah ahd rasool allah please be unite you people remove diffrences

app bath sahi kahray hai

Your right!but MIM bay kar hogaee. some one should come against it.May be ALLAH(SAW)has plan...it's good for MUSLIMS..40 Years same faces no development ONLY good speeches,emotion thoughts..that's it. so some one should come with new ideas ..We vote MIM for ANNA.prestige. ...About protection of Muslims "ALLAH(SUB)with us.."HISBUNALLAH HO"
Look at Muslim world all leaders were Muslims,But Muslims were suffer


baap bete aur bich meh ek maal ..wah wah




raja singh kay saath ki photo paste karou naa, aaap iss kay saath bahut acchay laagh rahay thay

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