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500gm Milk Powder diluted in water for 63 students, HM suspended

500gm Milk Powder diluted in water for 63 students, HM suspended

Lucknow: A week after reports of a government school staff mixing one litre of milk in a bucket of water to serve to 81 students went viral, another primary school headmaster has been suspended over similar allegations on Thursday.

Primary Government school Headmaster Bankey Lal Pandey was suspended a day after the enquiry was ordered into allegations of staff mixing 500 gm of milk powder in was diluted in water to be distributed to 63 students as part of the mid-day meal, IndianExpress reported.

The incident is reported from Jaunpur district in Machhli Shahar area where the primary school strength is 155 students.

When asked, District Magistrate Dinesh Kumar Singh said he sent the Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) to look into the matter. “Till I get a report from him, I wouldn’t comment on the issue.”

BSA Rajendra Singh, Jaunpur, who was ordered to conduct the enquiry on Thursday, claimed the allegations were not found to be true.

“The headmaster has been suspended as he was not punctual and was absent without seeking leave on Wednesday,” said the BSA.

He added, “Sometimes milk is not available due to some issues, therefore the students are served milk powder mixed with water. This is allowed.”

“But the allegation of 500 gram of milk powder served to 63 students was found to be false. I went to the school today (Thursday) and questioned the students and other staff members about headmaster Bankey Lal Pandey. The school staff showed me three empty boxes of milk powder weighing 500 gram each. They told me that 1.5 kg of milk powder mixed in water was distributed among the 63 students. I suspended the headmaster for other irregularities in the school,” he added.

He further added that there were complaints against him that he is not regular. “He was not present in the school on Wednesday without informing his seniors.”

However, Assistant BSA Shailpati Yadav, who had accompanied the senior BSA official stated the allegations were true.

“There were two boxes of milk powder of 500 gram each available at the school. These were served to the students in the mid-day meal after mixing in water. When we went there (school), we found that one kilogram of milk powder was served to the students on Wednesday,” said Yadav.

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