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Urdu Peace Conference 2010: Zakir Naik - 2

Miracles of the time-Dr.Zakir Naik

The scholars like him are very rare in this earth.Definately he is doing a great job.
May ALLAH give him strenght.Ameen

Dr Zakir Naik

I realy appreciate the effort put forward by Zakir Naik to clarify the misconception of Islam as well as in other religion.He alway speaks & give reference with logc & with proofe available in the scripture.I pray almighty Allah to bless him with more strenght of knowledge(Ilme) & patience to do this noble task.

Dr. Zakir is miracle in present world

Dr.Z Naik is allah's miracle in present time. Since long the people of other faith were in dark without the true knowledge of their own books, which are either hidden, tampered or misinterpreted by their scholars. Allah, almighty wants the messeage of truth to get enlighted and show these non muslims the right path in an open forum through Dr.Zakir. Now there is no messager to come and the message of the final revalation ( the glorious Quran) has to be promoted by this geat ommah. Now these non muslims cannot claim that no one show them the truth during dooms day. This is what I feel Allah almighty wants to spread the truth by digging into their old mythical literatures books and that to through a muslim scholar like Zakir. There are many other hidden scholars among us doing this great job. May allah, almighty give them more strength and produce as many as like them from within our coming generations (Ameen).



An unfortunate stating that Dr. Zakir Naik is dividing muslims

Dear Unfortunate
Sheikh Shuraim is associating with Dr Zakir Naik because he is speaking the truth and with proof interms of any Islamic speeches that he delivers. He is not dividing he is uniting the Muslim Ummah that is why King Abdullah sent Sheikh Shuraim and Sheikh Sudaish in his pvt plane to be present in the Sumaiya ground to attend the Urdu conference. They are great Sheikhs and they are not allowed to attend any conferences without the Saudi Govts permission. So they must have found in Dr Zakir Naik a strength to spread the peace message of Islam and I personally watched live on TV that many non muslims said Shahadat. Now may I ask you where does the questing of dividing comes from when all the great urdu speakers Maulanas were present on the dias of the concluded conference,,,,,If you are from some other firkas then I dont know, otherwise my suggesstion to you is you first go into the depth of Dr Zakir Naik's speeches and debates, then only you can blame a scholar like Dr Zaki Naik, and I promise you will not be able to point out any mistakes in terms of his speeches... I pray almighty Allah to give Dr Zakir Naik courage, strength to spread the peace message of Islam... His Peace TV is doing an excellent job, through this channel also you can watch what he says and whatever he says he says with proof, that is the best thing in him to be appreaciated..SUBHANALLAH..

Dr Zakir Naik

I respect Dr. Zakir Naik and I lesson his speech and talking about big conference arrangements in all over the word with ULMA I request Dr. Naik please take the Shiya and Sunni ULMA and do the conference for our internal unity

zakir naik!!! nice spikar

zakir naik!!! nice spikar

islam is true path

alhamdulillah,allah hum saab ko hidayat do,key hum saari doosri baatou ko haata kar is confreance key maksaad ko samajhney ki toufeeq ataa kare,aur [dr. zakir naik],ke liye allahtaala har mushkil rastou ko assan kar dey,ameen.

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