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Indian teen wins Google Science Fair 2016


New Delhi: Advay Ramesh, a 14-year old Indian teenager from Chennai has won the coveted Google Community impact Award. Ramesh Advay, a student of class 10 at the National Public School in Chennai, is working on an application that runs on a hand-held device like a smartphone that...

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Google to provide Android skilling course in India


New Delhi: Technology giant Google on Monday launched its “Android Skilling and Certification” programme to help make the country a global hub of high-quality mobile developers. The programme aims to train two million mobile developers by offering a slew of initiative...

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As per Google, there are only two genders


Washington : Turns out, Google has been misleading those trying to keep up with all the gender identities. On googling “how many genders are there,” a top result says that there are only two – male and female, The Next Web reported. This has annoyed millions of ...

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