13th Jamadi-ul-Awwal 1436 | Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015

Siasat ki khabrein 08-12-12

sIASAT & mim

I am also a daily reader and listener of Siasat Paper but never object to M/s Siasat or to its concerns. But in comments box I saw several uneducated, time wasters comparing MIM to M/s Siasat and writing against Siasat concerns. My request to those stupid people if you want to see Siasat you can see but don’t compare Siasat with MIM. MIM is a political party and Siasat is a newspaper. But this stupid ass knows well but again again calming to Siasat. They are local and international idiots.

Aray jahil insaan jab tum ko Siasat paper acha nahi lagta to kyun deykhto ho aur kyun comments kartay ho kisi per kichad uchaal na khali nahi jata tum per tumhar family per bhi is ka sila milta. Saber karo aur ahed karo jo cheez pasand nahi usay mat deykho mat suno yehi tumhari leyia bhaali hai. Siasat ek news paper hai koi siasi jamaat nahi jaisay MIM hai. Samjhay. Nahi samjhay to samajh jaoo warna tum per bhi koi tauhomat lagay e ga. Jo karoogay us ka sila zaroor pawoogay koi tum per bhi ungli uthagayaaa.

MIM ko kuch nahi bolna

MIM ko kuch nahi bolna..goona hota..Asman say aee so party hai..JAY SAY MUSLAMAN HAI WAISHEECH PARTY HAI..MIM.
ALLAH(SUB)will never change people unless they want to change Themselves..old city ko slum banadiya,Education may back ward,and MIM wanted JAHIL vote bank..jitnay uneducated hai otna fiyda hai ..Ect.
MIM should be called "MUSTANDOki IMARAT MAHFOOZ"


video shot ke baray may

koun encharge hai jo aisa video shot karay camera pakadna nahi ata to kaiko shot karakatay

sahi bole bhai isko camera

sahi bole bhai isko camera pakadna nahi aara aur ye moti naak ko urdu padhna.phir mim ke bare mein bolta.
mim zindabad mai ye elections mim hi jeetegi inshallah.

dear Aslam please learn urdu

dear Aslam please learn urdu first than come form which area u belong u always says "SABAR WO TAHMAL" INSTEAD OF "TAHAMMUL" THERE IS TAJDEED THERE YOU, YOUR PAPER AND YOUR EDITOR AL ARE SAME ............SH.,,,

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