5th Shabanul Mujam 1436 | Sunday, May 24, 2015

UNIMAGINABLE!! Families Grieve After 27 Killed In Connecticut Elementary School


This should be labelled as an act of Terrorism. Americans should realize that when it hurts home it must also hurt in other peoples homes when innocents are killed in these fake unjust and illegal wars propagated in the name of so called Democracy by the Bush and present administration. Hope that President Obama realizes and corrects the mistakes of the US administration. The US has been mislead into so many unnecessary wars killing scores of innocent people and giving rise to hatred against it.


Dont lable a certain Religion as Terrorists......what do you call this act, an insane idiot walks in and shoots and kills 27 innocent people including 20 children which group he belongs to lashkare tayyab or Taliban name it.Wake up America and the West this is pure terrorism. We muslims are not terrorists for a silly mistake of one person why you labell the whole community. If a muslim does this he is a terrorist , if a Christian does it he is Insane, a jews mistake is considered as Security reasons. I would like the readers to comment on this subject.... Allah hummafzna min fitnatudajjal munafiqeen wal kuffar...ameen

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