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Sunday, 25 October 2009
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Sunday, 25 October 2009
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Yeh Pagal koun hain Jo yahan bhi .......?

Yeh koun pagal behoode loge hain jo yahan bhi shuroo hogaie hain sex problums lekar / poochne, samjhane ke liyeh road chaap Dr bhi agaie hain agar sacche Dr hote tu yeh baat sajh jate ke yeh kalam ka title kiya hai aur kis
liyeh haib, aur wo jahel e mutlaq, pagal yeh bhi nahi samjhte ke yeh site aur zaroorate rishata ka kalam ladies aur familys bhi dekhte aur padhte hain
Allah in jahelou ko neik toufeeq de aur aqale saleem ata kare ameen
Aik Hyderabadi

New York Times (Muslim Girls of US And Europe)

Islam and virginity in the NY Times

The most emailed article at the NY Times right now is about how Muslim women in Europe are getting plastic surgery to have their hymens reattached in order to deceive their husbands and families into thinking that they are virgins.

In the modern-day West, it’s considered abnormal to be a virgin on your wedding day. The success of the movie The Forty Year Old Virgin demonstrates that virgins are the subject of ridicule. Thus the typical New York Times reader will have a hard time understanding what all the fuss is about.

But Muslims take their virginity very seriously. According to the article, it’s normal for fathers to beat their adult daughters, and sometimes even kill them, if it’s discovered that they have had sex before marriage. Earlier today I blogged about children taken away from their neo-Nazi parents because the social workers believe that neo-Nazis are unable to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children. But to me, the Islamic environment in which children are beaten and killed by their fathers is a lot less safe and nurturing. Using the neo-Nazi logic, all children should be taken away from their Muslim parents.

I don’t have very much sympathy for these Muslim women who get the surgery. Apparently they think it’s OK to deceive their husbands and families about an issue that’s obviously very important to them. If they don’t respect their traditions (which aren’t worthy of much respect), they should abandon their families and their crazy religion. Instead, they lie to everybody about their virginity and then bring up children in this toxic Islamic environment. Sometime in the future, the female children will be beaten and possibly killed by their Muslim fathers if they behave the same was as their mother did. And the cycle repeats itself.


It is good tat ask to faithful sorry to ALLAH for ur bleady post..... Or else i assure tat sure u ll face the consequences soon from my god almighty(ALLAH).... Wat do u knw abt the purity of islam..... At last think so u have practising all sort of non-sense's...... Its good ask sorry wit a truthful heart.....

Well 1st ther iz difrnc btwn

Well 1st ther iz difrnc btwn vat Islam say n vat Muslmz do vat Christianity say n vat Christians do vat Judisam say n vat Jews do etc etc.Islam nvr say d8 u kil ur daughtr coz she haz had sx b4 merrig its nt Islam its their crazy tradition made by thmslvs nt relign thy r going totaly against Islam.and i advise u to stdy Islam ''deeply in detail'' n then critisz it az u lik.coz ven u dnt nw abt smth u shudnt critisiz nor favor it.God bless.

Muslim Girls Of USA, Dating and Premartial sex is ok for them

Muslim girls are girls who are best known for their discipline. They are humble beings who practice a very different culture from other people. The Islamic religion will best define Muslim girls. They grow up under the strict instruction of their holy prophet as prophesied in their holy book the Quran. Girls are instructed to live in a certain way and this is exactly what Muslim girls until they enter into womanhood. Their culture is very strict and is designed to safeguard girls from the evils that may befall them. The first thing you notice when you see these girls is their ‘hijab’. This is the covering on their heads. They will also cover the rest of their body and this is for sake of maintaining purity. It is paramount that the rule on these be followed. This is because they believe that girls who are not married should remain pure. Even after the girls find husbands, they will continue wearing like this to keep other men out.
This is one of the most radical cultures in the world. The girls are also not allowed to mix with boys unless it is very important. Constant meetings with people of the opposite sex might stimulate girls to engage in acts that might be contrary to the teachings of the prophet. Over the years, the girls have been seen to follow and maintain all the requirements until they are married and beyond. The girls will always humble themselves to people and this is part of how they are perceived by the rest of the world. When girls who are Muslim reach a certain age when they need to interact with the opposite sex this is usually unnecessary for them to do so. This is because interactions will only be for the purpose of marriage. It is only when they plan to get married to somebody that they can interact fully. However, as people enter into a new era of doing things, more and more girls are becoming free with the opposite sex especially when they go to higher institutions of learning.

The strictness no longer applies to many Muslim communities and only those who are very closely knit will practice this to the letter. When it comes to dating and marriage, it is a community affair where the parents from both sides play an active role in this regard. The girls will learn how married women should behave since they are little and, they are usually much empowered. All they do will revolve around their religion and, this only shows how they value it. Meeting Muslim girls to marry is not hard at all. You can go online to meet hundreds of girls who are ready to mingle. They have a very strong sense of community and family. It is vital to know the kind of people who can date these girls. They are only supposed to get married to men who are Muslim. The men can get married to woman from many other religions. The girls are very interesting and getting to know them will prove very exciting.


As-salamualiakum...Editor and Management of this paper especially of this column....this is to bring to your kind notice that some users are misusing this column by posting filthy and totally vulgar coments...for Allah's sake take immediate action by tracking down ip addresses and block them...or whatever action you can take...JazakAllah..

USA (Muslim Girls Ask)

I am a muslim girl of 19 years old, I am in love with a 27 year-old muslim guy
too. We know each other for 9 months and love each other a lot. We know
each other by internet (webcam and voice chat), keeping in touch everyday.
I would like to know what the shari'a allow me to do with him before being
engaged with him (kissing each other on the lips, kissing each other on the
cheek, touching his hand, hugging him and so on and so forth). I want to
know what will be haram bel Islam and halal. And secondly, what will I be
allowed to do with him after engagement?
thanks to reply as soon as possible.


IN light of islam whatever you are wishing to do is totally haram. Islam allows man and woman to interact only after their marriage. If interaction is allowed after marriage that thing about physical relationships... No way possible.

PLease keep yourself away from anything that leads to Allaah's wrath!

Fatwa Bank

I have received a message from a friend that is it: 'is it true that, a husband is allowed to use any part of his wife's body opening during intercourse?' can u please answer this question? thanks..


Dear Brother/Sister;

A rule like "Every part of a spouse is mubah (permissible) for the other spouse, it is not haram (forbidden) is not right; According to Ahl Sunnah, anal intercourse is not permissible. The mouth was not created for sexual intercourse but for other things; oral sex is contrary to the creation and the nature of man; people with uncorrupted nature hate it.

Islam is a religion that covers the whole life of man and evaluates every issue. Therefore, Islam did not ignore sexuality that has an important place in the life of man and sex education. It was arranged within certain criteria and within the limits of halal (licit), being enough for pleasure.

Sahaba (the Companions of the Prophet) and their wives, who asked the Prophet about all of their problems, asked him about the issues regarding sexuality in person and learned from him.

As a matter of fact, one of the Companions wanted to have intercourse through her wife’s reproductive organ but he wanted to approach her from the back; his wife objected to it by putting forward the Judaist understanding that the child to be born out of such intercourse would be cross-eyed.

When our Prophet was informed about the issue, the verse stating, “husbands could approach wives as they wished so long as the intercourse was through the reproductive organ.”(1)

Our prophet explained that verse and stated that “intercourse could be carried out from behind, top, bottom, side and as the spouses wished as long as it was through reproductive organ.” (2)

Islam prohibits a man to have sexual intercourse with his wife for the following cases:

1- Intercourse when the woman is in menstruation period and afterbirth period.

2- Anal intercourse. It is a great sin for a man to have anal intercourse with his wife. The Prophet (pbuh) said:

"Allah does not have mercy on a man who carries out anal intercourse with his wife. (Ibn Majah Bayhaqi)

We understand that our religion allows sexual intercourse except those mentioned above and does not regard it haram as long as it is done through the reproductive organ. We can say that what the spouses do to prepare themselves for the sexual intercourse like licking, caressing, kissing touching various places with hands or lips are not regarded as haram.

However, the fact that there is not a definite ban does not mean there are no recommendations: The following are the issues that are advised to be paid attention during sexual intercourse:

1- To have a covering over the bodies during the intercourse. (3)

2- Not to look at each other’s sexual organs. (4)

3- Speaking a little during the intercourse. (5)

It is better to act in accordance with those recommendations but all kinds of intercourse is permissible as long as it is through the reproductive organ.


1- Chapter al-Baqara, 223

2- See Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır and Ibni Kathir tafsirs: the interpretation of the verse 223 of al-Baqara.

3- Kanzu’l-ummal, 6/415

4- Ibn Majah, Nikah, 28

5- Fayzu’l- Qadir, 1/327

With our best wishes...
Questions on Islam Editor

Fatwa Bank

Dear scholars, As-Salamu `alaykum. What are the limits of the relationship between the engaged couple?

Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear brother in Islam, thank you very much for raising this good question that reflects a good understanding and truthful desire to have a clearer view of the teachings of Islam. May Allah crown this truthful desire with His satisfaction and reward!

In his response to the question in point, the eminent Muslim scholar, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, states:

“Betrothal, literally, customarily and legally, is different from marriage. It is an introduction and a promise to marry. Books of language draw a difference between betrothal and marriage. Likewise, in custom there is a distinction between a fiancé and a married man. Similarly, in Islamic law (Shari`ah) there is a big difference between the two terms; so betrothal is no more than a declaration to marry a certain woman, but marriage is a complete relationship based on a sound contract and a solemn covenant that entails specific requirements, rights and consequences. The Glorious Qur’an refers to both betrothal and marriage in the course of its reference to the case of widows: “There is no sin for you in that which ye proclaim or hide in your minds concerning your troth with women. Allah knoweth that ye will remember them. But plight not your troth with women except by uttering a recognized form of words. And do not consummate the marriage until (the term) prescribed is run.” (Al-Baqarah: 235)

Betrothal, whatever the punctilious signs it may put on, constitutes no more than a promise of marriage. Betrothal, therefore, does not entitle a fiancé to any right other than keeping the fiancée for his sake, in such a way that no one else can propose to her. In a Hadith, it is stated: “It is unlawful for a man to make an offer of betrothal to a woman who is already betrothed to another man.”

The most important thing I would like to emphasize on in this regard is that a woman is considered to be foreign to her fiancé until they are married. She can be regarded as a wife only through a sound, legal marriage contract; the main pillar in the marriage contract is offer and acceptance, which has a well-known formula in custom and Shari`ah.

As long as the marriage contract has not been concluded, marriage, according to custom and Shari`ah, is not fulfilled, the fiancée is still regarded as foreign to her fiancé; so, he is not allowed to be alone with her nor to accompany her in any travel without the presence of any of her unmarriageable kin like her father or brother.

According to the law of Islam, whenever one wants to divorce one’s wife after concluding the contract of marriage and before consummation, one should give her half of the dower; Allah, the Almighty, says: “If ye divorce them before ye have touched them and ye have appointed unto them a portion, then (pay the) half of that which ye appointed, unless they (the women) agree to forgo it, or he agreeth to forgo it in whose hand is the marriage tie.” (Al-Baqarah: 237)

But if the fiancé deserts his fiancée, he will not be required to pay his fiancée any thing; of course he may only face some reproach or embarrassment, then how can a fiancée be given the same privileges as a married man before consummating marriage?”

Do keep in touch. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to write to us.

Fatwa Bank

As-Salamu `alaykum. I would like to know is it haram to kiss the girl you are going to marry, if yes, why? Let me explain the situation between me and this girl. We are planning to get married later on after my elder brother and sister get married themselves, all of our parents and family know about this because it was done with their consent, there has been no formal engagement but her parents have given their word to my parents yet it was me and her who decided to get married. Jazakum Allah khayran.

Wa `alaykum As-Salamu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear brother in Islam, we commend your pursuit of knowledge and your keenness to seek what is lawful and avoid what is not. We earnestly implore Allah to bless your efforts in this honorable way.

It should be stated first of all that getting an approval or a promise from a girl's parents to marry her as well as formal engagement are nothing more than a promise to marry at a future date. It is not at all a license for the parties to be together, to hold hands, or isolate with one another. None of these things are considered permissible; for such a promise or engagement does not make what is otherwise unlawful as lawful; therefore, for all practical purposes they are still considered as strangers.

Responding to the question in point, the eminent Muslim scholar Sheikh Muhammad Al-Hanooti, member of the North American Fiqh Council, states:

Any communication between a male and female before marriage should be for a certain pure and healthy cause. If they speak to each other, they should speak what they can say to each other in public. If their communication is romantic, seductive and desirous, that is not allowed in Islam because it leads into unlawful drastic actions.

You cannot touch a girl. Of course, you cannot kiss or do anything of what you ask about in the question. I do not know if you will allow somebody to do that to your sister for the same purpose. You remind me of many people who tried to find a justification and an excuse for what they do of haram, even though they feel that there is something wrong with what they do.

Anything before the marriage contract should be handled exactly for the interest for the boy and the girl. Therefore, communication between the two parties should be under the supervision of their parents. Anything secret here is wrong and haram.

Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a senior lecturer and an Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, adds:

You are not allowed to kiss this girl before marriage; such an act is considered absolutely sinful in Islam before marriage.

One is not allowed to touch or have intimate conversations or contacts with someone he or she is not married to. The fact you intend to marry someone or is engaged to someone does not make what is otherwise unlawful as lawful. So fear Allah and safeguard against temptations. May Allah help you to safeguard your honor and religion.

Problems With Premature Ejaculation


How can I help my husband overcome his problems with premature ejaculation?Answer:
It's possible that your husband's premature ejaculation has gotten him so down that he's withdrawing from sex. If so, that can be easily remedied. Quite often, when a man gains good ejaculatory control, he suddenly becomes much more interested in sex. And even if he doesn't, it might be nicer for both of you if he lasted longer.

Faced with premature ejaculation, most men try to distract themselves during intercourse, believing that by thinking about other things, they can trick themselves into lasting longer. Usually, that only makes things worse.

Don't tune out your body. TUNE INTO IT. You need to become more familiar with your different levels of sexual arousal. You also need to recognize how you feel as you approach your point of ejaculatory inevitability, the "point of no return." Once you recognize how you feel close to your point of no return, it's not difficult to make small sexual adjustments that allow you to remain highly aroused without ejaculating.

Sexual arousal is a four-phase process. In the Excitement Phase, breathing deepens and erection begins. In the Plateau Stage, erection becomes full and you feel highly aroused. When arousal builds to a certain point, the next phase occurs, Orgasm with Ejaculation. Then during the Resolution Phase, breathing returns to normal and erection subsides. The key to ejaculatory control is to extend the Plateau Phase, to maintain arousal without triggering Orgasm and Ejaculation.

To learn ejaculatory control:

Don't use drugs or alcohol. They're distracting and they interfere with the self-awareness crucial to learning ejaculatory control.
Appreciate whole-body sensuality. Men often think sex happens only in the **** and only during intercourse. That view is a one-way ticket to premature ejaculation (not to mention erection problems, and women with those proverbial headaches). The best sex involves head-to-toe arousal. Men learning how to approach -- but not arrive at -- their point of no return, need to appreciate whole-body sensuality, the pleasure potential in every square inch of the body. Whole-body sensuality releases tension. Tense bodies that have no other outlet often find release through involuntary ejaculation. But as you learn to appreciate sensual pleasure from head to toe, whole-body arousal takes the pressure off your ****, and you last longer.
Whole-body sensuality means relaxation, but the "relaxation" involved in great sex is not the kind that includes an easy chair, a six pack, and Monday Night Football. It's the kind you feel after a hot bath or a good massage. In fact, bathing or showering together before lovemaking can help men relax and appreciate whole-body sensuality -- and last longer.
Breathe deeply. One very easy way to stay relaxed while making love is to breathe deeply. The body has a natural tendency to breathe deeply during sex. But many men fight it. They think they should stay in control by not breathing deeply and making the little love-moan sounds that go along with it. But when men work to control their breathing, they often sacrifice ejaculatory control. Try breathing deeply. Let your breath go. Many men are amazed how much this one little change improves their premature ejaculation.
Start with masturbation with a dry hand. By varying how you caress your ****, you can learn to stay highly aroused for quite a while without coming. When you feel yourself approaching your point of no return, simply back off a bit, stroke yourself more gently or not at all, and stay aroused without ejaculating. Then as you feel yourself getting a little distance from your point of no return, return to more vigorous self-stimulation. Repeat this several times over several sessions. Approach your point of no return, then back off. For most men, it doesn't take long to develop good ejaculatory control while alone.
Then move on to masturbation with a lubricated hand. Use saliva, vegetable oil, or a commercial sexual lubricant. For most people, lubricants increase the sensual intensity of erotic fondling. Follow the same program: Masturbate until you approach your point of no return, then back off. Repeat this several times over several sessions.
Once you have good control during masturbation, and appreciate whole-body sensuality, and feel comfortable breathing deeply during lovemaking, then you're ready for the couples program -- if you're in a couple. The couple approach is called the "Stop-Start Technique." First, arrange "stop" and "start" signals with your lover, for example, a light pinch or tap, or a tug on an ear.
Then, your lover strokes your **** by hand as you lie still. When you approach your point of no return, give the "stop" signal. Your lover immediately stops stroking you and simply holds your **** gently, as you continue to breathe deeply and pays close attention to the sensations you're feeling. When you no longer feels close to ejaculation, gives the "start" signal, and your lover begins stroking you again. How many stops and starts should you do? A half-dozen over a 15-minute period works well for most couples. Do what feels comfortable for you.

With stop-start, the focus is on the man. He's the one learning the new skill. But don't forget the woman's sensual needs. As part of each practice session, she might guide your hand over her to show you what she likes.

Once you've gained good ejaculatory control with your lover's hand, try the same stop-start procedure with oral caresses. Again, you begin by lying still.

Once you've gained good control orally, feel free to start moving. You're making love again -- but now you have ejaculatory control. Congratulations.
Here are some other suggestions for lasting longer:

The man-on-top (missionary) position can be fun, but it's harder for most men to control their ejaculatory timing, because they have to hold themselves up. Try making love with the woman on top. This position is more relaxing for men, and it often helps ejaculatory control.
Make some noise. Love moans help men (and women) relax, and they often help men last longer.
It's important to understand that learning ejaculatory control takes time and practice. You may feel a little awkward along the way. Try to maintain a sense of humor about any accidental spills.
Some penile skin creams advertise that they help a man last longer. These products contain topical anesthetics that dull sensation in the ****. If you like to play with penile sensation, there's no harm in using them. But they're not a good idea for learning to last longer. They dull sensation. But the key to lasting longer is for the man to become more familiar with what he feels so he can back off from his point of no return while still remaining highly aroused.
Finally, the program we recommend for learning ejaculatory control is very likely to provide your lover with greater sexual enjoyment -- but not just because you last longer. Women generally prefer leisurely, playful, whole-body, massage-oriented sensuality that includes the genitals but is not limited to them. Women's main complaints about men's sexual style are that it's too rushed, too mechanical, too eager for intercourse, and that it focuses only on the breasts and genitals. Women generally feel that the whole body is a sensual playground and can't understand why so many men explore only a few corners of it. Like women, penises generally prefer leisurely, playful, whole-body, massage-oriented lovemaking. The rushed, ****-centered, intercourse-fixated sex style puts a lot of pressure on the ****, and leads to premature ejaculation. But when men make love the way women prefer, whole-body arousal takes the pressure off your **** and you last longer. Basically, if men would make love the way women prefer, women would have fewer complaints, and men would have fewer sex problems.

Arouse Your Women Easily

Arouse Your Women Easily
June 19, 2009
Studies prove that women take longer time to get in mood for the bed. So what to do? Don`t worry we give you simple and surefire ways to get your lady in mood for a long lasting night.

Flirt with her senses. The sense of touch, smell, sight and hearing can be used in a manner to seduce the lady easily. To tease her sense of smell, spray on some musk. The musk resembles the smell of the male pheromones. Male sweat has been observed to seduce women.

Scents like vanilla are known to arouse women. Tease her sense of touch by pampering those parts of the body which are usually ignored. Caress her forearms, thighs and back. Neck region and the back are weak points for women.

Like men, women are also aroused by visuals. If your lady is comfortable see some “couple porn” together. You may read together good books on sex with photographs. Maintain good eye contact with her and look deep in her eyes as often as possible. Hold her hand and tell her what your plans are for her that night. Whisper in her ears. A few words said into ears and half of the job is done.

Create an ambiance for the special moments. Light some candles and order her favorite meal. The more your make her feel special the better she will be in expressing her love sexually.

Bath together. This is something that can never go wrong. Fill in a tub for her with flower petals and some scented oils. Help her slip in and relax. Join her to massage her body.

There are certain things men must keep in mind about their women. If the man tries to fake the foreplay, the woman may fake the orgasm. If you want to know mood of your women, observe her how she eats her ice cream cone. It will give you a fair idea about how she will be in bed that night.

6 Sex Mistakes Men Make (By MD)

6 Sex Mistakes Men Make
WebMD offers experts' sex tips for men who have sex with women.
By Martin F. Downs
WebMD FeatureReviewed by Louise Chang, MDHey guys, think you know everything there is to know about having sex with women? That erotic encyclopedia you carry around in your head may contain a lot of basic errors and omissions about women's sexuality -- errors that can lead to sex mistakes.

That's because -- after learning the facts of life -- most of us are left to figure out sex for ourselves. Guys tend to take a lot of cues from adult movies, and we all know how true-to-life those are. Experience may help, but many women can be shy when talking about what they like.

To help us with some sex tips, WebMD asked two acclaimed sex educators, Tristan Taormino and Lou Paget, to tell us what they think are the most common sex mistakes men make with women.

Taormino is a prolific author, lecturer, and video producer. Her latest project is the Expert Guide educational video series from Vivid Ed.

Paget is author of The Great Lover Playbook and other sex manuals, and she gives seminars nationwide.

Sex Mistake No.1: You Know What She Wants
Men often make assumptions about what a woman wants based upon what they've done with other women. But women aren't all the same.

"You develop a repertoire as you mature sexually, but you should never assume that what worked for the last person is going to work for this person," Taormino says.

That applies not only to sexual predilections, but also to relationships, she says. "There are women who can have no-strings-attached sex, and women who can get attached very easily, and then everyone in between."

Sex Mistake No. 2: You Have All She Needs
Some women can't have an orgasm with less than 3,000 rpm. No human tongue or fingers can generate that kind of vibration. But men typically think something is wrong if a woman needs a vibrator.

"If the only way that a woman can achieve orgasm is with a vibrator, she's not broken," Taormino says.

Think of a vibrator as your assistant, not your substitute. Many couples use vibrators together. "While you're doing one thing, or two things, the vibrator can be doing something else," Taormino says.

Sex Mistake No. 3: Sex Feels the Same for Men and Women
Paget says there tends to be a "huge disconnect" between men and women in the ways that sex feels good.

"When a man has intercourse with a woman, and his **** goes into her body, that sensation is so off the charts for most men, they cannot imagine that it isn't feeling the same way for her," Paget says. "It couldn't be further from the truth."

The inside of the vagina is probably less sensitive than the outer parts for most women. Also, deep thrusting may not feel so nice on the receiving end. If the **** is too long, "it feels like you're getting punched in the stomach," Paget says. "It makes you feel nauseous."

Most guys know generally what a clitoris is and where to find it. That's not to say that they really understand it.

More than 30 years ago, at the start of the "sexual revolution," a best-selling book called the Joy of Sex got Americans hip to the orgasmic importance of the clitoris. But the belief that women must be able to orgasm from vaginal penetration stubbornly persists.

"I still get letters from people who say things like, my wife can't [orgasm] from intercourse unless she has clitoral stimulation -- please help," Taormino says. "I want to write back and say, 'OK, what's the problem?'"

"For the majority of women, it's not going to happen that way," Paget says.

Men also lack information about how to touch it and how sensitive it is, Taormino says.

A touch that's bliss for one woman may feel like nothing special, or may even be painful for someone else. Some prefer indirect stimulation.

How can you find out how she likes to be touched? Try asking her.

Sex Mistake No. 5: Wet = Turned On
Guys sometimes get hung up if a woman doesn't get slippery enough for easy penetration. Don't worry about it.

"I think there's a myth that if you're turned on, you're wet," Taormino says. Not necessarily.

Some women tend to get wetter than others, and how much natural lubrication a woman has can change from day to day. It varies by the phase of her menstrual cycle, and it's subject to influences like stress and medications.

Sex Mistake No. 6: Silence Is Golden
A lot of guys think they should be silent during sex, but unless you speak up, your partner has to guess what's doing it for you and what isn't.

If you're respectful about it, a woman who wants to please you will probably appreciate some directions.

"I'm not saying push her head in your lap," Taormino says. "I think that, 'this is how I like it,' is a very useful conversation to have."

Does Size Matter(Web-MD)

Fact and Fiction

What’s the average **** size? How fast is premature ejaculation? Exactly where is the G-spot? Grab a ruler and a stopwatch as the experts sort sex myths from the facts.
By Rob Baedeker

WebMD FeatureReviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MDIf there were a roll call for the founding fathers of sex myths for men, a couple of no-brainers would surely make the list: porn legend John Holmes, whose yule-log-size **** still casts a shadow over anxiety-prone males. Ditto NBA-great Wilt Chamberlain, whose claim of having slept with 20,000 women makes Don Juan look monastic.

And then there's purveyor-of-sex-myths Walt Disney.

"I think Walt Disney creates a lot of mythology," says Seth Prosterman, PhD, a clinical sexologist and licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in San Francisco. "In Disney movies, people fall in love and walk into the sunset, and you get this myth that intimacy is a given once you fall in love, and sexuality is natural and follows that."

In reality, says Prosterman, "Sex is something that we learn throughout a lifetime."

If sexuality is a continuing education, a lot of us are scrambling to make up course credits. And in a realm that's clouded by ego, myth and advertising that preys on anxieties, getting the facts about sex can be difficult. What is the average size of the male ****? How long do most men last during intercourse? Can men have multiple orgasms? Does the G-spot exist, and if so, how do I find it?

(Need to talk to the guys about something? Check out the Men's Health: Man-to-Man message board for straight talk.)

**** Size: The Hard Facts

"Drastically enlarge the **** length and width to sizes previously thought impossible!" reads a website for the **** Enlargement Patch. (One envisions a lab-coated mad scientist pouring chemicals on his own ****, then shouting "Eureka!" and phoning the Guinness Book.) Almost anyone with an email account has been deluged by spam for such miracle-growth patches and pills, and the endurance of sex myths may explain the pervasiveness of such ads.

"We equate masculinity and power with **** size," says Ira Sharlip, MD, clinical professor of urology at the University of California at San Francisco and president of the International Society for Sexual Medicine. "Of course, there's really no relationship." Still, Sharlip says, "all" of his patients want to increase their **** size.

The idea that bigger is better is "not just total mythology," says Seth Prosterman, who has counseled couples since 1984 and notes that some of the women he's worked with do prefer a bigger **** -- aesthetically or "fit-wise." But, he adds, "For the vast majority of partners, **** size doesn't matter."

So what, exactly, constitutes a big ****? Let's whip out some data:

The average **** size is between five and six inches. That's for an erect ****.
The flaccid male organ averages around three and a half inches.
If you had an anxiety hiccup before you read the "erect" qualifier, consider it a metaphor for the danger of jumping to conclusions about **** size -- or about the primacy of the **** altogether.

"The idea that the **** is the most important part of your body underlies so many of men's sexual problems," says Cory Silverberg, a sexual health educator and founding member of Come As You Are, an education-based sex store in Toronto. "One of the biggest sex myths for men is the notion that we are our penises, and that's all that counts in terms of sex."

"It's a myth that using the **** is the main way to pleasure a woman," says Ian Kerner, PhD, a sex and relationships counselor in New York City whose book She Comes First offers a guide to "female orgasms and producing them through inspired oral techniques." In his book, Kerner cites a study that reports women reaching orgasm about 25% of the time with intercourse, compared with 81% of the time during oral sex.

OK, OK, Size Isn't Important. But How Can I Increase My **** Size?

Despite the facts, the din of ****-enlargement marketing only seems to grow louder. ("Realize total and absolute power and domination in bed with your partner, with your new-found **** size and sexual performance" screams the ad for the **** Enlargement Patch.) Men keep chasing after the mythical, mammoth-sized member.

Silverberg says male clients at his store, and in his counseling work, constantly ask him about **** pumps, whose powers of elongation, he says, are a "myth," although he adds that some men who've used them report satisfaction, a phenomenon he explains this way: "I think spending more time paying attention to our genitals will probably increase our sexual health."

Just the Facts on the G-Spot
If sex myths have such power over men's thinking about their own anatomy, they have even more sway when it comes to female partners' bodies -- especially the much-debated G-spot.

Named after a German doctor, Ernst Gräfenberg, who first wrote about an erogenous zone in the anterior vaginal wall, the G-spot was popularized by a 1982 book called ... The G-spot. This region behind the pubic bone is often credited as the trigger for a vaginal (vs. clitoral) orgasm, and even a catalyst for female ejaculation.

At the same time, the G-spot is commonly derided as perpetuating the myth ensconced by Sigmund Freud -- namely, that the clitoral orgasm is a "lesser" form of climax than the vaginal orgasm, which requires penile penetration. As Ian Kerner summarizes, "In Freud's view, there were no two ways about it: If a woman couldn't be satisfied by penetrative sex, something must be wrong with her."

The G-spot's existence is still debated, and whether it's fact or fiction depends on whom you ask.
"The G-spot exists," says Seth Prosterman. "It's a source of powerful orgasm for a percentage of women."

"I don't think the G-spot exists," says Ira Sharlip. "As urologists, we operate in that area [where the G-spot should be] and there just isn't anything there -- there's no anatomical structure that's there."

Prosterman and others point out the importance of thinking of the G-spot in context -- that it may be an extension of the clitoral anatomy, which extends back into the vaginal canal. Kerner writes that the G-spot may be "nothing more than the roots of the clitoris crisscrossing the urethral sponge."

Helen O'Connell, MD, head of the neurourology and continence unit at the Royal Melbourne Hospital Department of Urology in Australia, says, "The G-spot has a lot in common with Freud's idea of vaginal orgasms. It is a sexual concept, this time anatomical, that results in confusion and has resulted in the misconception that female sexuality is extremely complex."

In the end, whether this debated locus of pleasure is fact or fiction may not matter that much. O'Connell, who is also co-author of a 2005 Journal of Urology study on the anatomy of the clitoris, says that focusing on the G-spot to the exclusion of the rest of a woman's body is "a bit like stimulating a guy's testicles without touching the **** and expecting an orgasm to occur just because love is present." She says focusing on the inside of the vagina to the exclusion of the clitoris is "unlikely to bring about orgasm. It is best to think of the clitoris, urethra, and vagina as one unit because they are intimately related."

How Long, Part 2: How Premature Is Premature Ejaculation?

The possibilities for exploring a woman's erogenous zones may be tremendously exciting -- which leads to another source of sex myth and male anxiety: How long can I last? And how long should I be able to last?

Premature ejaculation is "the most common form of sexual dysfunction in younger men" according to Ira Sharlip, and its prevalence is around 20% to 30% in men of all ages.

The medical method of determining premature ejaculation is called "intravaginal ejaculatory latency time" (IELT), a stopwatch-timed duration measured from the beginning of vaginal penetration until ejaculation occurs. However, Sharlip adds, this quantitative measure doesn't tell the whole story: "There are men who ejaculate within a minute but say that they don't have premature ejaculation. And then on other end of spectrum, there are patients who are able to last for 20 minutes, and they say they do have premature ejaculation."

In other words, the definition of "premature" may be largely in the eye (or mind) of the beholder, and depends on a man's sexual satisfaction and his perception of his ability to control when ejaculation occurs.
If you just can't wait for the numbers, though, a 2005 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found "a median IELT of 5.4 minutes."

Ian Kerner says a common cutoff time used to define premature ejaculation is two minutes, but he adds that many of the men he works with "are not guys who can last a few minutes; they're having orgasms during foreplay, or immediately upon penetrating. They have a hard time lasting past 30 seconds."

But a quick trigger is normal, says Kerner. "Men were wired to ejaculate quickly -- and stressful situations make them ejaculate even more quickly. It's been important to the human race. If guys took an hour to ejaculate, we'd be a much smaller planet."

Sex therapists and physicians offer a number of techniques that can help men manage their anxiety and prolong their time to ejaculation. Several drugs -- like some antidepressants (used for off-label treatment) and topical sprays -- have been shown to extend time to ejaculation.

And, contrary to the common perception that distraction or decreasing stimulation is the answer (slow down, think about baseball), some say that giving in to sensation can help address the issue as well. "The way to learn [to last longer] is by getting used to intense stimulation," says Prosterman, "to increase the frequency of intercourse, and feel every sensation of being inside your partner and enjoy it."

Come Again? The Mythical Multiple Orgasm for Men
While multiple male orgasm is possible anywhere two or more men are gathered and talking, actual male multiple orgasm is another story. Unlike the more established phenomenon of female multiple orgasm, men's claims of successive climaxes can stray into the realm of sex myth. At the very least, male multiple orgasm is difficult to verify and may depend on the definition of orgasm.

Prosterman says that the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man popularized "an Eastern meditative process that involves wrapping the PC [pubococcygeus] muscle around the prostate. There's a valve on the prostate that switches on and off before urination and ejaculation. The PC muscle stops this valve from opening, allowing an orgasm without ejaculation. The idea is to keep doing that five or six times in a row.

"Out of hundreds of guys I know who've tried this," says Prosterman, "I know only one who's been able to do it."

Is this man Mr. Lucky, or just prone to poetic license?

A 1989 study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior recorded the testimony of 21 other men who claimed to be multi-orgasmic, but Ira Sharlip says "that doesn't happen," referring to the phenomenon of "multiple orgasms in succession over a short period of time -- like minutes." And there's no such thing as separating ejaculation and orgasm, he says.
Orgasm or Orgasm-esque?

What may be at issue here is the definition of orgasm -- which, according to a 2001 Clinical Psychology Review article, has been strikingly inconsistent. "Many definitions of orgasm "depict orgasm quantitatively as a 'peak' state that may not differentiate orgasm adequately from a high state of sexual arousal," the study's authors wrote.

In other words, those men who report multiple orgasms may be able to achieve orgasm-esque states before they hit the point of ejaculatory no-return. And many men report that strengthening the PC muscles through Kegel exercises allows them to edge closer to this "point of inevitability" without cresting the mountaintop of ejaculation and descending into the gentle valley of the flaccid and the "refractory" period, where the **** is temporarily unresponsive to sexual stimulation.

Even so, both Prosterman and Sharlip say this refractory period can be short enough that it's possible for men to orgasm, ejaculate, recover and do it again -- and again -- during the same "session" of sex.

And if that recovery period isn't super quick, you can still enjoy multiple orgasms -- you may just need to cancel your afternoon appointments.

Sex Fact: It's Not Always about the Numbers

In the end, there seems to be a recurring theme in moving beyond sex myths: Don't get too hung up on the numbers.

So often the key to sexual satisfaction is not about **** size, stamina records, or a technical isolation of the G-spot. Rather, it's about understanding yourself and your partner's desires and recognizing that, unlike those Disney characters, real people aren't born with a perfect, divinely granted understanding of sex.

As O'Connell remarks on the perils of over-privileging of the G-spot, "It is best for partners to explore the precise areas that turn someone on and how a partner likes to be given pleasure. That applies to both men and women, and the idea that there is any consistent 'magic spot' in either sex is just tyrannical."


Sex has always been an issue of dichotomy. An integral part of our lives and essential for the continuation of the species, it is far more than just a technical necessity. While social structures in India are quite strict on this, the study of sex - from both its physical and psychological perspectives - has been practiced here from ancient times. Unlike in the west, where this is a fairly recent phenomenon and they are yet to find the proper line of distinction between sex in general and pornography in particular.

On the other hand Maharishi Vatsayan's Kamasutra is yet unparalleled as the most comprehensive documentation ever on the practice of sex. Unfortunately, its classic treatment of the act and the art has often been misrepresented. The ancient Ayurvedic text of Charaka Samhita provided complete sexual solutions over 3000 years ago And the time-frozen, stone-carved, erotic sculptures in the temples at Khajuraho and Konarak leave millions of visitors utterly awe-struck by their sheer beauty, elegance and variety. An undying testimony to how intrinsic sex was to the daily lives of people in ancient India.

The importance of sex in our lives has remained quite unchanged. The crucial points to be kept in mind in relation to the same being :

Sex is an integral part of our daily habits (Dinacharya).

Night and after two hours of dinner is the ideal time for intimacy, as it is kapha time.

An absolutely satisfying sexual union, when developed over time, bestows you and your partner with health and vitality.

For best results, each of the partners should be physically, emotionally and spiritually involved with the other.

Touch, smell, food, music and ambience play a vital role in developing, increasing and prolonging intimacy.

Perverted or unsatisfying sex has adverse effects on your mental and physical health, as it aggravates your vital energies (doshas) and reduces immunity. An aggravated vata will make you more emotionally vulnerable
and fear-prone, increased pitta will move you to anger and even frustration and enhanced kapha will make you more possessive.

The frequency of sex depends on your constitution and seasons - kapha types indulge in sex more frequently than your vata & pitta types thanks to the extra stamina they possess.

Vata types might find satisfaction in changing partners. While the difficult-to-quench-their-desires pitta types are usually in quest for more intensity.

For more and better sex therefore, one can practice Vajikaran therapy (virlification) - that part of Ayurveda which enhances male fertility and potency. However, any misuse of the same may open up a deluge of emotional and psychological complications. Use of similar medication (aphrodisiac supplements) instantly induces sexual pleasure and excitement, increases sexual stamina and promotes fertile seminal secretions.

For each of the most common types of problems that can occur the remedies have been listed below:

The most common problem of sexual dissatisfaction is premature ejaculation in males. Because it cut shorts the duration of intimacy and the couple cannot achieve full orgasm.

Herbal Remedy :

a) Vigor-100 Stamina - one capsule twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk/fruit juice/water.
b) Vita-Ex Gold plus - one capsule twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk or fruits juice.
c) Sri Gopal Taila - for gentle massage on male organ before half an hour of intimacy.

In most cases the root cause for this is very psychological. However, it is imperative to first check on all the pathological / physical causes. After treating them, the patients' self-confidence needs to be restored too.

Herbal Remedy :

a) Shilajeet - one tablet twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk / fruit juice or water.
b) Vita-ex Gold Plus - one capsule twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk or fruits juice.
c) Vita-ex massage oil - for gentle massage on male organ before half an hour of intimacy.
The hectic pace of ultra modern lifestyle causes severe tension and excessive fatigue within individuals. This is usually the prime cause for lack of libido and unsatisfactory sexual performance.

Herbal Remedy :

a) Vita Ex Gold plus - one capsule twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk or fruit juice.
b) Shilajeet - one tablet twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk / fruit juice or water.
c) Sri Gopal Taila - for gentle massage on male organ before half an hour of intimacy.

Male infertility is often due to the sperm count falling below the fertility level. A large number of sperms are not motile, viable or exhibit morphological abnormalities.

Herbal Remedy :

a) Shilajeet - one tablet twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk / fruit juice or water .
b) Dhatupaustic Churna - one t.s.f. twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk.
c) Ashwagandharishta - four spoonful twice daily with water after meal.

It is an involuntary discharge of semen without undergoing orgasm. A distressing symptom in many patients, it leads to psychosomatic complaints as lack of concentration, headaches, excessive sweating, giddiness etc. Usually happens during sleep.

Herbal Remedy :

a) Mehamudgar Bati - one tab twice daily after lunch and after dinner
b) Swapnadoshhari Bati - two pills two to three times daily after lunch and after dinner with water.
c) Chandraprabha Bati - two tablets twice daily after lunch and after dinner with water.

With the hectic lifestyles of this age and advancing years, the male desire for sexual intercourse tends to taper off early and sexual intimacy tends to become unsatisfactory.

Herbal Remedy :

a) Vita Ex Gold plus - one capsule twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk or water.
b) Stress Guard - one capsule twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk / water.
c) Sri Gopal Taila - massage gently on male genital organ.
d) Musli Pak - 1 spoonful twice daily after lunch and after dinner

Mainly psychogenic in origin, it is directly related to anxiety regarding sexual performance.

Herbal Remedy :

a) Vigor-100 stamina - one Capsule twice daily with milk / fruit juice or water.
b) Dhatupaustik Churna - one spoonful twice daily after lunch and after dinner with milk.
c) Sri Gopal Taila - for massage on male genital organ.

In the west there was some initial therapeutic enthusiasm over use of testosterone in impotence. But it did not stand the test of time. According to an article in The British Medical Journal testosterone is quite ineffective when impotence is the sole symptom and testosterone levels per se are largely irrelevant. Its rise in blood level is secondary to sexual arousal. The reduction in the plasma testosterone level, which may be found in chronically impotent men, probably reflects sexual apathy rather than causes it. This is in accord with the generally disappointing results using androgen replacement. And the high incidence of impotence in old age is not hormonal in origin.

For Hyderabadis

Pakistani Blogs Talk freely
We live in 21 Centurary.
you Hyderabadis are stone Age Jahil Peopels.
You can't discuss Sex.
Now a days Sex Education is Compoulsory all over the world
Including your India.

Look we discuss the sex related probelms with a Civilized way. Not like you Jahils.

From Pakistani Forum (Noor Clinic)

Sex With Boyfriend: I Need Birth Control Pill

please app sab loogon ki bohat meharbani hogi .. today i did sex with my bf.. em not sure k meray ander drops gaye hain ya nahi.. plz mujhey koi medicine bata do !!! mai bohat pareshan aagai hun... plz koi mujhey sirf pills ka name bata day.. i'll buy that pill...

s4u Group: Members Joined: 13th Aug, 2008 Topic: 62 Post: 5988 Age:
Posted on:6th Nov 2008, 6:16am

Amber bi bi
aap ne esa kia hi kiu?

aur yahan per medicines etc k nam btana allowed nahi hai...

khan_80 Group: Experts Joined: 09th Mar, 2007 Topic: 8 Post: 2741 Age: 29
Posted on:6th Nov 2008, 11:09pm

medicine prescription
It is not allowed on this forum to prescribe any medicine.
My Reply Group: Experts Joined: 25th May, 2007 Topic: 6 Post: 2107 Age: 32
Posted on:6th Nov 2008, 1:50pm

re: birth control pill
agar mubasrat ki gayee hai tu sirf aik drop semen se bhi pregnancy ho sakti hai, aap ka yeh samajhna keh aik drop bhi andar nahi gia ho ga bilkul ghalat hai. kio keh **** mai sakhti aani ke baad drops (mazi) nikalna shuru ho jaata hai, jo lubrication ka bhi kaam kerta hai. iss drops mai bhi sperm mojood hote hai jo pregnancy ker sakte hai.

generally drops (mazi) se pregnancy nahi hoti, lekin rare cases mai ho bhi jaati hai. lehaza aap ko mashwarah hai keh aap menses date ka intezar kare, agar menses nahi hota tu phir pregnancy test karai. agar pregnancy test negative hai tu pareshan hone ki zaroorat nahi, lekin agar pregnancy test positive hai tu os ka matlab hai keh pregnancy ho gayee.

agar aap pregnancy terminate karana chahti hai tu kisi family planning clinic se consult kare. ham log yaha per patient ko dekhe beghair koi medicine prescribe nahi kerte.

zeb Group: Members Joined: 18th Aug, 2007 Topic: 120 Post: 14952 Age: 28
Posted on:6th Nov 2008, 1:52pm

ji yahan per koi bi medicine name nahi bata sktey

ye to ap ko pehle sochna chahiey tha...anyways behter hai k ap us larkay se kahyen k apne ghar walon ko keh k rishta bhejey aur ap dono foren shadi ker leyn

saahilbhai Group: Members Joined: 31st Oct, 2007 Topic: 20 Post: 1048 Age: 24
Posted on:6th Nov 2008, 4:05pm

Assalam alikum

yaar ajkal hamare mashre mein yeh kya ho raha hai kidhar ja rahe hain hum sab aur ajj kal ki larkyan kyo aise ho gaye hain kitni asani se app ne keh diya k today i did sex with my bf.. app ne aik baar bhi nahi socha k iss k baad ka kya anjaam hoga apni izzat ka thora khayal karen kyo k ab kya guarante hai k woh larka app se shadi karega Zeb bhai ne bilkul theek kaha hai k jald az jald us larke ko bolein k woh apne maa baap ko app k ghar bheje aur jitni jaldi ho sake shadi kar lein warna app khud soch sakti hain k aage ka anjaam kya hone wala hai plz meri baaton ka bura mat manna magar thande dimaag se sochein k app ne yeh kya kara hai Allah Tala hum sab per rehem farmaye Aameen

System Group: Members Joined: 04th Jun, 2008 Topic: 39 Post: 1973 Age: 28
Posted on:6th Nov 2008, 10:44pm

Dear Amber
I am shocked ... you are only 19 years .. App ko aisa hargiz naheen karna chahe tha.. Birth control pill to app ko Gyno Doctor hi likh kar de sakte hai.. Abb to birth control pill bhe kuch naheen karsakte kyonke wo sex se pehle khani hoti hai....

My reply is a Doctor ... unho ne app ko bilkul sahe mashwra dia hai.. Ab mess up hogia hai to himat to karni hi hogi sab theek karne ke lea .. PLease dont do this again.. allah se toba karo aur Dil se allah se dar ke 2 nafal parho aur dobara aisa karne ki mat socho aur phir dekho tumhare madad kese hoti hai. Inshallah..

I am agreed to My reply and Zeb

Allah Tala hum sab per rehem farmaye Aameen

AMBERMalik Group: Members Joined: 06th Nov, 2008 Topic: 1 Post: 4 Age: 20
Posted on:6th Nov 2008, 10:53pm

HUm khud nahi chahtay thay..
But seriously hamay apney app per bilkul bhi control nahi raha... or yeah meri zindagi ki sab sey bari ghalti ti.. woh larka bhi aisa nahi hai ... or na hi mai.. hun dono ki yeah sab sey bari ghalti hoi hai... woh larka bhi bohat pareshan hai ... Hm dono shadi kerna chahtay hain.. but abhi os larkay per restrictions hain or mujhey per bhi ....
Chipkali Group: Members Joined: 30th Oct, 2008 Topic: 1 Post: 12 Age: 71
Posted on:7th Nov 2008, 3:20am

beta ambar
tumne itna ghalat kam kyun kiya? mai to kursi se hi girr gai tumhari masla parh ke.kia hota ja raha hai ajkal ki nasal ko?

beta,apni galti pe sharminada hone ki bijae tum adresse mang rahi ho?beta.ab allah se tobah karo.us se mafi mango wohi apko mushkil se nikalega.dua karo beta ke tum pet se na hui ho.warna bada wada masla ho jayega.

tum dawai kis lie puch rahi ho? kahi tum dawai lekar apne boy firend se age milna to nai chahti?beta ek bat yad rako

upar wala sab dekh raha hota haye agar tumhare dil me chor hai to wo use malum haye.tum tobah karlo tum har mushkil se bachaega upar wala

zeb Group: Members Joined: 18th Aug, 2007 Topic: 120 Post: 14952 Age: 28
Posted on:7th Nov 2008, 12:31pm

pareshan honey se behter hai k usey kahyen k apne ghar walon se bat kerye aur rishta bhejey ap k ghar

aur ap dono jaldi se shadi ker lo

jitni jaldi ho sakey

takey ye bat open na ho wrna bht badnami hogi

AMBERMalik Group: Members Joined: 06th Nov, 2008 Topic: 1 Post: 4 Age: 20
Posted on:8th Nov 2008, 3:04am

mai bohat ziyada Sherminda hoon..
or na mai os sey dobara milna chahti hoon... mujhey apney kiya per bohat afsoos hai ..... mujhsey bohat bura hoa hai or mai kisi ko mu dikhanay k laiq bhi nahi rhai .... mai her waqt tauba hi ker rahi hoon... mai is maslay ka haal dhondna chah rahi hoon..... plz mujhey kuch aisa bataiyen .. mainey appko apna samjh ker is prob sey nikalnay ka rasta manga hai.. plz meri koi help kerdo.. plzzzzzz... ager koi kuch help nahi kersakta tau plz app hi loog meray liye Dua kerdain.. k mujhey Buray waqt sey bachaye Allaha.. or jo mai soch rhai hoon aisa kuch na hoo... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. !!! I beg you !!! plzzzzzzzzzz
goodman Group: Members Joined: 11th Oct, 2007 Topic: 62 Post: 5981 Age: 28
Posted on:8th Nov 2008, 9:21am

amber app preshan na hoo ........ham app kay liyay dua goo ha........aur app online ha ha.........
zeb Group: Members Joined: 18th Aug, 2007 Topic: 120 Post: 14952 Age: 28
Posted on:8th Nov 2008, 12:25pm

dotn worry

meri dua hai k wo ap ki bat man ajye aur us k ghar us ki bat maan jayen aur ap ka jaldi se us k stah rishta tai ker k foren shadi ker deyn....aameennnnn

asdfjk Group: Members Joined: 31st Oct, 2008 Topic: 8 Post: 54 Age: 24
Posted on:9th Nov 2008, 10:19pm

amber je islam ma larka aur larki ka akale ma aik sath hona mana ha q ka jab aik mard aur aik aurat hoti ha to teesra on k sath shetan hota ha.

lihaza aap islam ko bi study kiya kare.

sharmily Group: Members Joined: 09th Nov, 2008 Topic: 5 Post: 368 Age: 21
Posted on:9th Nov 2008, 11:17pm

shadi karlo

honey shado karlo yahi ek rasta hai app ki pass

God Bless u

rajmallik Group: Members Joined: 04th Jun, 2008 Topic: 28 Post: 867 Age: 23
Posted on:9th Nov 2008, 11:26pm

ap ko pill batata hoon Sharmalo Ji kahoo bohat faida hoga jo hamari society main kam ho gaye hai n u shd b v car ful in future Allah kara pregnency ya kuch aur bura mazeed na ho Good luck
sharmily Group: Members Joined: 09th Nov, 2008 Topic: 5 Post: 368 Age: 21
Posted on:9th Nov 2008, 11:36pm

this is not fun, rajmallik
look dear this is not fun give her a decent advice instead of makeing fun

soory if my words hurt u

God Bless u

rajmallik Group: Members Joined: 04th Jun, 2008 Topic: 28 Post: 867 Age: 23
Posted on:10th Nov 2008, 11:38pm

wt u did wid ur bf is that fun what do u think miss amber?
n u r also blamin ur bf on dis rly i cant understand girls

System Group: Members Joined: 04th Jun, 2008 Topic: 39 Post: 1973 Age: 28
Posted on:11th Nov 2008, 2:15am

pregnant womens bhut carefull hoti hain apne baby ko save karne ke lea aur garam chezen naheen khati.. Tum iska ulat karo .. uchlo kodo, running karo, serian charho, Ghar ke sare kaam karo jesa ke jharo dena.. uthna bethna, khel kod, bhag dor, Exercise karo.. But you can still be pregnant.. without medicane these are least efferts you can do.. you can also search in google Pregnancy precautions aur app un ka ulat karo jitna mumkin hosake and make sense..

Women members chalo bas karo aur help karo do is larki ke koi gharelo totke bata ker..

Seemi Group: Members Joined: 11th Sep, 2007 Topic: 29 Post: 4904 Age: 23
Posted on:11th Nov 2008, 6:30am

System bhai
aap ki advice qabil e ghour hai or yeh aik acha tareeqa ho sakta hai miss-carraige ka lekin is mein future complexities k chances bhi ho saktay hien khas tour per banjh pan ka hona. Meray khayal mein to Amber ko personally kisi lady doctor se milna chahiye. Toba to aap kar hi rahi hien. ALLAH maaf karnay wala hai.

Not bleeding in first night(From Pakistani Blog)

not bleeding in first night

mere fr k sath ye problem hay k is ki shadi ko do mehinay hue hen wo apni bv ko talak dena chahte hen.kion k pehley rat bleeding na hui.in ka kehna hay k is ka **** 15 days k bad vaginia men dakhil ho saka tha per bleeding na hui.bv ne qasam kha ker bataya k wo kunvari hay.magr my fr ka kehna hay k in ka ak boy friend tha jo omer men 18 sal ka tha bv b 18 sal ki hay.mere dost ki age 27 sal hay.bv ney kabhi sports waghair men b hisaa nahi lia.phir kia vaja hay k bleeding na hui khuda behter jan ney wala hy. pl ap help kren men kis ko dosh doon.apney fr ko kaise motivate kron,kia wo thik kehta hay ya is ki bv

waseem08 Group: Members Joined: 28th Apr, 2009 Topic: 19 Post: 1200 Age: 27
Posted on:24th Oct 2009, 1:19am

abdulhai bhai salaam
apke dost ka gumaan ghalat hy ye ek jahilana soch hy or wo beshak khulla buhtaan lagaraha hy apni bv pr agr uss ka khena ye hi hy jesa k uss ne kaha hy to phr wo gawah b pesh kare bageir gawaah k ye bad gumaani sakht haraam hy apko mushwara hy k ap usse kisi aalime deen k pas lekr jayen k wo apne andaaz me usse samjayengee k wo nadani me kia krne jaraha hy or rahi baat apke swal ki to ap please usse ye link read karaye: Hymen of Women (Parda-e-Bakarat)
abdulhai Group: Members Joined: 07th Oct, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 7 Age: 37
Posted on:24th Oct 2009, 3:41am

thanx dear dr
dear sir

i posted a message today n got reply back urgent. i duscused this matter with 2male and a female dr too. but the answer i got today is hopfuly positive regarding this direction.al hamdu lilah now im able to motivate n represent him this answer as a document. thank u to help and a quick response. if i succed i will ack u too and u may pray 4 me so that we can better seve and save a couple of lives and oblige

H/dr_Qasim Group: Members Joined: 29th Nov, 2008 Topic: 104 Post: 1647 Age: 31
Posted on:24th Oct 2009, 9:15am

abdullaa bai
apny dost ko sumjayin jahaalaat ki batin ni kury shadi koi khayl tumasha ni hota

agree with waseem bai

abdulhai Group: Members Joined: 07th Oct, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 7 Age: 37
Posted on:24th Oct 2009, 11:22pm

dear aj sham jo bat hogi men ap ko pura detail bata doonga
TheRock Group: Members Joined: 25th Aug, 2008 Topic: 18 Post: 516 Age: 25
Posted on:24th Oct 2009, 2:58pm

H/dr_Qasim@@@@waseem08 100%

lkn let me add for both of you.......dont forget k yahan asi girls b sawaal karti hain bulkay zada tar hi sawaal karti hain k unhoo ne shaadi se pehle sex kiyaa ooaaa hota hai or wo poochti hain k kahin unke husband ko pata na chal jaayeeeee okay to bhaiiii yeh baat b mumkin hai ALLAH karyyy k inki wife kabi aisa koi kaam nahin kiyaa or ho sakhta hai kiya b hoo ALLAH knows better to aap donoo ko yeh bataadum k jaahilaaana baat nahin hai aap donoo ka kehna theik hai wjaa bleeding na hoone bht si ho sakhti hain mujhe b pata hai lkn SEX b waja ho sakhti yeh IMPOSSIBLE baat nahin hai okay.............to aap aik dum MARD kooo BLAM na kiyaa karooooo k wo jaahilaana baat arraha hai aaj kal girls kar leti hain sab kch shaadi se pehlee or is FORUM per ah ker bataati b hain or aap loog hi advice karte hoo unkooo reply karte hoooo samjhay.............. or jiss larki ki is bande se shaadi hoii hai wo koi aasmaan se nahin otari isi duniya k or unhii girls zaat me seeee................LET ME CLEAR 1 THING K is topic k sawaal karne waale ki bivi ko blame nahin karraha hon me aik fact bataarhaa hon k aap sochay samjay us husband ko JAAHIL karaar na dein agar us husband ko yeh nahin pata hai k wo larki PAAK hai to aapko b nahin pata hai k HUSBAND ghalat hi kehraha hai................ donoo 50 50 baat hain qk aap b na us larki se milay hoo na hi us husband see to aap HUSBAND ko b jaahil nahin keh sakhte hain


abdulhai Group: Members Joined: 07th Oct, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 7 Age: 37
Posted on:25th Oct 2009, 11:12pm

not bleeding in first night
dear dr.

yeh jo cheez keh rahe hen wo durist hay.

meri bat hui ap k jawab men ak positive point mila men ne apne fr ko motivate kia wo aal-me-din k pass ane k lie tayar hay.

ap ne gawah lane ki bat ki is ne mujhey phunswa dia .mere fr ne gawah pesh kerdia.men gawah se maloom kia inhoo ne kaha k men ghar k bahir raha is k bv ka boy fr 30 minutes minus plus ghar k under gaya wpusi per is ne kaha k wo kamyab raha. under jate hue wo deewar se gir gaya tha is ko chot b lagi thi. wo bat men kuch auar logoon se puchhi sub ne batay k chot wali bat 100% durist thi. jo gawah mila wo b 19 years ka hay.

ab men ne khud mere fr ki bv se bat ki k ap ka boy fr ap k pas rat ko aya tha. kia ap ko is k bare men koi ilm hay, to is ne totally refuse kerdia ye bt jhoot hay. men 3 bar kalame pak per apne husband ko yakin dila chuki hoon.men ne kaha k agr wo aaya tha ap ki ijazat k baghair to ya ap in se na mil sakeen per agley kuch dinoon men to is ne ap ko bataya hoga k wo aya tha.is ne inkar ker dia jub men ne aankhoon dekhe gawah ki baat ki. to is ne bat badul di k men ne maloom kia tha tha magr mere boy fr ne kaha k men nahi aaya tha( ab yahan bv jhoot bol rahi hay)

bv ne ye ikrar mere and mere fr k sath shuroo men hi ker dia tha k is ka boy fr zaroor tha per o is k bed tuk ka relation na tha

Azfar-K Group: Members Joined: 02nd Mar, 2009 Topic: 5 Post: 560 Age: 18
Posted on:25th Oct 2009, 11:58pm

The rock ne acha reply dia.Ab jab ap k friend ko sab clear hogya hai or gawah bhi milgaya hai to phir baqi ka decision unhi ka hosakta hai.

abdulhai Group: Members Joined: 07th Oct, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 7 Age: 37
Posted on:25th Oct 2009, 12:03pm

come to th point
dear hazrat

ab yar come to an end bv jhoot bol sakti hay is k ghar in k walden ki taruf se b koizaida restricted nahi tha i shall ome back again after some time will continue this all

TheRock Group: Members Joined: 25th Aug, 2008 Topic: 18 Post: 516 Age: 25
Posted on:25th Oct 2009, 2:03pm

bhaii jaan bivi bilcul jhoot bool sakhti hai zaahir hai koi b insan gunnah kark confess karta hai kiaaaaa har mumkin kasam khaa leta hai wooo aapki bivi thori chaaygii k wo haan karyy or aap talaaq daydooo ussay SOCH SAMJH kar decision lenaaaa har aspect ko dekhte hoeeeeee qk yeh tmhari LIFE ka maamlay hai ALLAH behtar karygaaaa
nobleprize Group: Members Joined: 25th Oct, 2009 Topic: 0 Post: 5 Age: 28
Posted on:25th Oct 2009, 2:34pm

Should consider this!
Assalam-o-Allikum WW!

i would sincerely wish k Allah ta'ala is couple meiN ittifaq ata farmaeN... aameen!

you should check this (for both roman and urdu script):
nobleprize Group: Members Joined: 25th Oct, 2009 Topic: 0 Post: 5 Age: 28
Posted on:25th Oct 2009, 4:17pm

Are my replies alright?
i cant see my complete replies... agar meray pooray replies nhaiN haiN, tu plz batayea... -- , i want to send few links... thoRi research ki hay... yahaN post kesay kar sakta hooN?
nobleprize Group: Members Joined: 25th Oct, 2009 Topic: 0 Post: 5 Age: 28
Posted on:25th Oct 2009, 4:25pm

Should consider this! - another try! :s
Assalam-o-Allikum WW!

i would sincerely wish k Allah ta'ala is couple meiN ittifaq ata farmaeN... aameen!

you should check this (for both roman and urdu script):


is book meiN clearly likha hoa hay k

"Hamarey yahan hymen ka silsila mein bhi ghalat malomat ki bharmar hai aur esko virginity ka sign samjha jata hai. Yeh vagina ka hole mein zara ander ki taraf mojood hota hai. Magar yeh mukamal tor per vagina ko band nahi karta. Iss mein 1 to 2 holes hotain hain taqai mahwaari (menses) ka khoon nikal sakai. Yeh usually moon shaped hota hai laikin yeh size, shakal aur thickness ka lehaz sey mukhtalif aurton ka mukhtalif hota hai. Aksar aurton ka yeh hymen narm-o-nazuk hota hai aur first mubashrat (Intercourse) mein asani sey rupture hojata hai. Jissai mamoli takleef hoti hai aur kuch khoon bhi nikalta hai. Baaz aurton ka hymen sakht gosht ka bana hota hai jo mubashrat (Intercourse) mein rukawat aur takleef ka sabab banta hai. Aisi surat mein minor operation ki zarorat hoti hai. Baaz khawateen ka yeh hymen bohut hi elastic hota hai jo ka mubashrat (Intercourse) sey rupture nahi hota kyun ka yeh ander ko push kara ja sakta hai. Aisi surat mein aurat pragnent hojati hai aur baaz suraton mein to child birth bhi hojati hai phir bhi yeh rupture nahi hota. Prostitute es surat-e-hal sey khub faida uthatin hain aur bar bar nath khulwai wasool Karti hain.

Hymen ka hona yeh na hona kisi bhi aurat ka virgin hona ka suboot nahi. Bohut si larkion ka hymen kisi accident yeh uchal khud ki wajha sey rupture hojata hai. Baaz ka mushtzani (masturbation) ki wajha sey rupture hojata hai. Essi tarhan mahwaari (menses) ka doran pads waghaira ka use yeh safai sey bhi phat sakta hai. Baaz khawateen ka paidaishi tor per mojood hi nahi hota aur kuch khawateen ka hymen khoon ka ekhraj aur takleef ka baghair hi phat jata hai.

Baaz mahireen ka khayal hai ka zyada tar khawateen ka hymen paedaesh ka baad fitri tor per ahista ahista ghayab hona shuru hojata hai. "

aur is ki aik misaal bhi meray saamnay hay... meri wife ki aik bachpan ki saheli hay.... wo Khud bhi aalima hay, aur us k husband bhi aalima haiN... bhai bhi mashaAllah hafiz-e-quraan haiN... un k ghar meiN saKht parday ka riwaaj hay.... aik nahiN, hazarooN loog pooray Khandan ki paakbaazi aur sharafat ki gawahi day saktay haiN... lekin us laRki ko pahli mubashrat (intercourse) per bleeding nahiN hoi... lekin wo hamila bhi hoi... aur Alhamdulillah guzashta maah Allah nay beTa bhi ata kea... doctor nay bataya tha k ye preshani wali baat nahiN, magar jin ka hymen rupture nahiN hota, unhaiN bachay ki pedaesh k waqt takleef kafi hoti hay... aur mujhay us k husband k alfaaz yaad aatay haiN k "wo buhut takleef meiN hay, us k liea dua kijyea..."

agar mazeed logooN ki raye bhi janna chahtay haiN tu isi forum per deegar links bhi check kijyea.... maslan ye


is k ilawa internet per bhi research kijyea... i did a bit for you...


there are dozens of links you can check and read....

lihaza meri un bhai say darKhwast hay k Khoob ThanDay dil-o-dimaaGh say soochea... aur is baat ka kabhi bhi apni beevi ko ta'na mat dijyea... baaz ooqat hamari chooTi si Ghalati, saari umr ka pachtawa bann jati hay... agar us laRki k saath zyadti ho gai, tu us ki zindagi aur us k khaandan ki zindagi tu barbaad hoi hi hoi, unhaiN Khud bhi buhut sharmindagi aur pachtawa hoga... beewiaN bhi Allah ki bandiaN haiN... agar Allah ta'ala say apnay liea raham aur darguzar ka maamla chahtay haiN tu apni beevioN k saath bhi raham aur umdah salook ka maamla farmaeN... inshaAllah aaKharat meiN bhi apna maqaam bana laiN gay...

Allah ta'ala hamaiN apni beevioN k saath bahtareen ikhlaaq say pesh aanay wala aur un k saath sab say zyada shafeeq aur muhabbat karnay wala bana daiN... aameen!

beshak Allah sab say behter jaannay walay aur har cheez say waqif haiN...


Moderator Note:Sharing/Advertising of websites is not allowed.

abdulhai Group: Members Joined: 07th Oct, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 7 Age: 37
Posted on:26th Oct 2009, 1:28pm

pl come to n end and b practical
dear hazrat aap sub ka bahut shukria to pay me attention and ur pres time indeed.

b bhar men jae decision and decision maker . lets go to point all.

kuch bv jhoot bol rahi hay to kuchh positive b hay magr halat worse honn to kia samjhaya ja sakta hy

meri ap dr hazrat se ak meek and hor req hay kpl pay me yur time no more than 10 mints only, lets consedre that week men ak sunday and ak mahine kae four weeks hum sub ka time bahut hi qimati time hay per hum ne apne kam k lie rest k lie her kisi kam k lie time ko distribute kia huuaa hay. ab aap saheban se intehai aajzana req hay k aap humen 10 mint ka time by fon den agr na ho sake to men apna ak pura din ap k pass aaker kci men baat ker sakta hoon mere sath mera dost b hoga k jis k l;ie men apna pura suday haram ker dia men cell numb de raha hoo 03332800683 mailing add b de raha hoon ap pl forgodsake mujhe positiv response kren im looking ffarward to you with hopfuly aptimism E Mail --

men to soch raha hoon k agr bv waqai jhooti hay to iqrare ghalaty ker k husb se muaafi k sathsory ker ley men apne fr ko motivate ker raha hoon k wo b sorry accept kerle magr whos rit and wos rongy ye to khuda best janta hey bues aap mere sath kuch mazid taawun kren Allah ne chaha to sub thik ho jae ga

abdulhai Group: Members Joined: 07th Oct, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 7 Age: 37
Posted on:26th Oct 2009, 1:35pm

pl aap ka thx bus final request
drs are mandatory (others are optionel) i want practical asst now i mean by fne r by face im willing to call you r also by face in kci

pl kindly pay me ur kind attention with ur presoius time looking towards you abdulhai 03332800683 --

Comments on Article(Pakistani Readers)

When you said in your article that 99% muslims and pakistani girls would want the light to be dim or no light?So are you saying that they demand this on the first night of marriage or every time you counter sex with her?Please advice?

love 4 all Group: Members Joined: 09th Dec, 2008 Topic: 2 Post: 64 Age: 22
Posted on:5th Feb 2009, 12:59am

@ above
i dont agree with it that of no light situation only 5 % of them may be claim to do it but not the rest ones coz if it was true then there was no need to be marriage
n i it was better than marriage every 1 can do it with gf n prostituets
zara1985 Group: Members Joined: 04th Feb, 2009 Topic: 2 Post: 26 Age: 24
Posted on:5th Feb 2009, 1:59pm

Suhag Raat For Dulhan(From Pakistani Blog)

Suhag Raat For Dulhan
Suhagrat for Dulhan

Slaam meri pyari behnon aap bhi kali zubaan ke article ka intazar kar kar ke ukta gayi hongi main jaanti hoon isi liye maine hi waqt nikal ker suhagraat for dulhan likhne ka irada kiya hai lekin ye sab aap ke response pe depend kerta hai agar aap ko article pasand aya to age likhon gi filhaal to shota sa introduction peshe hidmat hai.


Suhaag Raat ka intazar har Pakistani aurat ko rehta hai jo jawani main kadam rakhti hai to khabon main kho jati hai har aurat ye chhahti hai ke koi aisa shakhs ho jis se wo apne dil ki her baat keh sake apne jazbaat ka izhaar ker sake is ke sath sath jinsi tor per bhi lutf andoz ho sake lekin badkismati se humare muashre main aurat ko jinsi tarbiyat nahi di jaati jis wajeh se

akser aurat ke dilo dimagh main tara tarah ke sawal aur ghalat famiyah janam leti hain humare haan aurat apne jinsi aza ke bare main bhi zayada nahin jaanti lekin ab ahista ahista awareness arahi hai .Pakistan main jinsi masayal baqi mumalik se bohat mukhtaliftar hain humare mulk main mejority aurton main sex awarness ke khilaf hai zayada tar log chahte hi nahi ke aurat bhi jinsi taleem main participate kare aur kuch nahi to bunyadi cheezo se bhi ashna ho yaha mard kehta hai ke main hi driver hoon lehaza car main hi drive karoon aur badkismati se pakistani mard bhi jinsi talim ki kami ke bahes ehsaase kamtari ka shikar hote hain humare haan 97% mard shadi se pehle tayariyan shuro ker dete hain koi hakeem ki taraf rukh kerta hai aur koi desi ghee doodh makkan daba ker khana shuro ker deta hai humare haan aurat suhagraat wale din itni nahin ghabrai hoti jitna ke mard aur yehi wajah hai ke humare haan 95 % se zayada log suhagrat wale din jinsi ammal main nakaam hojate hain. Main aap ke sath ek waqia share karti hoon mere ek janane wali dost ka jis ki shadi ek larke se hui jo spain main rehta tha aur larki pakistan main ye waqia education purpose ke liye hai isliye fake names use ker rahi hoon.larke ka naam Aftab tha aur larki ka rabia dono cousins thay larki graduate thi aur larka bilkul uneducated tha dono ne ek doosre ko bachpan main dekha jab dono ki shadi huyi to suhaagraat ke waqt larke ki tabbiyat kharaab hogayi larke ko foran hospital le jaya gaya larke ki heart beat bohat tez hogayi thi aur bohat ghabraya hua tha doctor ne use shadi ke dress main dekhte sath hi andaza laga liya ke koi sex drugs ka istamal kiya hai doctor ne foran koi injection lagaya aur larka thora relax hogaya

to doctor ne baqi ghar walon ko room ke bahar wait karne ko kaha aur larke se poocha ke kya khaya hai to larke ne bataya ke spain main kisi hakeem ki 2 mahine medicine khata raha hoon

take suhagraat main biwi ko shikayat ka moka na doon aur pakistan ate sath ek aurat ke sath tajurba kiya hai lekin nakaam hogaya hoon aur pakistan main kisi dost ne koi tablet di thi jo gharam dooodh ke sath ek ghanta pehle li thi aur tabiyyat kharab hogayi hai. hair doctor ne Aftab ko samjhaya ke aaj mukammal araam karo aur kal bila jhajak apni biwi ke sath suhagraat manana apni biwi main aur bazari aurat main faraq hota hai yehi tajurba agar baghair kisi medicine ke apni biwi ke sath karte to zaroor kamyab hote khair Aftab ke ghar wale Aftab ko ghar le aye aur Aftab ko alag room main araam karne ko kaha Aftab ki dulhan rabia doosre kamre main saari raat Aftab ke bare main sochti rahi aur andaze lagati rahi ke akhir Aftab ne zaroor koi taqat wali cheez khayi thi jo ke zayade mikdar main khali hogi aise hi hayal sari rat ate rahe rabia ko kyun ke rabi ne apni sahelion aur aas pass rehne wali shadi shuda larkion se suhaag raat ke bohat saare kise sun rakhe the jo zayada tar sach nahi the khair soch soch ker rabia ne ek baat apne zehen main bitha li ke Aftab usko jinsi khusi nahin de sakta doosre din jab rabia ko dulhan banaya gaya aur Aftab bhi tayar ho ker suhag ki sej pe aya ate hi Aftab ne rabia ko slaam kia aur rabia ne ahista awaz main slaam ka jawab diya aur khamosh hogayi aaj rabia bilkul normal thi pehle din to bohat ghabrai hui thi kyun ke us ne apni sahelion se sun rakha tha ke lambhe kadh wale mard bohat tang kerte hai chorte hi nahi bohat sex kerte hain lekin kal Aftab ka karnama dekh ker dil hi dil main apni kismet per bhi pachta rahi thi ke na main ider ki rahi na udher ki itne main Aftab ne baat shuro ki Aftab ne use bataya ke kal thori tabiyat kharab hogayi aur aj hum apni suhag raat ka aghaz karain ge lekin us se pehle main tumhain kuch zindagi ke usool batana chahta hoon Aftab ne rabia ko apne parents ki hidmat karne ka lecture dena shuro ker dia jo ke rabia ke liye intehai nagwar guzra lekin wo hamosho se sunati rahi rabia ko intazar sirf isi baat ka tha ke Aftab jinsi amal shuro kare itne main Aftab ne kaha ke main spain rehta hoon aur tumhain yahan se spain bulane main bhi 2 saal lagain ge lehaza mujhe tumhari khuraaq mehdood rakhni hogi ye baat sunte hi rabia chonkgayi phir Aftab ne samjaya khuraak se us ki murad sex hai ke main do mahine pakistan main rahoon ga aur hum thora sex kiya karain ge take jab main spain chala jao to tum mere baghair bardasht kar sako

ye baat sunte hi rabia ka shaq yaqeen main badal gaya ke Aftab sex karne ke kabil nahi khair ahista ahista baton hi baton main Aftab ne rabia ko galon pe kis kerna shuroo ker dia aur ahista ahista sexual activity main envolve hogaye wohi hua jo rabia ne socha tha Aftab ne thore foreplay ke baad jab ke rabia sex ke liye ready thi apni ungly se rabia ki hymen rupture ki aur kaha ungi se isliye ker raha hoon tumhain **** se zayada dard hota khair thori der baad Aftab ka **** errect tha aur Aftab ne use rabia ki vagina main dalne ki koshish ki aur **** discharge hogaya ye dekh ker ke Aftab ka **** dhila per gaya hai rabia ne bohat himmat kerte huye Aftab ko kaha apne **** meri clitoris ko touch kar ke rakho ye baat sunte hi Aftab ghuse main agaya kyun ke pakistani mard apne partner ki participation batdasht nahi kerta woh chahta hai ke car main hi drive karo chahe mujh se ho ya na ho khair Aftab ne rabia ke kehne per **** na sirf toch balke rabia ke clitoris pe malna shuro ker dia aur istara rabia ne apni ankhen band ker li aur enjoy kerne lagi rabia ka ye manzer dekh ker Aftab pareshan ho gaya aur dobara **** errect hone per insert karne main kamyaab hogaya lekin phir kuchi second main discharge hogaya aur ye doosri baar rabia ne hud per bohat hi control kiya humare haan saheliyaan itne khaab dikha deti hain ke jab haqeekat khulti hai to ek jawan larki hud per kaboo nahi rakh sakti

ye doosri baar Aftab ki nakami dekh ker rabia dil hi dil main apni kismat ko kosne lagi phir Aftab ne batain shuro ker di thori der main baton ke doran Aftab ka **** phir errect hua ye dekh ker rabia ne Aftab ko kaha ab mujhe kuch karne do rabia ki sun ker Aftab dil hi dil main sochne laga ye to larki hai ye kya karna chahti hai khair rabia Aftab ke uper chari aur Aftab ka **** apne hathon se apni vagina main insert kiya ye manzer dekh ker Aftab ne rabhia ko dhaka diya aur phir laat mar ker bister se neeche gira diya Aftab ne ye sab kyun kiya kyun ke Pakistani mard active partner nahi bardasht ker sacta.

Mujhe umeed hai ke meri behnain is article se kuch seekhain gi aur replay karain main suhagraat ka tariqa aap ke replay ke baad post karo gi jo ke 10 steps main hoga

goodman Group: Members Joined: 11th Oct, 2007 Topic: 62 Post: 5981 Age: 28
Posted on:22nd Jul 2009, 8:18pm

@ maryam
maryam very nice and sexy article.........is say larkiya aur sexy ho gee.........
waseem08 Group: Members Joined: 28th Apr, 2009 Topic: 19 Post: 1200 Age: 27
Posted on:22nd Jul 2009, 8:44pm

maryum aapaa salaam&good man bhai
mene ye article read kia pr reply ny kia q k ye asl me lurkio k liye hy phr hamara(lurko ka kia kam)likin ab good man ki wajah se krraha hon.


good man:i am not agree with you what is this?

yee kia hy apko tamiiz ny hy bat krne kii apko apni umer or aapaa ki umer ka paas krna chahiyee ye apne kia post kia hy bhai>maryam very nice and sexy article.........is say larkiya aur sexy ho gee......... muhjhe bhut bura lagaa.

iss liye reply kia hy.


goodman Group: Members Joined: 11th Oct, 2007 Topic: 62 Post: 5981 Age: 28
Posted on:22nd Jul 2009, 8:50pm

ok mr waseem
bahi waseem ap zayada naraz na hoo.......agar zayada garmi ha to aik glass pani pee lay.............jab article lekha jata ha jiss subject per lekha giya ha........ma wahi kahoo ga na kay yeah falan subject per lekha giya ha........agar is may Pakistan kee marriage kee Traditions hoti to ma kehta kay is may TRADITIONS ha...........aur agar is may sexy material ha to may nay kaha ka very sexy.................
waseem08 Group: Members Joined: 28th Apr, 2009 Topic: 19 Post: 1200 Age: 27
Posted on:22nd Jul 2009, 9:52pm

sudher jao bhai
ok me pani p leta hon.

goodman Group: Members Joined: 11th Oct, 2007 Topic: 62 Post: 5981 Age: 28
Posted on:22nd Jul 2009, 11:21pm

waseem bahi bohat shukriya kay app nay pani piya........ab ma ap kee khedimat may Orange Juice paish kerta hoo..............
H/dr_Qasim Group: Members Joined: 29th Nov, 2008 Topic: 104 Post: 1647 Age: 31
Posted on:23rd Jul 2009, 9:32am

kafi subak hy es meh sub k leye

i think k lurki ko shadi wali rat khamosh he rehna chaiye bus jo hony wala ho ya ho ra ho khamoshi he achi hy osraat

pher jesy jesy friendship hoti jay jesy murzi kurin

goodman Group: Members Joined: 11th Oct, 2007 Topic: 62 Post: 5981 Age: 28
Posted on:23rd Jul 2009, 10:14am

@ miss maryam 777
ap nay lekha ha kay larkay nay lecture diya apni wife koo kay woo uskay parents kee farmabardari keray joo kay uskoo nagwar ghuzara.........aksar wives koo SAS kee khidmat kerna nagwar ghuzarta ha...........aur issi liyay woo khamooshi say sun rahi thee kiss tara apnay husband koo ZAIR keray...........ab ap bataoo kay husband first night koo he wife kee tabidari start ker day????????????
qassimf Group: Members Joined: 09th Jul, 2008 Topic: 17 Post: 111 Age: 27
Posted on:23rd Jul 2009, 10:39am

maryam aap agar suhag rat for dulhan ko biyan kar deti to acha tha bajaye is ky is tarah ki story likhne ky. is se aap ka article Controversial ho gya hai.

please write your article. go ahead.

sunny007 Group: Members Joined: 22nd Dec, 2007 Topic: 65 Post: 5585 Age:
Posted on:23rd Jul 2009, 10:40pm

agreed with qassimf

you should go ahead to share suhag raat par dulhan....

Kasuri Boy Group: Members Joined: 23rd Jul, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 5 Age: 22
Blocked Posted on:23rd Jul 2009, 11:13pm

My id
******************** for friendship any age female...

Moderator Note: - Sharing email ids are not allowed on the forum
you will be blocked in future.

Kasuri Boy Group: Members Joined: 23rd Jul, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 5 Age: 22
Blocked Posted on:23rd Jul 2009, 11:14pm

maryam777 Group: Members Joined: 22nd Jul, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 2 Age: 32
Posted on:24th Jul 2009, 7:18am

please females bhi apnay views share karain
mujhay samajh nahi ati qasim kasuri boys aur goodman kyun utawle ho rahe hai suhagrat for dulhan ke liye aap konsa larkiyan hain aap ja ker suhagraat for dulha parain

aur merrequest hai female members se apne opinions dain is article ke liye

goodman Group: Members Joined: 11th Oct, 2007 Topic: 62 Post: 5981 Age: 28
Posted on:24th Jul 2009, 10:15pm

maryam article lekha ha to use per comments ka jawab be day ...........i will be thankful to u..........
System Group: Members Joined: 04th Jun, 2008 Topic: 39 Post: 1973 Age: 28
Posted on:25th Jul 2009, 1:27am

My advice
pehli raat ko larke ko parents ki farmabardari aur lamba chora lecture nahee dena chahe... larki se shadi ho rahi hai ya nokrani ki zaroorat hai.... shadi ki raat khoshyon wali hoti hai yeah baten kuch din baad aram se hosakti hain .. apni favorites share karo .. pyar muhabbat ki baten karo... jis chez ko jitna dbao ge tu wo utna hi oper ati hai... pyar se request karne se muamlat ache rehte hain..
goodman Group: Members Joined: 11th Oct, 2007 Topic: 62 Post: 5981 Age: 28
Posted on:25th Jul 2009, 10:25am

system bahi
system bahi ap kee bat theek ha..........agar aik husband apni wife koo kehta kay tum maray parents kee farmabardari keroo.............too is may bee kooi buri bat nahi ha..............aur rahi bat nukrani kee too assa nahi hota blkay wahi aurat sucess hoti ha joo ghar kay sab kam ker ghuzarti ha............
yasir_2017 Group: Members Joined: 02nd Apr, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 15 Age: 22
Posted on:25th Jul 2009, 11:01pm

very thankes
very goog artekal very thankes
love seher Group: Members Joined: 28th Aug, 2009 Topic: 0 Post: 1 Age: 17
Posted on:29th Aug 2009, 12:04am

jinse problem
Hey. My name is Rehan. I live in Rawalpindi. Main ne ap ki story read ki. its so nice q k mujy ic sy sex k baray main information mili. but mery saath ik sex probblem hi k mera discharge krny ko roz dil krta hai. pr muj sy yeh control nhe hota. buhat try ki magar kamyab na ho saqa. syayed ap meri kuch help kr dain. ta k main ic buri aadat sy chutkara hasil kr saqoon Ap mujy ic adrees pr email kr sakt hain. --

Main ap ka wait kroon ga. ok by

Thanks for this information.

sunny007 Group: Members Joined: 22nd Dec, 2007 Topic: 65 Post: 5585 Age:
Posted on:29th Aug 2009, 12:48am

love seher
aap ki jo problem hai aap alag ek thread start kar k share kar le.... aap ko proper answer mil jaiega

aur apna email address ya phone number share mat kare, warna aap ko bolck kar dia jaiega....


Suhaag Raat ke Aadaab

Suhaag Raat Aur Mobaashrat ke Aadaab – l
Suhaag Raat ke Aadaab

1. Suhaag raat ka pelha aadab ye hai ke mard bivi ke saath narmi aur dil daari se paish aye aur es ki tawa'zaa ke liay koi mashroob ya mithayi paish keray.Hazrat Aysha (RA) se pelhi mulaqaat me Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) ne aik pay'aalay(cup) ma doodh khud piya phir ussay Hazrat Aysha (RA) ko paish kiya, wo sharmayien tu Hazrat Asma (RA) ne unhain aamaada kiya.bahd ma Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) ne es payalay ko Hazrat Aysha (RA) ko doseri sahailiyoon aur es moqay per mojood doseri khawateen ko paish kernay ko kahaaa.

2. Suhaag raat ka dosera aadab ye hai ke khawand bivi ki payshaani(forehead) per haath rakh ker "Bismillah" parhay aur "Ae Allah main es ki bhalayi aur es ki aadatoon ki bhalayi ka sawaal kerta hon aur es ki buri aadatoon ki buraayi se paana maanghta hon".Es Dua ki barkaat se Allah es ki buraayi ko dour ker day ga aur es ke ghar ma es auraat ki naiki phailaye ga.

3. Suhaag raat ka teesera aadab ye hai ke dulhaa dulhan mil ker 2 rakaat nimaz-e-nafal parhain.Hazrat Abbu Saeed (RA) ki shaadi per un ko Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood (RA), Hazrat Abbu Zer (RA) aur Hazrat Abbu Uzaifa (RA) ne es ki talqeen ki.Hazrat Abbu Huraira (RA) ko un ki suhaag raat per Hazrat Abdullah bin Masood (RA) ne 2 nafal parhnay ki taqeed ki.

Suhaag Raat Kaisay Manaayi jaye?

Pelhi raat jab husband aur wife akelay main miltay han tu es ma sirf itni baat hai ke pelhay wo aik doseray se be-khaber thay aur ab ba'khaber ho jattay han.in ma aik fiteri sharm-o-haya thi wo dour ho ker in main baat cheet aur pyar-o-muhabaat ki ibtayda hotti hai.es liay husband aur wife ki pelhi raat ko na tu koi pur israar raat sumajhna chahiay aur na hi kisi qisum ka der hoona chahiay.kuin ke her baat ka start khushi se aur soohaana hotta hai es ke ilawa es main aur koi khaas baat nahi hai.

Suhaag raat main khaawand aur bivi ke dermayaan aapus ka pyar-o-mohabat aur salook bahot zuroori aur ahmiyaat rakhta hai.es liay mard ko ye baatain sumajhni chahiyain.

1. Apnay bertaoo ke zariay,mohabat aur baat cheet ke zariay bivi ki ajnaabiyat ka ahsaas aur jhijhak ko dour kernay ki koshish keray.

2. Baat cheet ka undaaz aur topic bahot mohazab,pyar bhara aur ba-saleeka hoona chahiay.

3. Mard ki baat cheet se ye zahir hoona chahiay ke bivi uss main apnahiyat mahsoos keray.

4. Mard auraat ke husn-o-jamaal ki tahreef keray.

Bivi ke liay Hidayat

1. Es baat ko porri tara dimaagh ma baitha lay ke es ka khawand hi ab es ka sub kuch hai.

2. Apnahiyat zahir keray.

3. Husband ki her baat ka khol ker jawaab day.

4. Hansnay khailnay aur chahr chaahr kernay main khawand ko courage keray.

Suhaag raat ki kaamyaabi tabhi ho gi jab dono partners aik doseray se sahi salook rawa rakkhain gay.khaas torr per ye sumjhaa jaata hai ke khawand ke salook per ye depend kerta hai es liay ke start humesha mard kerta hai auraat nahi.waisay bhi Allah ne auraat ko naturally zyada sharm-o-haya aata ki hai.es halaat ma mard ka haq bunnta hai ke wo auraat ki jhijhak ko dour kernay ki koshish keray.aurat ki jhijhak ki bahot sari wajoohaat hotti han.sub se pelhi aur khaas wajja ye hi hotti hai ke wo aisi creation hai jis main haya koot koot ke bhara hai.jidhar wo dulhan bun ker ayi hai wo ghar uss ke husband ka tu hai laikin wo mahool uss ke liay abhi bilkul nayaa hai.jis mard ke saath wo dulhan ke roop ma chup chaap chali ayi hai wo uss ka khaawand hoonay ke bawajood aik naya aur un'jaan mard hai.aik new life ka start ker rahi hai aur sooch rahi ho gi ke uss ka khawand uss ke saath kya salook keray ga aur na jaanay kya uss ne dil-o-dimaagh main pelhay hi se imagine ker rakha ho ga.aaksir suhaag raat kis tara manayi jaye? ye sawaal young generation poochti hai aur es per kitni books, literatures aur articles likhay ja chukay han.jis main bataya gaya hai ke pyar-o-mohabat hi kerni chahiay,intercourse aglay moqay per kerna chahiay sirf aurat aur mard ko aik doseray ko interoduce kerana chahiay aur aik doseray ko baat ke zariay sumajhnay ki koshish kerni chahiay.koi ye kahta hai ke in dinoo sirf foreplay tak rahna chahiay aur intercourse nahi kerna chahiay aur intercourse sirf uss soorat main hi kerna chahiay jab bivi porri tara raazi ho es ke liay.laikin es matter main different people different opinions daitay han.

Baat sirf ye hai ke sex aik porri tara personal subject hai ye kisi rules ya restrictions ke under nahi chal sakta.koi mard ya auraat(husband aur wife) kab aur kis tara sexual intercourse kerna chahtay han….ya kab aur kaisay kerna chahiay ye un ki zaati khowaish ya interest ya need ya situation per depend kerta hai.

Other Related Articles By Sooth:

Suhaag Raat Aur Mobaashrat ke Aadaab – ll
Suhaag Raat Aur Mobaashrat ke Aadaab – lll
goodman Group: Members Joined: 11th Oct, 2007 Topic: 62 Post: 5981 Age: 28
Posted on:9th Nov 2008, 7:07pm

good topic and good writing......
leekan sooth jee jab app ka rahi ha kay aurat jiss nay uss marad kay liyay ghar choora aur new mahool may adjust honay kee koshish keray gee too uss dulhan kay liyay zarrori ha kay woo apnay husband ke TABAIDARI keray aur uskee batoo koo be follow keray..............

aur maray khayal may aurat koo bee marad kee har baat ka possitive reply dayna chahay aur itna bee darna nahi chahay......aur woo possitive reply day takay doonoo may achi understanding ho sakay..........

rajmallik Group: Members Joined: 04th Jun, 2008 Topic: 28 Post: 867 Age: 23
Posted on:9th Nov 2008, 11:38pm

better luck
fine one but no so good as ur other articles r on dis topic so 10/6
saahilbhai Group: Members Joined: 31st Oct, 2007 Topic: 20 Post: 1048 Age: 24
Posted on:10th Nov 2008, 10:45am

Assalam alikum

yaar app ne yeh to nahi bataya k agar dulha aur dulhan aik dosre ko jaante hoo to phir kya karna chahiye jaise meri fincee meri coz hai aur humari aik dosre se bauhat achi understanding hai to phir bhi suhaag raat ko woh mujh se sharmayegi ya jhijhak mesoos karegi plz iss baat ko bhi bata dein

happy123 Group: Members Joined: 30th Dec, 2008 Topic: 3 Post: 165 Age: 35
Posted on:7th Jan 2009, 9:33pm

good question sahillbhai
waisy sooth ka artical buhat acha hai .mager sahillbhai sub log aap ki tarha nahi hoty jin pehly sey understanding ho aur khuch parhy likhy hon .

yeh articals un logon k liye hain jo buhat khuch nai jannty .aap ki mangater sey understanding buhat achi baat hai .aap pehly sab khuch discuss keryn .

aur zarori nahi k woh lazman rwaiti dulhan ki tarha khamoosh rahy or sharmayn woh bherpoor tareeqy se aap ko suport ker sakti hain .aap apni suhaag raat planning k saath enjoy keryen .gudluck


Suhag raat ka tariqa bayan karna ka bahut shauk hai aap ku ha''''''' itna shauk hai to jakar pehle apni bahen ko aur apni amma ko suhagrat ke tips samjoa is column me suhag raat ke tips samjane ke zehnat na kare to maherbani hogi samja "NADE" PAKISTANI


Apni apni suhag raat ke tariqe apne amma bheno ke sath baith kar sunao siasat ye column sex bayan karne ke liye nahi privide ki hai aap ko sex samjhane bahut shauk hai to jakar apni bahen aur apni ma ku samjhaye.
you rascle iddiates.

From Pakistani Forum(www.forum.noorclinic.com)

How to Seduce Husband
aurat ko apni sex desire show karnay ke saath mard ko josh dilaanay ka tareeqa bhi aan chahiye.oos ke liye oosay mard ki mardaana psyche ka pata hona chihiye.sab se pehle tau aurat mahol mein thori si sanjeedgi aur romance lai ker aiye.apni awaaz mein thori see mazeed soft laikin apna awaaz mein josh ki larzish husband ko mehsoos honay dai.

tight shalwar kameez(half sleeve ya baghair saleeve) mein baghair doupatay ke ya chotay blows ki saree mein husband ke samnay phiray aur un ke samnay jaa ke baalon ko daunon haathon se peechay bandhay aur un ke samnay baith ker bohat naaz aur adab se un ke jootai ootairay.apni awaaz ,style aur body language mein thori si ziyada baa adab aur submissive ho. aur un ko serve waghaira keray.un ke samnay baal banaye aur halkay halkay awaaz mein baatain karai aur khooshboo lagaye.

Mard naturally dominant partner hai aurat submissive,ees liye mard ki mardangi aurat jab adab karti hai tau mard ki mardaangi ko reassurance hoti hain.yaad rakhain mard ko mechanical andaz khidmat karney walee wife ki bajaye pooray adab aur romantic andaaz se khidmat karnay waali aurat pasand aati hai.

mashoor writer Laura Doyele ne apni kitaab "the surrendered wife" mein isee baat ko discuss kiya hai.aik aur female writer apni kitaab"Erotic Surrender: the sensual joys of female submission" mein isee baat ko discuss kiya hai.

Hamaray mazhab nay jab aurat ko husband ki obedient aur submissive honay ka kaha hai mard ko majazi khuda kaha hai tau aisay hi nahin kaha,bulkay ees mein bohat depth hai.yeh daunon ki fitrat ke mutaabiq hai.aur puree duniya mein aurtain isee liye piyar karnay waala laikin aik Haakmaana andaaz ke mard ko ziyada masand karti hain.

Haider85 Group: Members Joined: 01st Mar, 2009 Topic: 0 Post: 23 Age: 24
Posted on:18th Mar 2009, 1:06am

Totally Agreed to dom_man,
dom_man Group: Members Joined: 13th Mar, 2009 Topic: 45 Post: 968 Age: 30
Posted on:18th Mar 2009, 1:16am

thanx bro haider
dom_man Group: Members Joined: 13th Mar, 2009 Topic: 45 Post: 968 Age: 30
Posted on:18th Mar 2009, 1:58am

Loction of this post
where is post located now.it was submited in the "married women problems"
sizzling28 Group: Members Joined: 07th Apr, 2009 Topic: 0 Post: 5 Age: 28
Posted on:8th Apr 2009, 2:07am

sexual seduction
Nice post,good way of explaining but i wanna know about sexual seduction as well.i m looking to add more excitement in our lovemaking.want to about man G spot?and other related suggestion as well.
dom_man Group: Members Joined: 13th Mar, 2009 Topic: 45 Post: 968 Age: 30
Posted on:8th Apr 2009, 2:23am

sizzling waisay tau behtar hai aap apna post detail mein post karain.waisay yehi hai sexy cloths wear karain,aur sometimes naked walk karain,ya underwear aur bra mein,bed mein aap un ko oily massage dai sakti hain, aur male ka G spot hota oos ke tastis,unko thora skin ko maslain,actively kiss karain aur **** ki fondling etc,aur khas taur se **** ko ahista maslain aur oos ke baad **** ki peechain aaian.
dom_man Group: Members Joined: 13th Mar, 2009 Topic: 45 Post: 968 Age: 30
Posted on:9th Apr 2009, 8:37pm

why has my topic been deleted???
I am socked moderators.plz explain?
dom_man Group: Members Joined: 13th Mar, 2009 Topic: 45 Post: 968 Age: 30
Posted on:9th Apr 2009, 8:46pm

After a month
It has been there about a month and why has it been deleted now? wat's wrong with that post.I didn't post any link in it.

plz do lemme me know so that i avoid any such thing in future but i still cant understand the reason behind it, it was perhaps the least sexually explicit posts on the forum.oh, was that the reason for its being deleted???

Red Chilli Group: Members Joined: 20th Feb, 2008 Topic: 23 Post: 6586 Age:
Posted on:10th Apr 2009, 1:40am

Sorry aap ke topic ki category change kerte hue us ki first post ghaib ho gayi thi jisse restore ker diya gaya hai

dom_man Group: Members Joined: 13th Mar, 2009 Topic: 45 Post: 968 Age: 30
Posted on:10th Apr 2009, 2:56am

Red chilli,its ok
Its ok.i am sorry i got a bit hyper.
misha_ch Group: Members Joined: 07th May, 2009 Topic: 1 Post: 554 Age: 21
Posted on:20th May 2009, 5:25pm

Khada ka koee majaaz nahi
nice article

lakin mera khiyal ha k koee b majazi khuda nahi hota na he kisi ko kahna chahiay....keon k Khuda ka koee majaaz nahi

ap nay bilkul theek bataya mard aurat ki fitrat ko

myrizvi Group: Members Joined: 20th Apr, 2008 Topic: 54 Post: 1758 Age:
Posted on:22nd May 2009, 11:54pm

mijaazi Khodaa

wow bahoot aap naybahoot acha nukta oThaya hai k... Khuda ka koee majaaz nahi ... lehazaa kissi ko mijaazi khoda nahi kahnaa chahaiyeh...

khud mujhay bhi nahi maloom k shauher k liyeh ... mijazi khoda... ki istelaah kahaaN say aaye aur iska asal source kia hai... kuch log to yeh bhi kahtay hain k khud Allah ko "khudaa" nahi kahna achahiyeh k yeh Allah k 99 sifaati naamouN maiN say nahee haiN... yeh ghaleban persian word hai... albattah urdu maiN ab yeh lufz Allah k liyeh itna zeyadah bolaa jachuka hai k ulemaa.e.karaam ki aksariyat Allah k liyeh khodaa ka lufz use karnay ko manaa nahi karti...... issi tarah kashti chalanay walaay mallah ko ... naa.khodaa... kahtay hain...

albattah aik hadees maiN iss baat ki thoree bahoot "moshaabehat" milti hai jiss maiN Allah k Rasool saw nay farmayaa thaa k agar Allah apnay sewaa kissi ko sajdah karnay ki ijazat detaa to biwiyouN ko hukm detaa k apnay shauheroun ko sajdah karay ... yaani khoda jaisaa darjaah day ... agar shauher ko sajdah allow bhi hota to shauher khodaa to nah hotaa... iss hadees maiN yehi batlaanay ki koshish kigayee hai k biwiyaaN obedient honay maiN Allah k baad insaanouN maiN husband ko top par rakhaiN.... shayaad yahaaN hi say yaar logoun nay (yaqeenan mard likhaariyouN nay :) khud ko ...mijaazi khodaa... qarar day dia.

agar aisaa kahnaa shara'an ghalat hai to iskay liyeh ulemaa k ajmaa ki zaroorat hogi yani onki aksariyat iss istelaah ko ghair sharayee qarar day..... lekin agar koi aurat, inferaadi taur par deeni taqway k tehat apnay husband ko mijaazi khodaa nah kahay /samjhay to yaqeenan ossay aisaa karnay ka sawaab bhi milega aur woh deger deeni taqazoun par bhi issi spirit k saath amal karegi.

kissi k pass "mijaazi khodaa" ki istelaah k baray maiN koi aur info ho to zaroor share karay.... yeh aik dilchasp bahas hosakti hai

Tips To Get Erection

Tips To Get Erection
"Rock hard erection" ...you must be familiar with the term. The ultimate hard erection is achieved when your **** is completely full with blood.
Get a harder erection by having a healthy life-style. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Get used to a healthy diet . I mean trying to have a high-fiber and low-fat food intake.

Check your cholesterol level. A high level means there's a chance the blood vessels in your **** are clogged by cholesterol. You might also have potency problems 'cos of cholesterol.

Include zinc in your diet. To do that "the natural way" eat beef, turkey, lamb, crab meat, oysters and cereal. Make sure you don't lack vitamins.

Exercise. Lack of exercise can increase the risk of erectile problems
Don't smoke. Smoking is one of the main causes for impotence and erectile problems
Masturbate (yes ...I'm actually advising you to masturbate)
I think I have some explaining to do where masturbation is concerned. So here goes:
In order to be in shape your **** (your whole body to be more precise), needs oxygen . The **** (much like the rest of your body), gets oxygen from the red blood cells in your blood. The best way to get blood ( oxygenated blood ) is by having an erection.

More blood in your ****= more oxygen. More oxygen=less risk of erectile failure. More erections=more blood in your **** => masturbate

This is an ancient exercise and it was designed to increase the blood flow in your ****. As I said before a good blood flow in the **** is vital for achieving full and hard erections.

Now grab the root of your **** with your thumb and index finger. The thumb is placed on the top and the index on the bottom. In that position take a deep breath , squeeze the shaft of your **** and with the thumb and index finger start pushing to the tip of the ****. When you push blood will be forced into the head of your ****. Keep your **** griped as long as you can hold your breath. When you hold your breath count to nine and each time you do so move your squeeze toward the head of your ****.

You'll notice that ancient people really knew their "Get a harder erection" techniques
with regards.

Hangama Group: Members Joined: 02nd Dec, 2007 Topic: 36 Post: 1330 Age: 33
Posted on:26th Dec 2007, 12:54am

What will happen after
Pahla to yah batao mera dost yah post tumna kaha sai copy paste kari hai. 2nd chez yah jo knowledge ap dai rahai hai chaloo yah informative hai laikin jo batain ap na likhih hain

"Now grab the root of your **** with your thumb and index finger. The thumb is placed on the top and the index on the bottom. In that position take a deep breath , squeeze the shaft of your **** and with the thumb and index finger start pushing to the tip of the ****. When you push blood will be forced into the head of your ****. Keep your **** griped as long as you can hold your breath. When you hold your breath count to nine and each time you do so move your squeeze toward the head of your ****."

Mera bhai jo bhi es post ko pharaiga aur jo apna likha hai usko karna ki koshish karaiga uska baad end to masturbation hogaaa. Jab bhi koi yah post phar ka yah kam practice mai laiga aur masturbation karjaiga to eska gunnah usko to milaiga magar sath sath apka sir pa bhi hoga.

Meri advice hai jo bhi bat ap likha rahai hai woh pahla achi tarhan pharlai aur phir sochain ka eska kiya effect hongai.

U must think about it.................

coko jani Group: Members Joined: 19th Apr, 2007 Topic: 30 Post: 54 Age: 27
Posted on:26th Dec 2007, 9:48pm

to hungama
honey y r u talking like tipical pakistanis dat is pob wid we peoples. if some body get help 4rom it den wats da prob. either it iz copy paste material or some thing other. and who forebade u to don"t masterbate do masterbation as u can coz it is also a good excercise
Aag Group: Moderators Joined: 21st Nov, 2007 Topic: 24 Post: 1166 Age: 30
Posted on:26th Dec 2007, 11:51pm

Coko Jani
I dont agree with u that ur post can benefit any body because it is based on the methods of Masturbation which is a bad habit and u are promoting this bad habit openly and avoid sending copy right material is not allowed on this forum and u are habitual of sending copy right materials.

Bili_miau Group: Members Joined: 21st Oct, 2007 Topic: 18 Post: 1016 Age: 22
Posted on:27th Dec 2007, 12:57am

i would only say...bas Astaghfirullah kia karo aisi batein sun kar

Hangama Group: Members Joined: 02nd Dec, 2007 Topic: 36 Post: 1330 Age: 33
Posted on:27th Dec 2007, 1:22am

Coko jani
Kiya ap muslim ho.........................................

Agree with Billi miau...........


Rizwan++ Group: Members Joined: 15th Nov, 2007 Topic: 14 Post: 276 Age: 21
Posted on:27th Dec 2007, 1:33am

easy easy members
members fiqah hanmbli main masturbation jaiz hai. aap log kaisy batain kar rahe hain.
coko jani Group: Members Joined: 19th Apr, 2007 Topic: 30 Post: 54 Age: 27
Posted on:27th Dec 2007, 7:56am

2 all members
y u all members r trying 2 discourage this issue. r u don"t read books 4 male in this fourum. wat r the methods written in that books for getting erection
Hangama Group: Members Joined: 02nd Dec, 2007 Topic: 36 Post: 1330 Age: 33
Posted on:27th Dec 2007, 11:51pm

Coko Jani and rizwan
Agar ap har chez zara dehan sai pharai to apko sab sahi sahi pata chalai. Jin books ki ap bat kar rahai ho woh sirf married peoples ka liya hai unmarried ka liya nahi hai. Yah aik open forum hai ab yaha pa yah restriction nahi hai ka agar ap married hai to hi woh books read kar saktai hai. Laikin jab insan baligh hojata hai to uska ander etni aqal ajati hai ka usko kiya karna hai aur kiya nahi.

Rizwan: Mera dost fiqah ki bat kaha sai agai mera dost. Ham sab muslim hain aur hamai ISLAM ko dekhna chahiya sirf. Islam mai bhi masturbation jaiz hai magar uswaqt jab ap apni extreme position pa pohoch jai. Jitna bacha jai utna acha hai laikin jab apko yah lagai ka ap agar masturbation karlaingai to koi bohot gandai amal sai bach jainga to ap masturbation kar saktai hai.

Laikin rizwan bhai apna to aisa kahdiya ka jaiz hai ka jab dil chahai masturbation karloo eska matlab.

Rizwan++ Group: Members Joined: 15th Nov, 2007 Topic: 14 Post: 276 Age: 21
Posted on:28th Dec 2007, 12:31am

hangama bhai
hangama bhai aap jo keh rahai hain ke extreme position par puhonch jain to masturbation jaiz hai to bhai yeh to aap fiqah hanfi ki baat kar rahe hain. imam abu hanifa farmate hain ke masturbation gunnah se bachney ke liye ki ja sakti hai warna haram hai. jabke imam hanbal masturbation ko bilkul jaiz samajhte hain.
zainbajwa Group: Members Joined: 24th Dec, 2007 Topic: 1 Post: 11 Age: 20
Posted on:28th Dec 2007, 12:54am

Eraction Problem.........?
i hv less eraction in my **** wht should i do?
zeb Group: Members Joined: 18th Aug, 2007 Topic: 120 Post: 14952 Age: 28
Posted on:1st Jan 2008, 11:36pm

zainbajwa: shadi k bad sub thik ho jaye ga...abhi apki age bht thori hai dea, so no need to worry abt this issue

coko: dear main ap ki is technique se mutafiq nahi hun...bcoz koi bi technique use kerney ki koi zarurat nahi hai...jub insan wife k sath forplay kerta hai to usey automatically sexual arousal hota hai aur enis erect ho jata hai

SHAHRUKH12 Group: Members Joined: 07th Jul, 2009 Topic: 0 Post: 1 Age: 34
Posted on:8th Jul 2009, 10:00pm

bad advice
I have had masturbation and i know who much this has effected my health quite a lot.I dont understand that every riter has forced people to do so,why is it so.please tell me

System Group: Members Joined: 04th Jun, 2008 Topic: 39 Post: 1973 Age: 28
Posted on:10th Jul 2009, 1:55am

First of all i don't encourage Mastubation.... mere khyal se mastubation ka effect her insan per different hota hai due to different body system.... some people does this the whole life and it does,nt effect and some people does get affected by masturbation.... i think all depend on body strength, habits, Food, sleep, wrasat... etc..etc... if you do mastubate and keep up yourself and may not effect that bad... But if you dont keep with food, and your body type is not that great, and dont have enough sleep, and you dont move your mind around or thinking then masturbate might effect you really bad...

Zainbajwa... some people does have less errection but that does,nt mean ke woh sex karne main nakam rehte hain....if this is how you always been then dont worry... you should drink milk and excercise..

Lloyds Group: Members Joined: 11th Jul, 2009 Topic: 2 Post: 93 Age: 34
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**** exercise
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Boy-Girl Friends

Getting Serious About Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relationships in Islam!!

meray dear sisters aur brothers main idhar kuch important talk kerna chahti hon.main aap ko kuch boy-girl relationships,sex aur marriage ke baray me batana chahti hon.mujhe patta hai ye bahot hi personal aur delicate matter hai discuss kernay ke liay.laikin ye aap ki lives,muslim ummah, aur islam ke future ke liay bahot zuroori hai ye wo matters han jinhain humain discuss kerna chahiay.islam me ye clearly pataya gaya hai ke un males aur females me kya acceptable hai aur kya acceptable nahi hai jo married nahi han,tu ager sub kuch life me sahi ho raha hotta tu mujhe kya zurorat thi idhar ye sub likhnay ki,laikin sub kuch sahi nahi jar aha.please es ko sumjhanay ki koshish kerain jo main aap ko batanay ja rahi hoon aur ye sub sirf es liay aap ko batta rahi hon main islam se pyar kerti hon aur aap sub ki future safety,happiness aur aap ki lives me success ki care kerti hon although hum kabhi milay nahi han.

Jo kuch mainay read kiya,jo mujhe parents ne bataya aur jo mainay bahot saray muslim brothers aur sisters se discussion ker ke confirm kiya ke zyada muslim youngs boys aur girls ke relationship ke guidelines ko follow nahi kertay jo islam ne un ke liay set ki han.islam jo kuch kahta hai wo sahi aur clear hai ke marriage se pelhay boy aur girl me kisi qisum ka koi contact na ho.aaj ki dunia me kitnay young muslims han jo opposite sex se relationship rakhtay han jab ke wo clearly islam ki limits se bahir hai.in sub relationships ki range bazahir innocent friendship se complete sexual relationship(jo ke sirf married ke liay sahi hai) tak hai.

Aap ko patta hai Allah ne unmarried male aur female me her qisum ka relationship manna kiya hai wo es liay nahi ke wo chahtay han aap sub fun na kerain,balkay e ski reason ye hai ke Allah ne right relationship ke liay rules set kiay han kuin ke uss ko patta hai aap ke liay as a individual kya best hai aur as a ummah kya best hai.Allah chahta hai aap acha time guzarain aur male-female relationship ka wonderful pleasure enjoy kerain.laikin uss ko patta hai aap greatest joy kisi harm ke binna tab hi experience ker sakain gay jab aap ka sexual-relationship Allah ki batayi hui guidline ke motabik ho ga.

Wonderful Benefits and Serious Responsibilities of Humans

Es message ko read kernay se pelhay main aap ko kahti honk e apnay mind ko open rakhain.aap ko ye tu patta hai ke insaan life me jo kuch bhi kerta hai phir ussay uss ka music face kerna hotta hai tu phir ager insaan brief moments ke liaay wronh ways se sexual satisfaction hasil kerta hai tu us ski bhi bari cost pay kerni ho gi.Allah ne dono male aur female me extremely strong sexual desire rakh di hai ke wo sexual-relationship ko experience ker sakain so ye feelings hoona entirely natural hai aur Allah ki marzi hai.jab hum animal ka behaviour dekhtay han,tu dekhnay me aata hai jab un ka jee chahay sexual pleasure hasil ker saktay han aur es tara Allah ne un animals ka world per survival kiya.ye mat bholain ke human beings animals nahi han,although humari bodies animal bodies ke quite similar han,aur basic needs animal ki basic needs ke similar han,laikin es sub ke saath jab hum paeda huay tu Allah ne humain shahoor atta kiya.ye special sirtual nature humain wonderful benefits daiti hai.,laikin es ke saath humari bari serious responsibilities han.

Benefit ye hai ke human animal se kaheen zyada prolonged sexual pleasure hasil ker sakta hai laikin responsibility ye hai ke sexual desires ko sir fuss manner me direct kerain jo Allah ne insaan ko right way bataya hai.sexual pleasure sirf man aur woman experience ker saktay han jo married hon.kabhi ye new human being ko world me lanay ke liay hai tu kabhi strong sexual desire aur closeness se man aur woman me bonding ko increase kernay ke liay takay aik strong family bunay,jo good aur right muslim generation ko family me raise keray.es se wo evil forces se moqablay ki salahiyat bhi rakhain gay.

Influence of Heavily Sexualized Society on Young Muslims

World me zyada young muslims highly sexualized society se heavily influenced han,jis society ke log jitna possible ho sakay sexual pleasure experience kertay han aur wo consequences ki parwa bhi nahi kertay.ye ho hi nahi sakta ke as a muslim teen aap ne unmarried teens ko movies,songs,sites aur atories me sexual pleasure enjoy kertay na dekha ho.un ko dekh ker kuch muslim tens ke mind me ye aata ho ga ke wo aisay fun hasil ker saktay han tu main kuin nahi ker sakta.tu idhar main aap ko ye yaqeen dilla don ke jis ko "free sex" kahaa jaata hai ye sirf free sex nahi hai es ke saath future me kitni aur cost pay kerni hotti hai.

So-Called Benefits of Girlfriend-Boyfriend Relatinships

Pelhay ye ke es ke benefits kya han?well aap relationship hasil kertay han tu aap ki loneliness further khatum ho jaati hai jo ke aaj ki dunia me common hai.aap ye soochtay hank e aap ke peers ko kya patta modernization kya hotti hai,aap khud ko cool sumajhtay han.aap khush hotay han un restrictions ko break ker ke jo religion aur culture ne aap per khud se impose ki han jo aap ne khud apnay liay choose nahi ki.aap feel kertay hank e sub jo ye amal kertay han tu main bhi sub me shamil ho gaya hon,es se aap better feel kertay hank e koi aap ko like kerta hai aur koi aap ko sumjhta hai,of course saath fun aur physical pleasure bhi ho ga jo sexual relation me natural hai.

Ye sub sexual desire ko fulfill kernay ke benefits,even wrong han.in me se kuch so-called benefits aap ki will ke bhi against han kuin ke aap per secular materialistic society ka influence hai jo ke muslim ummah ke outside exist kerti hai.ager aap uss American lifestyle aur freedom jo ke media per dekhatay han aap uss se jealous han tu zara khud se ye sawaal poochain.ke"kon better zindagi guzarnay ke decisions lay sakta hai kya aik American teen jis ne Allah aur islam ka naam bhi nahi soona ya aik muslim teen jis ko at least Allah ki existence ka patta hai aur wo kuch jaanta hai islam ke baray me?"ager aap ye nahi jantay ke aap aik average godless,pleasure seeking American se better han aur ghalut se sahi jannay me tu aap ke liay better ho ga ke jo brain Allah ne aap ko diya hai uss ko use kerna stat ker dain.

Severe Consequences and Costs of Pre-marital Relationships

Ab main aap ko un costs ke baray me batati hon jo aap ko in premarital relations ya even sexual relationship se future me pay kerni hon gi.list thori long ho gi kuin ke costs hi itni zyada han.tu app in costs ko read ker ke khud ki judjement se honest hon aur dekhain ke main aap ko sahi kah rahi honk e ghalut.in costs ko present kernay ka koi particular order nahi ho ga but main koshish keroon gi ke koi miss na keroon aur meri dua hai ke aap uin me se kuch cost bhi experience na kerain aur meray dear young muslim brothers and siaters main kabhi nahi chahoon gi ke aik temporary pleasure ke liay aap itni costs future life me pay kerain aur itnay consequences face kerain.

1. main aik really ugly cost se start keroon gi,disease.illegal aur frequent sexual relations se kitni tara ki sexual diseases hotti han.in diseases ka effect simple pain,discomfort se doseri life long diseases jaisa ke cancer,children ka paeda na hoona aur itni severe condition ke death ho jaye.aap ko patta hai wo females jo 3 ya zyada people ke saath life time me sooti han in me cervical cancer ka 215 times zyada chance hotta hai.in facts ka zara andaza ker lain ager aap shaadi se pelhay illegal relations rakhna chahtay ya chahti han tu.

2. aik aur cost divorce hai.islam me ye hai ke aik married couple humesha married rahay aur family ke saath relations ko death tak enjoy keray tu reality ye hai ke wo couples jo ke shaadi se pelhay illegal sexual relations rakhtay han un ko divorce ho jati hai.

3. ye bari sad cause hai ke jitney aap ke shaadi se pelhay relationships hon gay utnay hi aap shaadi ke bahd bhi rakh saktay han aur apnay life partner ko cheat ker saktay han,aur aisay wo person bhi ker sakta hai jis se aap ki shaadi hui ho aur jo pelhay already in illegal relations me involve ho.koi good marriage adultery ko tolerate nahi ker sakti.adultery married couple ke liay great unhappiness hai aur ye good family life jo ke right society ke liay necessary hai uss ko destroy ker daita hai.kya ye logical nahi hai k eager aap shaadi se pelhay rules ko follow na kertay hon tu aap shaadi ke bahd bhi nahi kerain gay.

4. bahot sari young girls unmarried motherhood,unwanted children aur abortion ke un ki life me ho.laikin ye terrible things life me kabhi kabhi hotti han jab aap illegal sexual relationships me involve hon tu.unwanted pregnancy,aap apnay parents ko kaisay batayain ke aap pregnant han?ye aur bhi worse ho ga ke aap aik unwanted child ko dunia per lana chahain aur us ski care kerna aur uss ko bara kerna then jab wwo bara ho tu us ski society me value kya ho?aur abortion ke baray me kya aik ghalti tu ker baithi han phir aik aur bara gunnah ke apnay ander grow kernay walay cghild ko aap kill ker dain gi?kya ye baat aap ko sad nahi keray gi?kya aap guilty nahi feel kerain gi.

5. loss of virginity..jab aap shaadi se pelhay apni virginity ko loss ker dain gi tu kya shaadi ke bahd aap es ko chppa payain gi apnay husband se?kya aap ka husband aap se satisfy ho ga?ya ho sakta hai divorce tak baat ah jaye.

6. aik aur depressing statistics hai suicide.sexually active boys zyada lke liay zyada likely hai ke wo depress hon aur ten times zyada chance hai ke wo suicide kerain un ladkoon ke moqabilay me jo shaadi ka wait kerain.teenage girls jo premarital relatyions rakhti han un me three times zyada chance hotta hai depression ka aur aisi ladkioon me suiside ka bhi three times zyada chance hotta hai jio sexually active hotti han shaadi se pelhay.

7. es ka end bara kawless ho ga,start me aap aik bar illegal sex kerain gi/gay aur start me aap ko hard bhi lagay ga aisa kerna then aik bar aap start ker dain tu phir second time,third time,foth time aur so on…aap phans jayain gi es ko kernay me aur aik aur baat ke mard aur aurat dono equily responsible han in wrong relationships ke.

8. aap sirf ye es liay kerti hank e aap soochti han ke aap ki shaadi uss insaan se ho gi tu aisa kernay me wait kuin kiya jaye..jab ke statistics show kertay han ke jo shaadi se pelhay sex kertay han wo aik doseray se kabhi shaadi nahi kertay.

9. kuch log believe kertay han ke jo shaadi ke bahd sex me perfect hoonay ke liay shaadi se pelhay sex ki practice hoona zuroori hai otherwise shaadi kamyaab nahi ho gi.jab ke studies show kerti hai jo log shaadi tak wait kertay han wo shaadi ke bahd zyada satisfaction aur marital contentment hasil kertay han.meray khayal me es se bather aur romantic kya ho ga ke aap ko aik aisa partner milay jis ne pelhay kabhi kisi ke saath sexual relation na rakha ho.

10. kuch log kahtay hank e sex koi big deal nahi hai,log es ko big deal bunna daitay han.un ke khayal me wrong sexual relation rakhna koi itna wrong bhi nahi hai aur ager wrong hai bhi tu tiny wrong hai.Quran me illegal sexual relation ki seriousness ki ranking ker di gayi hai ke pelhi major sin Allah ke saath kisi ko shareek thahrana hai,second most major sin hai murder aur third most major sin illegal sex hai.mainay ghalut kah diya illegal sexual intercourse sirf wrong nahi hai balkay baghot,bahot major wrong hai.ye mat bholain ke illegal sex ke aisa crime hai jis ke baray me Allah ne opunishment bhi batayi hai aur hai aur thi ke job hi illegal sex keray uss ko 100 cane ke strokes lagaye jayain.

11. phie aisay bhi han jo kahtay han sex wrong nahi hai kuin ke ye aik fun hai aur koi bhi cheez jo fun ho wrong nahi ho sakti.aap ko patta hai shaitaan aap ko aisa sub kernay per majboor kerta hai jo aap kerna bhi nahi chahtay ya jo right bhi nahi hotta.kya aap ne soccha hai shaitan pori koshish kerta hai aap ko sahi rastay se hutanay ki.shaitan insaan ko khuda se dour kernay ki her koashish kerta hai aur wo chahta hai ke aap ko jannat kabhi na milay.aik bari koshish jo shaitan kerta hai wo ye hai ke insaan ye hi bhool jaata hai ke wo ghalti ker raha hai woe s ghalti ko fun sumajhe laita hai aur uss ko kuch hosh nahi rahta kya ghalut hai aur kya sahi.jab aap ke dil se imaan khatum ho jaye tu phir aisay amal kerna aap ko acha aur ahsaan lagay ga.

12. kuch log ye kahtay han ke sex natural hai ye wrong ho bhi nahi sakti aur wo example animals ki daitay han ke wo jab chahain sex ker saktay han jab ke insaan me aisa nahi hai,insaan me aik proper time hai sex kernay ka.aisay log insaan ko animal ke level per lay aatay han.phir insaan aur janwer me difference kya hua jab ke Allah ne insaan ko well developed brain bhi diya hai.

13. kabhi kabhi muslim teen jo sincerely stray nahi kerna chahtay sirf boyfriend ya girlfriend ko justify kertay han relation se laikin un ka irda sex ka nahi hotta un ke intension avoid kernay ke aur noble hotay han unfortunately studies show kerti hai ke jitney time couple alone hon gay chance bhi utna hi zyada ho ga ke uss ka wind up bed me ho ye true hai ke wo start avoid kernay ke intensions se kertay han but wo aisa ker nahi pattay.ap ko patta hoona chahiay ke aap kabhi itni opportunities milay per apni sexual desires ko control ker payain gay…ager aap ye sumjhtay hank e aap control ker lain gay tu aap kis yaqeen se ye sub kah saktay han.

14. kya aap sinecerly dua kertay aur rozay rakhtay han?jab aap es sex ke matter me khuda ki marzi ke khilaaf ja saktay han tu aap zyada likely hai ke aap doseray matters me bhi Allah ki will ke against hon ya phir eventually islam bhi chor dain.ye aap ki life aur pori muslim ummah ke liay kitna terrible hai.jo sex ke pleasure ke liay wait nahi ker saktay pori dunia un ki wajja se islam se benefit nahi hasil ker sakti.kitni huge price pay kerni parhti hai.

15. kya ho ager qyamat ke din aap ko in unlawful activities ki price es tara pay kerni paray ke aap ko jannat ki jagga dozukh me daal dain?kuch muslim jo kamzoor muslim han wo judjement day ko bhi nahi soochtay jab ke hum soochtay han wo certain hai aur sub kuch ho ga uss din jo Allah ne bataya hai.phir aap uss din kya fel kerain gay.es se bather hai aap apnay temporary pleasure ke liay aisa kuch na kerain.

16. ye list tu khatum hi nahi ho gi tu main es point ko last bunnati hon,laikin es me kuch bahot hi special hai,aur bahot precious bhi kuin k eager baki sub costs in young boys aur girls ke relations ko wrong na kerain tu ye aik hi kafi hai kuin ke e ski bari high price hai pay kernay ke liay.es cost me marriage ke bahd husband aur wife ke relationship shamil han.InshAllah aap ki shaadi ho gi aur aap ka long time relationship ho ga jo her tara se special aur wonderful bhi ho ga.reality ye hai ke shaadi ke se pelhay ke aap ke opposite sex ke saath relationship aap ke shaadi ke bahd ke husband-wife ke relationship ka charm khatum ker dain gay.Allah chahtay hank e aap ke shaadi ke bahd ke relationship me itni care ho aur wo itnay strong honk e koi bhi partner shaadi ke bahd divorce aur adultery na keray tu es relationship ko wonderfull aur special hoona chahiay.jitna zyada married couples me share kernay ko ho ga utna hi special aur uniques ye relationship ho ga.tu shaadi se pelhay ke relationship aap ke husband ya wife ko less special ker dain gay kuin ke aap nee s ko pelhay se hi kisi ke saath experience kiya hua ho ga.uss shaadi ke din ke special moment ka na aap ko wait ho ga aur na aap uss ko special bunna payain gay.ye shaadi se pelhay ke relationships ke sub aspects me se true hai.laikin e ski khaas impotance un khaas sexual parts se related hai kuin ke ye Allah ki teruf se aik precious gift hai.ye gift first time sex kernay se hi wapis lay liya jatta hai tyu kya ye sahi nahi hai es gift ko sir fuss special person ke liay use kiya jaya jis ke saath aap ne pori life spend kerni hai?

I hope es girl-boy relationship ki discussion ke bahd aap jaan gaye hoon gay ke kitni bari qimat adda kerni parhti hai.khud se honest hon,kya aap sumjhtay han mainay sahi kaha hai?ye nazer aata hai ke marriage ke bahd marriage se pelhay wait kernay ke bahot benefits han.

For Those Who Had Already Gone Beyond the Limits of Islam

Aap me se kuch tu ho sakta hai pelhay hi islam ke beyond ja chokay hon marriage se pelhay hi.tu main aap ko ye kah ker scare nahi kerna chati ke aap ka happy aur success marriage ka koi chance nahi ho ga.good marriage abhi bhi possible hai,laikin sadly less likely.tu ager aap ne already ye oppoertunity lost ker di hai ke apni marriage ko special bunayain tu aap ab bhi future ka khayal ker saktay han aur es sub ko chor ker pori koshish kerain ke aap ki shaadi successful ho.ab jo kuch hua hai uss ke liay khuda se maafi manghain aur ye promise kerain ke ayainda aisa kuch nahi kerain gay aur ye ke jis se aap ki shaadi ho gi uss se aap ne love,tenderness aur kindness se rahna hai aur uss ke ilawa kisi aur ko nahi dekhna.

Allah ne insaan ke liay right limits rakhi han takay wo happy aur successful marriage experience keray aur mmujhe patta hai modern world ka pressure,peers ka pressure,media ka influence kaisa hai tu es sub ko lay ker main kuch suggestions daina chahti hon jo ke aap ne jo ghalut kiya uss ke severe effect ko aap ki future marriage per kam ker dain gay.

first main uss common pattern ko idhar likhna chahti hon jis se boy-girl ke ye relationship start hotay han then eventually wo kuch ghalut ker jatay han.hum jo kuch bhi kertay han kabhi bhi direct apnay behavior se us ski fullness tak nahi poonch saktay sub kuch small steps me hotta hai.possible steps jo wrong relation ko develop kernay me hotay han wo ye han:

aap class me kisi opposite sex ke person ko deklhtay han uss me aap ko aap ko attraction nazer aati hai then aik din aap uss ko smile pass kertay han;next aap uss ko hello kahtay han jissay aap like kertay han;phir aap regularly uss se talk kertay han;then aap uss person ko batatay hank e aap uss ko like kertay han;phir aap aik couple ki tara ho jatay han;phir aap date arrange kertay han;phir aap arrange kertay hank e kaheen akelay milain;aap hands hold ker saktay han,ya hug kertay han ya phir saath kissing;kissing se ap ki desires increase hotti hai aur kuch wrong touching hotti hai laikin sexual intercourse nahi;phir aap es tara kertay kertay complete illegal sexual intercourse ker laitay han aur phir bar bar kertay rahtay han;phir aap ke kitnay partners bhi change hotay han ye aap ki habit bun jati hai aap phans jatay han;eventually aap uss ke harmfull consequences face kertay han.ye baat mujhe sad kerti hai ke aap me se meray kitnay young brothers aur sisters ke saath aisa hua ho gay a phir mujhe yaqeen hai aap ko ilm ho ga ke kisi ke saath aisa hua hai.main in increasingly behaviors ke pattern se nahi chati ke aap ki life berbaad ho aur aap ka wrong girl-boy relationship ho.tu main un ko ye suggestion daina chahti hon jo Allah ke ahkaam ko follow nahi kertay.un wonderful young muslims ke liay ye suggestion nahi hai jo islam ko aur Allah ko sahi follow kertay han(main aisay insaan se bahot khush hon aur Allah ki aur bhi blessings aap per hon).laikin wo muslims jo ke right aur wrong me difference nahi ker saktay tu un ke liay aik suggestion hai ke at least itni limits bhi na cross kerain ke apni aur doseroon ki life aur future marriages ko hi berbad ker dain.aap un special parts ko steal mat kerain jo Allah ne insaan ko gift kiay han aur jo sirf special person ke liay han jis se insaan ki marriage ho.ager aap sumajhtay han ke dosera insaan aap ko harm day sakta hai jis ko aap ko pori life face kerna parhay tu aisay insaan se relation cut off ker dain.beside this 2 opposite sex ka alone hoona hi society me ban honna chahiay aur aap ko ye bhi khayal kerna chahiay ke ager aap kisi ko harm kerain gay es tara tu aap ki aur uss doseray insaan ki value aur honor society me kitni down ho jaye gi ke doseray jin me aap ki society ke log,aap ke peers sub aap se nafrat kerain gay.es ke ilawa aap ye soochain ke aap ke bahd aanay wali generation ya aap ke young sister brothers,aap ke peers aur pori ummah per es ka kya influence ho ga.pelhi baat hai ke aap aisay illegal relation rakhain hi na aur ager phir bhi aap ghalut rah per chal parhain tu limits rakhain aur laikin ye mat soochain ke aap sahi ker rahayy han kabhi bhi alone nah on aik saath.bahter hai ke koshish kerain humesha wohi kerain jo Allah ka hukam hai kuin ke uss ko patta hai hum sub ke liay bather kya hai…

meri ye dua hai ke ye jo mainay ooper discussion ki hai boy-girl relationship,marriage aur sexual relation ke baray me tu aap apni life ke important area me right decision lain.please aisa kuch mat kerain apni life me jis se aap kabhi recover na ho sakain.aap young muslims ummah ka future ho aur es dunia me islam ka future ho tu Allah ki commands ko follow kerain aur apnay liay aur apni future family ke liay aik wonderful marriage ensure ker lain.dunia se influence lainay ki jagga wrong se lesson sikhain aur right kerain.

Marriages and Types

Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and woman, which makes each other permissible for them to enjoy and live happily. Allah has described, in the most moving and eloquent terms, this eternal, natural relationship between man and woman, which is filled with security, love, understanding and compassion:

“And among His signs is this that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts: Verily in that are signs for those who reflect. (Quran 30:21)

Marriage is also an important part of the Sunnah. The Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) said: “The Nikah is my Sunnah (way), whosoever leaves my Sunnah is not from amongst me” (Kitabus Sunan – Mishkat)

The Prophet of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) has also said as narrated by Ibn Masud (May Allah be pleased with him)

“Young men, those of you who can support a wife should marry, for it keeps you from looking at non permissible females and protects you from immorality. However, those who cannot should devote themselves to fasting, for it is a means of suppressing sexual desire.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

However, we also find that in today’s day and age that there are many marriages that are improper or unfair and can make a person’s life miserable. These marriages are either forced or arranged against a person’s will. Islam does not support in any way a marriage where either the man or woman is unhappy with the set up.

We find that some people use their power of authority and cultural understanding (baradarism) to arrange such forced marriages and then hide behind the religion of Islam to justify their actions.

Arranged marriages
Arranged marriages are allowed and promoted in Islam as long as they are accepted by both the bride and the groom. One of the conditions for the Nikah (marriage ceremony) to be valid is both the man and woman are asked independently of each other as to whether they agree with the marriage or not. If either of them say ‘no’ then the Nikah cannot continue , however, silence is regarded as consent. (Radd ul Mohtar).

The parents have a responsibility to ensure that both couples are compatible and do not arrange a marriage merely for their own social or personal reasons (i.e. 'she's my brothers daughter, lets get our son married to her'!). If the latter is the case then they will have to answer to Allah. The Prophet of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) gave the strictest orders with relation to the rights of others. He said

“'Truly Allah has totally forbidden disobedience (and the subsequent hurt) to mothers, burying alive daughters, with-holding the rights of others, and demanding that which is not your right.” (Hadith Muslim 4257. Recorded by Mughirah b. Shuba).

When a suitable partner is chosen then four things are considered, out of which one should take importance and this is the religious practice of their prospective partners. Whilst the following Hadith is in relation to choosing a woman, it refers to both sexes: the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) said

“A woman (or man) may be married for four things: for her wealth, for her noble descent, for her beauty or for her religion. Choose the one who is religious, lest your hands be rubbed with dust!” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Although the Prophet advised the young Muslim to look for a religious partner, it does not mean that they should ignore their preferences regarding the physical beauty. The Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) encouraged seeing a prospective partner before finalizing the marriage, so that a Muslim does not find his/herself trapped in a marriage with a woman/man he/she finds unattractive.

Al Mughirah Ibn Shaibah said “I got engaged to a woman at the time of the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace). He asked me “Have you seen her?” I said “No”. He said “go and have a look at her, because it is more fitting that love and compatibility is established between you.” (Nasai)

Therefore, in the above situations we find that Islam promotes love and compatibility between husband and wife and recognizes that these are vital ingredients in a successful marriage.

Forced Marriages
Whilst we understand the importance of love and compatibility we must also ensure the approval of both parties. However, one must also recognize that forced marriage is a problem occurring today and Islam condemns it to the highest degree. The issue of forced marriages is not one that is limited to some Muslims, but Hindus, Sikhs and other religions also acknowledge it as a problem.

As explained above, Islam regards marriage as a right of the individual and therefore others cannot make the decision for them. If a woman/man is forced in marriage then the marriage would not be valid and would therefore need to be cancelled. However, daughters and sons should also recognize the rights of their parents and come to an agreed solution before the marriage takes place.

If this does not happen then those who forced the marriage and those who allowed it are both guilty and have committed a major sin. The following incident clarifies the position of forced marriages in Islam;

Khansa Bint Khidam said “My father married me to his nephew, and I did not like this match, so I complained to the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace). He said to me “accept what your father has arranged.” I said “I do not wish to accept what my father has arranged.”

He said “then this marriage is invalid, go and marry whomever you wish.” I said “I have accepted what my father has arranged, but I wanted women to know that fathers have no right in their daughter’s matters (i.e. they have no right to force a marriage on them). (Fathul Bari Sharah Al Bukhari 9/194, Ibn Majah Kitabun Nikah 1/602)

At first, the Prophet (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) told Al Khansa to obey her father, and this is as it should be, because the concerns of fathers for the well being of their daughters is well known. But when he realized that her father wanted to force her in to marriage she did not want, he gave her the freedom to choose, and saved her from the oppression of a father who wanted to force her into an unwanted marriage.

Love Marriages
Marriages that are done due to a couple falling in love with one another are acceptable but are usually an unlawful way of approach. Meaning, that two people of the opposite sex start a relationship and then decide they want to marry. However, one must also realize that this is happening and therefore if a couple are in a relationship they must either get married immediately and save themselves from sin or separate.

If the father/ mother is aware then they should ensure that there is a successful outcome and if there is compatibility between the couple, they should try and ensure that the marriage takes place as soon as possible. Mere excuses, such as they are from a lower cast etc are not acceptable. However, valid reasons such as religion must be taken in to account.

Abu Hurairah narrates that the Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) said “when one with whose religion and character you are satisfied asks your daughter in marriage then accede to his request. If you do not do so then there will be temptation in the earth and extensive corruption”. (Tirmidhi)

Secret Marriages
Secret marriages whilst recognised are severely disliked in Islam and even Haram when it goes against the will of the parents. The reason for this is that it means that those who are responsible for them are not advised of it and the couple will go against their parents by doing so. The Messenger of Allah (May Allah bless him and grant him peace) has clearly stressed that the will of the father is the will of Allah (Bukhari) also how important it is to obtain the dua of one’s parents.

Whilst we recognise that sometime parents need to be advised, this should be done by asking relatives to intervene, or the local Imam or anyone who may have an influence over one’s parents and they can agree. Insha Allah a marriage can only ever obtain spiritual comfort if the dua of one’s mother and father is with them.

Whilst the secret marriage may be valid it does not mean it is right and blessed.

May Allah give us the ability to understand the sacred concept of marriage and the Islamic approach towards it.

Matrimonial Boy seeking for alliance

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please listen care full

Attributes of the ideal Muslim husband

I am a 18 yrs old girl who had been asked in marriage 5 times so far, and i have refused all of them because i was young ... however, now I am now considering marriage ... so my question is what should I look for to have a good Muslim husband? and what are the most important things ... jazak allah khair


Praise be to Allaah.

We appreciate your eagerness to find out the attributes which will help you to choose a righteous husband, in shaa Allaah. There follows a description of the most important qualities which should be present in the man whom you choose or accept to be your husband and the father of your children, if Allaah decrees that you will have children.

1. Religious commitment. This is the most important thing to look for in the man you want to marry. The husband should be a Muslim who adheres to all the laws and teachings of Islam in his daily life. The woman’s guardian (wali) should strive to check out this matter and not rely only on outward appearances. One of the most important things to ask about is the man’s prayer (salaah); the one who neglects the rights of Allaah is more likely to neglect the rights of others. The true believer does not oppress or mistreat his wife; if he loves her, he honours her, and if he does not love her, he does not mistreat or humiliate her. It is very rare to find this attitude among those who are not sincere Muslims. Allaah says (interpretation of the meanings):

“and verily, a believing slave is better than a (free) Mushrik (idolater), even though he pleases you” [al-Baqarah 2:221]

“Verily, the most honourable of you with Allaah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwaa [i.e. he is one of the Muttaqoon (the pious)]” [al-Hujuraat 49:13]

“Good statements are for good people (or good women for good men) and good people for good statements (or good men for good women)” [al-Noor 24:26]

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

“If there comes to you one whose religious commitment and attitude pleases you, then marry [your female relative who is under your care] to him, for if you do not do that, there will be tribulation on earth and much corruption.” (Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Sunan al-Tirmidhi, 1084).

2. As well as being religiously committed, it is preferable that he should come from a good family and a known lineage. If two men come to propose marriage to one woman, and they are equal in terms of religious commitment, then preference should be given to the one who comes from a good family that is known for its adherence to the commands of Allaah, so long as the other person is not better than him in terms of religious commitment – because the righteousness of the husband’s close relatives could be passed on to his children and his good origins and lineage may make him refrain from many foolish and cheap actions. The righteousness of the father and grandfather are beneficial to the children and grandchildren. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“And as for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the town; and there was under it a treasure belonging to them; and their father was a righteous man, and your Lord intended that they should attain their age of full strength and take out their treasure as a mercy from your Lord” [al-Kahf 18:82].

See how Allaah protected their father’s wealth for the two boys after the father died, as an honour to him because of his righteousness and taqwaa. By the same token, if the husband comes from a righteous family and his parents are good, Allaah will make things easy for him and protect him as an honour to his parents.

3. It is good if he has sufficient wealth to keep him and his family from having to ask people for anything, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to Faatimah bint Qays (may Allaah be pleased with her), when she came to consult him about three men who had proposed marriage to her, “As for Mu’aawiyah, he is a poor man who has no wealth…” (Narrated by Muslim, 1480). It is not essential that he should be a businessman or rich, it is sufficient for him to have an income that will keep him and his family from having to ask people for anything. If there is a choice between a man who is religiously committed and a man who is wealthy, then the religious man should be given preference over the wealthy man.

4. It is preferable that he should be kind and gentle towards women, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to Faatimah bint Qays, in the hadeeth quoted above, “As for Abu Jaham, his stick never leaves his shoulder”, referring to the fact that he used to beat women a lot.

5. It is good if he is sound of body and healthy, free of faults, sickness, etc., and not disabled or sterile.

6. It is preferable that he should have knowledge of the Qur’aan and Sunnah; if you find someone like this it is good, otherwise you should realize that this is something rare.

7. It is permissible for the woman to look at the man who comes to propose marriage, and for him to look at her. This should be in the presence of her mahram, and it is not permitted to look more than is necessary, or for him to see her alone, or for her to go out with him on her own, or to meet repeatedly for no reason.

8. According to Islam, the woman’s wali (guardian) should check on the man who proposes marriage to the woman who is under his guardianship; he should ask those whom he trusts among those who mix with him and who know him, about his commitment to Islam and his trustworthiness. He should ask them for an honest opinion and sincere, sound advice.

9. Before and during all of this, you must turn towards Allaah and pray to Him to make it easy for you and help you to make a good choice and to grant you wisdom. Then after all these efforts, when you have decided on a particular person, you should pray Istikhaarah, asking Allaah for that which is good. For more details on Salaat al-Istikhaarah, please see Question # 2217. Then after you have done your utmost, put your trust in Allaah, for He is the best of helpers, may He be glorified.

Adapted from Jaami’ Ahkaam al-Nisaa’ by Shaykh Mustafaa al-‘Adawi.

We ask Allaah, the Exalted, the Powerful, to make things easy for you, to help you make a wise choice, and to bless you with a righteous husband and good offspring, for He is Able to do all that. May Allaah bless our Prophet Muhammad.

Jaago Qaom ke Nao jawano AUR Unke WALAEDAIN

Assalamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi wa Barkatahu

Alhamdulillahi Rabbilalameen Assalatu wassalam ala Sayyadina Muhammadin(saws)wa aalihi wa sahbihi ajmayeen
Amma baad

Jaago Qaom ke Nao jawano AUR Unke WALAEDAIN

Jaago Qaom ke Nao jawano AUR Unke WALAEDAIN




Main Tamaam Ulamae kiram,Awliyaye kiram,Huffaz,buzrugon, mujhse badon aur choton se yeh ILTIJA karta hoon ke agar koi baat buri lago to maafi chahta hoon.

Allah subhanahu wa tala se DUA hai ke mujhe HAQ kahene ki taofeeq de AUR hum sab ko HAQ ko sun kar usper amal karne ki taofeeq de Aameen Ya Rabbalaalameen.

Shaadi ki raah,intezar,kawahish,irada rakhne walo ya dekhte howe jawano
yeh Allah (swt) ka karam hain ke unhon hamein musalmaan ghar mein payeda farmaya aur abhi tak deene islam per qayam rakha,aur Deene islam mein dakhil hone wale bhaiye yeh Allah (swt)ka karam hai ke unhon aap per ehsaan kiya aur deene islam se jayesi azeemushal dawlat se nawaza aur malamaal kiya,Aur hum sab ko Ummate Muhammadiya (saws)bana kar payeda farmaya.Allah (swt) ka hamko payeda karne ka maqsad SIRF ALLAH (SWT)IBADAT AUR HUKUM MANNA AUR RASOOL (SAWS)KI ITTEBA karna hai,ab hum apni apni zindagiyon per nazar dalein aur ghaor karien ke hum deen se kite door nikal gaye hain,hamari zindagi mein deni taleemat kahan tak hain,bas yun lagta hai ke hum baraye naam musalmaan ban kar rahe gaye hain,TAREEQ GAWAH HAI,JAB TAK QAOM NE APNE AAP KO BADALNA NAHIN CHAHA AUR BADALNE KI KOSHISH NAHIN KI KUCH NAHIN HONE WALA,AAP KHADAM UTHAIYE ALLAH(SWT)


AAJ jo log shaadi ka sonch rahe hain yeh mat bhooliye ke aap log Allah (swt)chahe to ISLAAM ka future tayaar karne wale hain apne bachon ki shakal mein,Zara sonchiye aapke aane wale bache Inshallah (swt) ISLAM ka mustaqbil banne wale hain,Zara sonchiye yeh kitna azeem tohfa rahega apne maan baap yane aap logon ke liye ke aapki hone wali awlaad Inshallah(swt) Deen ke raoshan cheragh baneinge......aur bhi bahot sari baatein hain jayese SAWABE jariya achi awlad ka hona,unki tarbiyat,unki taleem,acha mahol waghaira
in sab mein yeh bhi khayal rakhein ke



Aap tamam log sonchiye ke aap log kiya kar rahe hain Meri baat maaniye APNE shareeke hayyat ko chunne mein DEENI TALEEMAAT KO MADENAZAR RAKHIYE,Is be rah rawi ki duniya mein se bahar aayiye.

Apne shareeke hayaat ke selection mein DEENI MIZAJ KE HAMIL, APNE RISHTEDAAR MEIN,PHIR PADOS MEIN,APNE MUHALLE MEIN,MUTALAQA,BEWA,QULA SHUDA,MASAYEL SE DOCHAAR, Ladkiyon per TAWAJE DEIN,Apne parents ko samjhayein,deen ki taraf raghib karein yeh sab baatein deen se doori ki wajhe se hain,



Ek acha uthaya howa qadam ek achi nasal ko aage badha sakta hai,SONCHIYE FUTURE KA jab aaplog 50's mein honge uswaqt kiya umeed rakheinge,,,,Ab waqt hai us waqt ke liye ek achi bunyaad daliye.

Allah (swt) Hum sabko deen ki samajh de Ameen.


UN LADKON ke waledain jo apne lakhte jigar ke,apne farzande arjumand ke liye ladkiyan talaash karne wale Buzrogo...

Zara sonchiye aap kiya karne jarahe hain,aap Deene islam ka future dene jarahe hain Allah (swt) ke karam se.
agar aapke bache ki shaadi saada qisam ki ek aam ladki se howi to kitna acha rahega,woh ladki apni awlaad ko achi tarbiyat degi jo hosakta hai Allah (swt) chahe to aapki najaat ka baas bhi ban sakti hai.

Nabi kareem (saws)ne har qism ki misaal qayem kar ke dikhadiye,laikin amal ki duniya mein UMMAT aaj peeche hai.
Kiyunke hamare badon ne bhi ghalti ki aur aaj hum bhi ghalti karne jarahe hain,,,,kisi ko to aage badh kar kaam karna hoga,SONCHIYE jab aap QABAR mein honge aur aapko kuch sawab milta rahega ache bachon ki shakal mein,
Ho sakta hai ke koi QULA SHUDA,MUTALAQA,BEWA mein se koi ek achi biwi sabit hosakti ho aapke sahabzade ke liye.

Humko paida kiye jaane ka maqsad hi Allah (swt)ki Ibadat aur Rasool (saws) ki Iteba hai,kiya? hum is baat per amal kar rahe hain,Agar duniya ke saare log sirf KUNWARI ladkiyon ke baare mein sonchein to???????
KIYA aap andaza karsakte hain ke duniya ka kiya hoga...

Ajj kal ke haalaat to ayese hi hain...



Allah (swt) se DUA keejiye ke humko Allah ke khanoon per aur Rasool (saws) ki Itteba karne ki aur unper amal karne ki taofeeq de.Aameen.

Windy City of The World.

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